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Electronic Signature VS Digital Signature

Do you know electronic signature and digital signature are two different things? Well, no worries, in this guide you will have an overview of electronic signature and digital signature along with a comprehensive comparison. Stick to the guide and youll learn some of the most interesting features of both the signatures.


Part 1. Overview of Electronic Signature

To differentiate between both, we need to first get a know-how of both the signatures. Heres the overview of electronic signature.

The concept

Electronic signature is widely recognized as any electronic symbol, sound or process that is associated with a contract or record where the aim is to sign the document. The intention of electronic signature is to sign the document with great efficiency. The data use to verify that a person is intended to sign a document is basically electronic signature. It is more of a legal concept. The term itself refers to a variety of methods to capture a signature on a paper or device. Electronic signatures are more of a substitute for handwritten signatures.

Key features of electronic signature

One of the core features of electronic signature is that it reveals the intent by the person willing to sign the document. It is mostly applicable to contracts or other agreements between two parties. Once all parties have shown their commitment there is a legal binding too. It also utilizes general electronic authentication to justify the signer identity. For example, email, corporate ID, and much more. It uses a very secure process. The secure process of audit trails along with the final document indicate the proof of signing. You can also type your name into a signature box using any cell phone or tablet to capture an image of a handwritten signature.


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Part 2. Overview of Digital Signature

Now that youre aware of electronic signature, here are the concept and features of digital signature.

The Concept

A specific technical implementation of electronic signatures with the help of cryptographic algorithms is known as a digital signature. When we talk about digital signatures, we refer to the coded and decoded technology in which advanced electronic signatures are based. It is a set of characters that are added at the end of the body of a particular message. They are used to show validity and security of the document. To identify the person issuing the message is with the help of digital signature. Digital signatures are utilized for ensuring the authenticity and originality of the content in a document. It also remains uninterrupted throughout the communication. Digital signatures are easy to transfer and are highly stiff to be modified by anyone else.

Key features of digital signature

It is characterized by a unique feature that is in digital form, for example fingerprint that is inserted into the document. Signer must have a digital certificate as it aids in linking the document to the particular signer. Most of the time, digital signatures are authorized by certification authorities that are in charge of providing digital certificates. With the help of signature, it becomes facile to verify the original person behind it.

It is highly recommended to secure digital documents. Digital signature restricts any person to temper the digital document. The document becomes secure and can only be accessed by the authorized person. Among the most notable functions performed by cryptographic operations are that they make sure that the document has not been modified and personal identity has been verified. Digital signature represents the process of encoding a document to prevent tampering by any unauthorized individual.

Part 3. Electronic Signature VS Digital Signature

Once you are fully aware about electronic and digital signatures, you need to take a look on the comparison. Here are the differences between electronic and digital signatures.

  • Digital signatures are used to secure a document but on the other hand electronic signatures are utilized to verify a document.

  • Certification authorities are responsible for authorizing and regulating a digital signature, but electronic signature is usually not authorized.

  • Digital signatures have more security features than electronic signatures.

  • Mostly based on Adobe and Microsoft but when talking about electronic signatures, the main types include verbal, electronic ticks or scanned signatures.

  • The best thing about digital signature is that it can be verified but an electronic signature cannot be verified.

  • Due to efficient levels of authenticity, digital signatures are more preferred than electronic signatures. However, electronic signatures are easy to use but dont have the same level of authenticity.

  • Digital signatures are prominently concerned about the security of the digital file, but it is not the same in the case of electronic signatures. Showing the intent to sign the contract is the major task of electronic signatures.

Part 4. Choose PDFelement for Safe Signatures

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Electronic and digital signatures have made it easier to deal with contracts. Well, if you are trying to create these signatures, PDFelement is surely the best.