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Imagine you are going to write a compelling blog post to rank your blog. Or you might be composing a marketing email to drive more customers towards your product or service. The biggest challenge you might face is the blank page in front of you. But fear not, since AI technology has brought incredible solutions for your writing woes.

There is a plethora of free text generator AI tools that enable one-click text generation tailored to your needs. To simplify your search, this article intends to present the ten best AI text generators that are turning the table of content creation. Also, we will equip you with their pricing structure, pros, and cons for better evaluation.

List of Outperforming AI Text Generators 2023

If you are venturing into AI text generation tools, it is important to remember that quality text generation doesn't come with a hefty price tag. Below is a compilation of some valuable budget-friendly options. Let's delve in.

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    1. How To Use PDFelement AI To Generate Text?
    2. Custom Prompt For AI Text Generation
  1. Simplified Free AI Text Generator
  2. AI Chatting Text Generator Online
  3. SnazzyAI Text Generation Tool
  4. Friday AI Text Generator
  5. Frase AI Text Generator
  6. Typli.AI Text Generator
  7. Bard AI Free Text Generator
  8. ToolBaz AI Text Generator
  9. ParagraphAI Text Writer

1. Wondershare PDFelement AI Text Generation Tool

pdfelement text generator ai

You might know PDFelement because of its PDF management capabilities. But PDFelement is more than that; the tool has introduced AI text generation functionality to elevate user experience. With its robust AI assistant, generating contextual text becomes a matter of a single click. Just input your content requirements and get brilliant content in seconds. Also, PDFelement's Proofread and Rewrite features allow you to refine & polish your text for professional appeal.

How To Use PDFelement AI To Generate Text?

PDFelement presents an efficient AI Assitant Lumi that lets you perform AI-related chores within seconds. You can instruct the Lumi by entering a prompt; the AI Assistant instantly generates the text on the specified topic that can be transformed into PDF format to ensure utmost usage convenience.

Operational Steps:


Open a Blank PDF in PDFelement by clicking “+” > “Blank PDF.”

create a blank pdf

In the “AI Sidebar,” click on “Chat With AI” and instruct the AI Lumi to generate text on a specific topic.

enter your prompt for text generation

Click on the “Copy” icon to copy the AI-generated text.

copy the generated text

Use “Ctrl + V” to paste the copied text on Blank PDF.

paste text on blank pdf

Go to the “Properties” icon and apply the different formatting-related options.

access the properties

To polish your text, access the “Rewrite” feature of PDFelement.

apply the rewrite function


Click the “Copy” icon and replace the existing text with rewritten text.

copy the rewritten text

Custom Prompt For AI Text Generation

For quick access, PDFelement also allows you to create custom prompts that devotedly perform the pre-defined job. Here, we have illustrated how you can add a custom prompt related to text generation.

Operational Steps:


To create a custom prompt for text generation, go to the “Custom Prompt” option in the AI Sidebar.

click the custom prompt option

Click the “Chat with AI” option and then “Add”.

click add for custom prompt

Enter the “Prompt Name” and “Prompt Content”. Click on the “Add” button.

enter the prompt details

To generate text with a custom prompt, click the “Text” option by accessing the dotted icon in the AI Sidebar.

access the text custom prompt

You can then copy the generated text by clicking the “Copy” icon.

copy the generated text

Price: Free/Starts from $79.99

  • One-click text generation
  • AI Custom Prompt feature to tailor responses
  • Personalized chatbot for enhanced interaction
  • Proofreading and Rewriting features for quality improvement
  • Limited credits to use AI text generation feature

2. Simplified Free AI Text Generator

simplified best ai text generator

Simplified, an advanced AI text generator, excels in generating instant content across various formats. In a matter of seconds, it crafts unique and plagiarism-free content for articles, ad copy, product descriptions, blogs, and web content. It has the capability to generate text in both long and short forms, featuring ten distinct tones & 30+ languages. Simplified proves to be a comprehensive platform because of its text generation, editing, and publishing services.

Price: Free/Starts from $18

  • One-click AI text generation
  • Online collaboration for collective tasks
  • Personalized AI chatbot for interactivity
  • Content templates to expedite text generation
  • Limited features in the free version

3. AI Chatting Text Generator Online

aichatting text ai generator

If you are looking for a free AI writer and text generator, use AI Chatting. The platform offers a chatbot interface to generate text and answer your queries. The amazing thing about AI Chatting is that it can assume various characters and roles. The tool does not even require a sign-up to generate text. However, you can use its advanced functionalities after signing up. AI Chatting also offers an app for Mac devices.

Price: Free/Starts from $3.99

  • Intuitive interface for better interaction
  • Diverse text types to meet your demands
  • Chat with several AI characters
  • No sign-up is required for text generation
  • Limited credits in the free plan

4. SnazzyAI Text Generation Tool

snazzy ai text generator

If you are someone looking to use AI for copywriting, Snazzy AI is a valuable option for you. The tool excels in generating emails, ads, landing page content, blog posts, and more. With its built-in editor, you cannot only generate but format your content. Also, Snazzy offers dozens of content templates to drive faster results. Its Chrome extension and desktop app are brilliant additions to its toolkit, allowing easier accessibility.

Price: Free/Starts from $9

  • Content templates to get started
  • Integration with Grammarly for content refinement
  • Desktop application & Chrome extension
  • Multilanguage support
  • Limited credits in the free version

5. Friday AI Text Generator

friday ai text generator

Friday AI is another platform offering cutting-edge text generation services. The tool boasts GPT-3 engines to drive results against your prompts. With a wide collection of content templates, you can quickly start working on whatever content type you want. Also, Friday AI allows you to generate text in several tones and languages, which is a plus. Leveraging the built-in editor, you can edit and adjust your text according to your needs.

Price: Free/Starts from $19

  • Templates library with diverse content types
  • Content tailoring based on tone and specifications
  • Multilanguage text generation & support
  • Friday AI Community for better support
  • Lacks AI chatbot for communication

6. Frase AI Text Generator

frase ai tex generator

Writing an SEO-optimized content is a real struggle. But Frase makes this task effortless with its automated content generation capabilities. The tool not only writes content but also conducts competitor research to get your content ranked on SERP. Frase visualizes the SERP metrics like domain rating, word count, and heading count to avoid research hazards. Also, the tool will automatically place important keywords in the text, making it SEO-optimized.

Price: Starts from $14.99

  • Built-in editor for editing & formatting content
  • SERP research tools to let you analyze analytics
  • Content optimization for better ranking
  • Several export options to save your textual content
  • Using the free trial costs $1

7. Typli.AI Text Generator

typli ai text generator

Engaging blog posts are the key to a successful blogging journey. If you are looking for a platform offering compelling blog article generation, use Typli AI. The tool writes keyword-targeted content with tags and captivating headings. Also, you can use Typli to generate email newsletters, landing page text, and marketing content. The tool is equipped with stunning features like AI Autocomplete, Content Planner, Text Rephrasing, and more.

Price: Starts from $49

  • SEO-optimized blog posts and copywriting textual content
  • Content templates for quicker generation
  • Provision of free AI writing tools
  • Advanced features to upscale your writing experience
  • Expensive premium plans

8. Bard AI Free Text Generator

google bard text generator free

Google Bard is a generative AI assistant, a tool developed by Google, very similar to ChatGPT. Bard is the best free AI writer and text generator for diverse purposes. The tool not only generates insightful responses but also offers free-of-cost text generation services. You can also view and access your chat history. Whether it's a blog post, copy, story, poetry, or script, Bard proves to be an emerging free text generator AI tool.

Price: Free

  • Free-for-all text generation services
  • Tailored responses based on prompts
  • Diverse text types supported
  • Extensions available for several purposes
  • Lacks advanced functionalities like competitors

9. ToolBaz AI Text Generator

toolbaz free ai text generator

If you are looking for a tool that does not require sign-up or cost for text generation, use ToolBaz. The platform contains a suite of tools to meet the demands of your textual content. For example, it boasts a paragraph generator, copywriter, paper writer, application writer, and more. From blog intros to cover letters to love letters, you can write anything you want. Also, Toolbaz presents a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure your content is authentic.

Price: Free

  • Free online text generator
  • Extensive toolkit for writing
  • Plagiarism checker for checking uniqueness
  • No sign-up required for text generation
  • Lacks advanced features like SEO optimization

10. ParagraphAI Text Writer

paragraph ai text generator

ParagraphAI is best for short-form content, usually containing a few paragraphs. The tool is a proven ally for instant email replies, messages, comments, and Quora answers. While best for short-form text, its versatility cannot be ignored. You can use ParagraphAI for blog posts, outlines, lists, website content, essays, job descriptions, and more. Its built-in grammar checker ensures the precision of your textual content.

Price: Free/Starts from $19.99

  • Instant content generation with a click
  • Chrome and keyboard extension for go-to generations
  • Diverse content types supported
  • Built grammar checker
  • The tool sometimes experiences bugs


Since the inception of ChatGPT, the market has seen a drastic upsurge regarding AI text generators. While some are basic AI writers, many tools now boast sophisticated features that streamline the process of creating textual content. Accepting a free solution does not mean compromising on quality writing. Getting hands on these free AI text generators will redefine your content creation experience. This guide illustrated ten such valuable solutions that impart stunning features even in their free versions.

Among all the provided options, our top choice is PDFelement. The tool leaves no stone unturned in creating impactful content. PDFelement features a super-intelligent AI assistant to produce compelling texts. Also, with its powerful editing features, you can add visuals and illustrations to your textual content.

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