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Solved Cant Print PDF File on Windows 11 10

One of the most irritating situations is when you encounter troubles while printing pdf file on windows 11/10. No worries, we have the perfect solutions for this problem. Make sure you stick to the guide till the end, it has numerous solutions to this dilemma.

Part 1. Troubleshooting Your Printer Issues

When you fail to print a pdf file, the printer is the first thing to check. As there are high chances that it would be the entity making the troubles. Well, there are two ways to fix your printer.

Solution 1. Set your printer as the default printer

The first and foremost easiest method to solve the problem is to set your printer as the default printer. Here are the steps to do so;

step 1Launch the Run dialog box by pressing Windows Key + R on the keyboard.
step 2Type Control and hit enter.
step 3Set the view by the option to Large icons.
step 4Select devices and printers.
step 5Check if there is a green checkmark beside your printer.

If it is, this indicates that the printer is already set to default. If not, you need to right-click on the printer and lastly select Set as the default printer option to proceed.

Solution 2: Keep your printer updated

A common mistake that people make is to keep the printer outdated, resulting in multiple troubles. A corrupted, outdated or absence of a printer driver can cause this dilemma. You need to follow these easy and quick steps to solve the problem;

step 1 Visit the download page for the printer drivers.
step 2 Look for the latest driver for your printer.
step 3 Download and install it on your system.
step 4 Restart your computer and Try to print the file again.

Part 2. Repairing or Recreating Your PDF File

In case there is corrupted data present on the file, it will be problematic to print pdf file on windows 10. If corruption is the culprit in your case, you need to repair or recreate your pdf file using these methods;

Solution 1: Using the Print as image option

Here are the steps for this solution;

step 1Open a pdf file via Acrobat Reader.
step 2Go to the toolbar and click on the option file, and Print.
step 3Choose the option Advanced and print the pdf file.
step 4Click Ok to print the pdf file.

Solution 2: Recreating your pdf

Another easy solution is to recreate your pdf file, use these steps;

step 1Select a particular method to recreate pdf file.

1: In this step, you need to try to download the pdf file again on your hard drive.

2: You can also create a new pdf file and then save it directly on your hard drive.

You can even open the pdf file on Acrobat Reader and then choose the option Save As

step 2Open the new pdf file that you created and print it.

Part 3. Checking If the PDF File Is Corrupted

To completely get rid of the problem, it is obligatory for the user to go in-depth about the causes of this problem. You can do this by checking if the pdf file is corrupted or not. Sometimes the problem isn’t with the printer or the operating system but the pdf file itself. There are chances that the file might be corrupted during the file transfer process. Pdf files can also get damaged while being stored in your operating system. Computers have multiple types of malware roaming around in them, leading to these troubles. However, there is multiple software that can get rid of this issue. So, if you think malware has affected your pdf file, make sure you use the perfect software to solve the issue.

Part 4. Fixing Issues with PDFelement

Finding the actual issue behind the pdf file not printing on windows 10 is essential for the users. However, the question comes about which software to use in order to download pdf files easily on windows 10. Using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, you can download the troubling pdf files in no time. No matter what the purpose is, PDFelement is the finest software on the market when you’re planning to read or print pdf file. It is a powerful software with an all-in-one pdf solution. It has efficient tools to edit, convert, fill, annotate and sign pdf documents. Either you want to create a pdf document, or edit it, PDFelement is at the service.

It creates a perfect work environment for the users to create finely-looking documents. It has facile tools to customize fonts, personalize text styles, and add graphics. When it is about commenting, it gives you a set of commenting tools to utilize. Users can easily take notes and add color highlights. PDFelement is a one-in-all deal for the people who use pdf files frequently.

It can completely modify the way you work with pdf files. PDFelement also gives you the feature to black out sensitive information before sharing the document. It gives you the option of password protection. Plus, if you are planning to convert pdf files into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint without losing the actual font and formatting, PDFelement is surely the software for you. Here are the steps to download a pdf file on windows 10 using PDFelement;

step 1Drag the pdf file into the home page of the software.
step 2Now, choose the options file and click on Print.
print setting


There is no denying the fact that Windows 10 is embedded with the newest features for users all over the world. However, there are multiple issues that the operating system can cause when it comes to printing a pdf. This is the reason that it is always suggested to have software that has the capability to deal with pdfs. PDFelement is always there for you to manage pdfs.