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How to Work with PDFs in Windows 11

Thousands of windows users around the globe are unaware of the methods to work with PDFs. However, this guide brings you methods to work with PDFs in the newest windows. You will also get the technique to download PDF tools in Microsoft Store.

Method 1. Inside Windows Tools

There are a variety of ways to work with pdfs in windows 11 but choosing the perfect methods is our priority. Windows has few built-in tools to work with pdfs efficiently enough. Here are the two inside windows tools to use;

1. Microsoft Edge

If you want to use a tool for day-to-day work, Microsoft Edge is a decent tool for you. Microsoft took a lot of time in building its own PDF reading tool. In windows 11, it is a built-in tool for the users, as it was also present in the previous windows. As there is a lot of pdf content on web, putting a PDF viewer in the browser was a pretty good choice.

pdf reader in microsoft edge

You can easily read out e-books, forms, and other kind of documentations. Microsoft Edge is a click way that makes it convenient for the users to access it. This is the reason that when you click a PDF link, Microsoft Edge browser opens up. The Edge PDF reader gives you an extra menu bar too. Wide range of options are available to either fit a PDF to the current window or even zoom it to full screen. A speech-to-text tool is responsible for reading any text loud.

pdf-reader read aloud

For swift annotations, you can use a pen to add notes. It offers you the feature to highlight blocks of text too. Still, there are a lot of deficiencies to look upon. However, you can perform almost all basic operations using Microsoft Edge. For daily simple interaction with pdf files, Microsoft Edge is a fine option. The tool was created to cater the needs of users dealing with pdfs, rather than suggesting a third-party tool.

pdf reader highlight

2. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus

Word has been equipped with multiple PDF editing tools by Microsoft over the past few years. It makes it easier to convert PDFs into word document. It allows you to extract and edit the text. However, the formatted may be hampered in this process. It is simply a way of getting PDF content into another tool. Basic formatting and simple extraction of text is possible.

office 365 proplus

If you are planning to use Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, converting Office files to PDF might be the best idea, as it gives you the utility to print documents to a built-in pdf driver, or you can directly save to PDF. Instead Office files, PDF is a better format when planning to share a ready-to-read copy with teammates. You can also deliver content to the users who may be deprived from the access to Office. Windows have always managed to give its users the features to work with a diverse range of formats. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and Microsoft Edge are some of the most used features in Windows. For years, Microsoft Officer 365 ProPlus has been dealing with the concerns of its customers.

Method 2. Download PDF Tools in the Microsoft Store

In case you are looking for more features, downloading PDF tools in the Microsoft Store might be a better idea. Users are mostly looking for PDF tools with moderate prices. In the Windows store, there are several PDF tools that can help you out. When you have a wide range of options, making a decision becomes easy.

windows store

The Microsoft Store has about 800 PDF tools. It has a mix of free and paid software. There are a lot of software in the store that are just PDF readers. However, there are few PDF tools which are worth installing. There are few factors that you need to consider before installing a pdf tool. Price, functionality, and type are one of the most important factors to consider while installing a PDF tool. Use a software that suits the nature of your work. Each PDF tool available in the market has its own specialty.

Method 3. Professional PDF Software-PDFelement

Availability of hundreds of PDF tools in the market makes it stiffer for the users to choose the right one. It is not obligatory to use inside windows tools, but third party tools can also work. Well, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one the finest software in market if you are planning to deal with PDFs on windows 11. As the new version of windows is a power pack of features, PDFelement is entirely same. It is a powerful software with all-in-one pdf solution. This professional software has tools to edit, convert, fill, annotate and sign pdf documents. No matter if you want to create a pdf document, or edit it, PDFelement is at your service.

The software is responsible for creating a perfect work environment for the users to develop PDF documents. PDFelement has simple interface that has facile tools to customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add graphics. If you’re concerned about annotations, it gives you a set of commenting tools to use. You can take notes or highlight content on the pdf document. People frequently with PDFs can surely use this software.

Working with PDF files becomes troubling if you don’t have the right software. If you’re concerned about the security of your pdf file, PDFelement gives you the feature to blackout sensitive information before sharing the document. It gives you the option of password protection. Moreover, if you are planning to convert pdf files into Microsoft word and PowerPoint presentations without losing the actual font and formatting, PDFelement is the finest option in the market.


Dealing with pdfs has become an essential part of majority populations around the world. Day by day, things are getting digitalized and the work load is coming onto machines. During this period of the 21st century, significant office, academia, or personal files are stored in pdf format. Yet with the arrival of Windows 11, advanced features have been introduced to this globalized world. Windows has its built-in tools to deal with pdf files, but they aren’t competitive to PDFelement. Choose a software that is capable of giving you a facile interface with a bulk of features.