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Exploring the vast sea of content during literature reviews is a common issue for researchers. The sheer volume of data often leads to hurdles in the research process. Manual literature reviews pose snags in finding key sources and extracting insights. This condition often results in errors and makes it tough to trace gaps in existing literature.

Luckily, technological growth has given rise to a range of AI tools for literature review. These tools hold features such as automated searching, filtering, citation, and data extraction. By doing so, they not only save time but also offer researchers valuable insights. In this article, we've curated a list of 7 such tools that offer literature review writing services.

Explore 7 AI-Powered Literature Review Writers

Composing a literature review is a vital step in any research project. It offers a deep dive into existing studies, finds gaps in previous research, and lays the basis for further exploration. Using an AI review paper writer, you can automate all these tasks. You won't have to scrape detailed theses for review of literature, how to write it, or which details to include.

In this section, we will explore the top 7 AI tools to enhance your literature review journey. With these tools at your fingertips, you can free yourself to focus on the novel aspects of your work. Ready to redefine your research? Let's dive in!

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    1. How To Use PDFelement as an AI Tool for Literature Review?
    2. Proofread Literature Review Via PDFelement
  1. Taskade AI Literature Review Generator
  2. SciSpace AI Literature Review Writer
  3. Consensus Literature Review AI Writing Tool
  4. Iris.ai Litearture Review Writing Assistant
  5. Semantic Scholar AI Literature Review Tool
  6. Use ChatGPT as AI Literatuer Review Writer

1. Wondershare PDFelement for Literature Review Writing

pdfelement ai literature review tool

PDFelement is a ground-breaking PDF editor that is equipped with AI technology. The tool serves as an efficient literature review writer thanks to its AI capabilities. PDFelement's AI assistant removes the need to spend hours exploring the entire file content. You can get an instant synopsis of the whole research paper, thesis, or book with a single click.

Also, PDFelement refines your literature review and makes it error-free with its Proofread feature. It also offers a built-in AI assistant to let you ask questions related to your PDF document. Another notable feature of PDFelement for literature review is translation. You can translate any research paper into English via its Translate feature. Thus, exploring foreign content becomes easy with PDFelement.

How To Use PDFelement as an AI Tool for Literature Review?

To write a literate review using PDFelement, you need to instruct its Lumi AI Assistant. Here is how the process works:


Click on the “Open PDF” option in the PDFelement application and open your literature PDF document.

open the literature file

In the AI Sidebar, click on the “Summarize” feature and select “Chat with PDF”

summarize the literature content

The Lumi AI Assistant will instantly generate the summarized form of literature. Copy the generated summarized review of literature by clicking the “Copy” icon.

copy the generated review content

Proofread Literature Review Via PDFelement

PDFelement also allows you to proofread the review content to eliminate inaccuracies. To do so, you should create a PDF file of the generated content first. You can follow the below-illustrated steps to accomplish proofreading:


To create a PDF file of an AI-generated literature review, go to "+" > "Blank PDF" and paste the copied content there.

create a pdf file

Select the review content and choose the “Proofread”

proofread the review content

PDFelement will show the proofread content in the AI sidebar. You can save it by copying it.

copy the proofread content

2. Taskade AI Literature Review Generator

taskade ai for literature review

Taskade is a brilliant platform that uses AI for writing literature reviews. This online literature review generator needs only a prompt to offer a gist of the entire topic. Taskade has an extensive database of theses and web sources for driving accurate results. You can use Taskade to build your personalized AI assistant. Just create a new workspace and ask the AI to write the literature review about your research idea.

Further, Taskade allows you to create templates for literature review writing for future use. You can also rewrite, expand, shrink, and translate the literature review content. Taskade can also offer an outline for your literature review, building a skeleton for the entire review.

3. SciSpace AI Literature Review Writer

scispace ai literature review

If you are looking for a free online literature review generator with cutting-edge features, use SciSpace. The tool is packed with tons of options to make your literature review experience streamlined and effortless. You only need to enter your research question, and SciSpace will write a concise and relevant review in seconds. Also, the tool will give reference to the sources it used to generate that result.

If you didn't find the response reliable, you can scroll for more research papers or regenerate the results. You can also upload your PDF thesis to extract insights from it or use the sources stored in the tool's database. SciSpace also offers an AI copilot to ask questions regarding the research. Also, you can install its Chrome extension for easy access & navigation.

4. Consensus Literature Review AI Writing Tool

consensus ai literature review

Consensus is another radical platform designed to assist researchers with literature reviews. This literature review AI tool crawls extensively and finds relevant content from its huge database. You will also find the link to each study to explore it further. Also, the tool will tell about the selected population, sampling method, experiment techniques, and findings. You will also get key takeaways and instant citations of a specific research or study.

The biggest perk of using Consensus is its navigable and super-simple interface. You can easily steer between research findings and check their key facts. Also, it allows you to filter, save, and share the search results. Consensus gives 20 free credits to use its free services. There is only one premium plan, costing $.99 per month.

5. Iris.ai Litearture Review Writing Assistant

iris ai tool for literature review

Iris.ai stands out as a cutting-edge AI research assistant, reshaping the literature review process. With a mere keyword search, Iris.ai composes a detailed review of that topic. Also, it gives the complete list of relevant research articles along with their links. You can also generate citations and get key takeaways of your research papers by uploading them.

Further, this literature review generator AI tool excels at creating detailed outlines. Thus, you can get a clear and detailed picture of the entire literature review. By creating links between studies, Iris.ai facilitates finding new study areas. The tool also offers customizable filters to refine results. For example, you can search content based on factors like publication date, authorship, or journal type. This feature enables a swift and effective search of the most relevant articles.

6. Semantic Scholar AI Literature Review Tool

semantic scholar ai literature review tool

If you are engaged in scientific research, you must try Semantic Scholar. The platform emerges as a great literature review writer online solution. What sets Semantic Scholar apart is its ability to grasp the context of scientific articles. It has an extensive database of over 200 million research papers. Thus, you can stay abreast of relevant ideas in your respective fields.

The tool also offers detailed insights into each article, including publisher, number of citations, and other details. This free literature review generator allows you to filter your results for easy result finding. Also, you can create citations for a specific paper with a single click. Semantic Scholar is a free service and does not offer any premium plan.

7. Use ChatGPT as AI Literatuer Review Writer

chatgpt ai literature review

Commonly ignored but ChatGPT can prove to be a valuable literature review writer. It is trained on millions of documents and research content. Thus, this online literature review generator free tool can aid you in research tasks. Using auto-search, it conducts deep searches based on specific keywords. Thus, ChatGPT enables easy composition of a literature review in seconds.

Using its extensive searching, you can find research gaps for your further studies. More, ChatGPT helps in finding links between studies, revealing new study areas. You can also get topic insights by asking the tool to create a detailed outline. It is a text-based model; thus, it doesn't support file uploading. Yet, you can paste your thesis texts to extract insights and write reviews.


The literature review is the recap of existing studies and works relevant to a research question. It demands the systematic analysis of information via various study resources. Being time-intensive and formidable, the process often results in errors and misunderstandings. Yet, AI has made this task easy by introducing AI literature review writers. This article explored various literature review generation online free and paid solutions.

If you want an ideal option to extract insights from your PDF documents, there's no better option than PDFelement. The tool seamlessly sifts useful takeaways from your theses and papers. Also, its AI Proofread feature ensures your literature reviews are flawless. Make your literature review writing journey unbroken with PDFelement.

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