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Crafting legal documents demands adherence to a formal layout and precise language. It is a meticulous process fraught with complexities. The intricacies of legal jargon, strict formatting requirements, and the need for accuracy make it a formidable endeavor. In this context, the advent of AI presents a transformative solution.

AI legal document generators emerge as invaluable tools. These solutions alleviate the intricacies of legal drafting by automating processes. Also, using AI prowess ensures precision and expedites document creation. In this pursuit, the article aims to explore the six best AI-powered legal document creators that enable effortless law document creation. At the forefront is PDFelement, a versatile platform using artificial intelligence to elevate your legal journey.

ai legal document creators

6 Best AI Legal Document Generators

Legal documents span a wide spectrum, encompassing contracts, agreements, wills, and more. Each document type has its unique set of requirements and language intricacies. Crafting these documents demands a meticulous understanding of the specific nuances associated with different document types. However, you can overcome these hurdles by using an AI-driven solution. In this section, we will unveil such innovative platforms that are making their mark in automated document generation.

In this article
  1. Wondershare PDFelement AI Legal Document Generator
  2. Amto AI Legal Document Generator
  3. HyperWrite Fake Legal Document Generator
  4. Genie AI Legal Document Generator
  5. Law ChatGPT Legal Document Creator
  6. Texta AI Legal Document Generator

Tool 1: Wondershare PDFelement AI Legal Document Generator

pdfelement legal document creator

When it comes to legal document creation, PDFelement comes at the top. The tool, with its cutting-edge AI capabilities, excels in effortless legal writing. Having a powerful AI assistant, PDFelement lets you input prompts to generate whatever type of document you want. Whether it's a will, contract, or agreement, your legal document creation is one click away from you.

If you are unsatisfied with the quality of the content, you can use the Rewrite feature to repurpose your content. Also, the tool is equipped with robust editing features. Using PDFelement's editing toolkit, you can edit the document's font, page size, & other settings. Also, you can insert annotations, comments, and signature spaces within your legal paper.

How to Use PDFelement as an AI Legal Document Generator?

To use PDFelement as an AI legal assistant is pretty simple. You can instruct its Lumi AI Assistant to generate a legal document for your particular need. Here we have illustrated the process in detail for your assistance:


Access the "Create” function (+ icon) in PDFelement and choose "Blank PDF."

create a pdf file

Go to the "Form” > "Add Text."

ask lumi to write a legal document

In the AI Sidebar, adjust the tones of the output by clicking the three dots at the top right, and select "Settings".

ai sidebar settings

In the popup settings window, set the language tone to be "Professional," and the Industry to be "Legal" to make the output language style fit your needs.

ai output language industry

Enter the "Write Power of Attorney Sample" in the AI Sidebar. Copy the AI-generated Power of Attorney sample by clicking the "Copy” icon and paste the copied content into the blank PDF.

copy and paste the content

Rewrite The AI-Written Legal Document

You can exploit PDFelement's AI Rewrite feature to enhance the written legal content. Follow the given steps to do so:


Select the entire AI-generated content and choose the AI "Rewrite" feature from the floating toolbar.

rewrite the ai written content

Copy the rewritten content by clicking the "Copy” icon and replace the existing content with rewritten content.

copy the rewritten content

You can further optimize the content by changing its font style and size.

optimize the ai generated content

Add Commnents & Annotations For Feedbacks

The application also allows you to add comments and annotations to get feedback from others on the document.


Navigate to the "Comment” > "Note”. Right-click on the comment icon and select the "Add comment" option.

add comments to the content

To add a signature, click the "Sign” icon and choose the "Type” option. Hit the "OK” button after typing the signature.

add sign in the legal document

Save your AI-generated legal document by clicking the "Save” icon.

save the legal document
Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 4.5/5
Price Starts from $79.99/year
  • Innovative AI chatbot for content generation
  • AI proofreading, rewriting, and translation capabilities
  • Comprehensive editing & document management features
  • No automatic document generation feature

Tool 2: Amto AI Legal Document Generator

amto ai legal document generator

Amto AI is a remarkable fake legal document generator with cutting-edge abilities. The tool is powered by AI technology to create, edit, & customize legal documents. Amto AI creates your legal document with a single click. Just input the document type, jurisdiction, and other specific information. The tool will first create a detailed outline of all important points. After customizing these points, you can generate a full-fledged document.

Another striking feature of Amto AI is its provision of document templates. You can choose from the given prototypes to avoid starting from scratch. Also, the tool allows you to edit your previous legal documents for tailored uses.

Specifications Explanation
Rating From ProductHunt 5/5
Price Starts from $149/month
  • Offers 100K free credits for legal document generation
  • Phrase suggestions and context-adding functionality
  • Templates inventory for different document types
  • The premium plans are expensive

Tool 3: HyperWrite Fake Legal Document Generator

hyperwrite legal document creator

HyperWrite is a sophisticated legal writing tool that employs state-of-the-art AI models. Using GPT-4 and ChatGPT, it generates content tailored to your specific scenarios. HyperWrite guarantees that your writing is precise, succinct, and factual. Its one-click AI legal writing feature makes it a go-to solution for swift and effortless legal documentation.

The biggest advantage of using HyperWrite is its automated writing. You just need to tell specific scenarios and document types. The rest will be handled by HyperWrite. Another notable feature is its personalized AI assistant, which lets you perform tasks effortlessly. The generated content will open in a new editor window, where you can adjust its formatting & style.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 5.0/5
Price Starts from $19.99/month
  • One-click legal document generation
  • Different content preferences for specified uses
  • Personal AI assistant for interactive experience
  • PDF format for export is not available.

Tool 4: Genie AI Legal Document Generator

genie ai legal document generator

If you are looking for a legal assistant that automates your documentation processes, use Genie AI. The tool has a strong generative AI ability to craft whatever type of legal papers you want. Genie will not only generate but also format the entire document according to the given legal document type. The tool also allows you to edit your legal paper within its interface to avoid later hassles.

You will find three tabs named Create, Ask, & Review. The Create tab instantly generates the document. The Ask tab launches the AI assistant for answering questions. In the Review tab, Genie highlights significant errors and flaws present in the document. Another striking feature is its templates gallery for different legal document types.

Specifications Explanation
Rating From Product Hunt 4.8/5
Price Free
  • Offers AI Review feature to evaluate previous files
  • Generates entire document with a single click
  • AI assistant for communication & querying about documents
  • No premium plan is available for advanced features

Tool 5: Law ChatGPT Legal Document Creator

law chatgpt legal document creator

Law ChatGPT emerges as an all-in-one platform for creating legal documents. The platform contains more than 100 templates for different legal documents. You can also filter a particular file type from the filter tab for easy finding. Also, Law ChatGPT offers a built-in editor to customize the content & style of your legal document. Other functionalities include AI speech-to-text for transcribing your legal files.

Also, you can specify the creativity level, word count, number of results, and other factors. Another great benefit of the tool is its content generation in multiple languages. Thus, if you are a foreigner and need to write legal documents in your local language, Law ChatGPT will help with that.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating N/A
Price Starts from $49/month
  • A diverse library of templates for legal documents
  • AI voiceover & team collaboration functionalities
  • Efficient document management with built-in storage
  • Limited word generation in the free plan

Tool 6: Texta AI Legal Document Generator

texta ai legal document creator

If you struggle with writing legal files or don't find appropriate words to initiate, Texta AI can help you with that. You can seamlessly draft legal contracts or agreements within seconds. Texta AI simplifies the intricate process of generating legal content for different processes. Also, it provides templates on different document types to kick-start your legal processes.

The super-intuitive interface of Texta AI makes the entire process painless. Just go to the document type or choose a specific template. Afterwards, input the necessary details about those legal documents. Texta will generate an insightful document based on your prompt. This fake legal document generator offers a 7-day free trial to test its AI capabilities.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 4.2/5
Price Starts from $25/month
  • Various document templates to streamline your legal document creation
  • AI assistant for smooth interaction with AI prowess
  • Free trial to try the advanced functionalities
  • You cannot export documents in PDF format.


The integration of AI into the legal field marks a shift in drafting. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, these tools delve into extensive legal data. With features such as suggested clauses and compliance checks, AI streamlines legal document creation. Given their importance, this guide curated the six top-performing AI legal document generators. Also, you observed their pricing structure, rating, pros, & cons.

Among all the options, the most reliable choice is PDFelement. The tool excels in automated document creation with its AI features. Also, it rectifies errors and polishes your content with Proofread and Rewrite abilities. With a richness of editing competence, PDFelement offers an experience that no other tool can impart. Make your legal drafting straightforward with PDFelement's AI innovation.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 24, 24
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