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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how we write stories. It's a new tool in creative writing, much like a smart helper. AI story generators are computer programs that use AI to create stories. They're becoming popular because they can think up unique tales quickly.

These generators are a big step in writing technology. They show how machines can be creative, just like people. Writers use them to get new ideas or write complete stories. This change is important because it mixes technology with creativity. It's like having a storytelling buddy that's a computer. AI story generators are exciting because they open up new possibilities for stories we never considered.

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    1. Tool 1: PDFelement - AI-Powered Story Creation
    2. Tool 2: Editpad AI Story Generator - Free Story Maker
    3. Tool 3: AI Story Generator
    4. Tool 4: Sassbook AI Story Writer
    5. Tool 5: Squibler AI Story Generator
    6. Tool 6: NovelAI - The AI Storyteller
    7. Tool 7: Vondy AI Story Generator
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Part 1. AI Story Generators - An Overview

AI story generators are tools that create stories using artificial intelligence. Imagine a computer that can write tales like a person. These generators work by learning from lots of stories. They notice patterns and styles in writing. Then, they use this learning to write new stories. It's like teaching a computer to be a storyteller.

These story generators are changing the way we tell stories. In the past, only people wrote stories. Now, machines can do it, too. This change is big. It means we can make stories in new ways. AI can write quickly and offer fresh ideas. It's helpful for writers who need inspiration.

But AI story generators don't replace human writers. They are more like helpers. They give writers a starting point. Sometimes, they can finish a story. Other times, they just give a few ideas. The impact of AI on storytelling is about working together. Writers and AI combine their strengths. This teamwork creates stories that are both interesting and new. It's an exciting time for storytelling. AI brings technology into the creative process, making storytelling more diverse.

Part 2. 7 Story Generator Tools Powered by AI

Let's explore seven amazing AI story-generator tools. These tools use smart technology to create stories. They are easy to use and very helpful for writers. Each tool has its special way of making stories. They bring new ideas and help you write better.

Tool 1: PDFelement - AI-Powered Story Creation


PDFelement is a tool that's not just for PDFs. It also has a cool feature for making stories with AI. Imagine talking to a computer that helps you write a story. That's what PDFelement's AI story generation does. It's like having a smart assistant that understands what you need from your documents.

Here's a simple table to know more about PDFelement:

Ratings in G2: 4.5 out of 5


     Free trial

     Individual - Start at $29.99

     Business and Teams - Start at $139.00

     Education - Start at $47.99


     Easy to use with PDF files.

     Can customize the chatbot's tone and industry context.

     Good for getting answers from your documents.


     Mainly focused on PDFs, not just story writing.

PDFelement is great when you have much information in PDFs and want to turn it into a story. You can chat with it, asking questions about your PDFs. The AI understands your questions and helps you find answers. It can even change how it talks to match your needs, like being more formal or casual. This makes it handy for different kinds of writing tasks. It's especially good if your story needs facts or details from documents. With PDFelement, writing stories becomes easier because it helps organize and use your information creatively.

How To Generate Stories Using PDFelement

Creating a story with PDFelement is a fun and easy process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you:

Step 1.Open PDFelement. Find the AI chat feature. It's like talking to a smart friend.

pdfelement ai sidebar

Step 2. Think of what your story should be about. Tell the AI assistant your story idea. For example, "I want a story about a space adventure."

ai command

Step 3. The AI will create a story based on your theme. If it's not quite right, ask for changes. For instance, "Can you make the adventure more exciting?"

ai generated texts

Step 4. For a big story or novel, start with an outline. Ask the AI to outline. Then, develop each part of the story step by step.

ai novel outline

Step 5. Use the Rewrite or Proofread feature. These tools help fix mistakes and improve wording.

proofread text

Step 6. Use the Edit feature to adjust fonts and paragraphs. Make your story look good on the page.

pdfelement edit feature

Step 7. Choose a PDF template from the Template Mall for your story's cover. This makes your story look professional and attractive.

pdfelement template mall for title template

Following these steps, you can create a unique and well-crafted story using PDFelement. The AI chat feature is a great way to build your narrative. With the additional tools for editing and proofreading, your story will be creative but also polished and ready for readers. Remember, the AI is there to help bring your ideas to life, so don't hesitate to experiment and ask for different versions until you're satisfied with the outcome. Happy storytelling!

Tool 2: Editpad AI Story Generator - Free Story Maker


Editpad AI Story Generator is a free tool that helps you write stories quickly. It's great for both fictional and nonfictional stories. This tool uses AI to think of plots for you. This means you don't have to worry about developing your ideas. It's perfect for when you're stuck or want to write without hassle.

Ratings in G2: 4.0 out of 5



     Basic - Start at $7.00

     Pro - Start at $9.00


     Easy to use: just type and click.

     No need to sign up.

     Can create different types of stories.

     Fast and automatic story creation.


     May lack a personal touch in stories.

     Limited customization options.

What makes Editpad stand out is its simplicity and accessibility. You don't need to create an account or pay anything. Just go to their website, type in what you want your story to be about, and hit the "Write Story" button. In seconds, you get a complete story based on your prompt. It's user-friendly and a great option for quick story ideas. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned writer looking for inspiration, Editpad's AI Story Generator offers a convenient way to jumpstart your writing process.

Tool 3: AI Story Generator

ai sstory generator

The AI Story Generator is a free online tool that uses advanced AI to create stories. It's like having a creative assistant that never gets tired. This tool is all about giving you endless creative options. It can make all kinds of short stories with interesting plots. If you don't like the first story it makes, you can try again until you're happy.

Ratings in G2: No ratings yet




     Unlimited story creation.

     Can write in many genres, like fantasy, romance, and more.

     Easy to use and accessible online.

     Keep making new stories until you find one you like.


     Stories may need some editing for personal touch.

     It might not always match specific writing styles.

What's special about this tool is its versatility. You can choose from different genres, like fantasy, romance, horror, etc. Just tell the generator what genre you want, and it creates a story for you. It's great when you need a fresh idea or want to explore different storytelling styles. Whether you're writing for fun or need inspiration for a project, the AI Story Generator offers an easy and accessible way to expand your imagination and explore new narrative possibilities.

Tool 4: Sassbook AI Story Writer


Sassbook AI Story Writer is a tool made for writing fiction with the help of AI. It's like having a creative partner that always has ideas. You give it a prompt, and it quickly creates a unique story. This tool is great for anyone who loves to write, whether you're just starting or already writing many stories.

Here's a simple overview of Sassbook AI Story Writer:

Ratings in G2: No ratings yet



     Standard - $39.00 per month

     Premium - $59.00 per month


     Fast story generation.

     Works for many genres and styles.

     Helpful for both new and experienced writers.

     Always ready with new story ideas.


     May need to edit to add a personal touch.

     Some genres might be better represented than others.

Sassbook stands out because it's user-friendly and flexible. It supports a wide range of fiction genres and styles. This means you can write almost any story you can think of. The AI in Sassbook is like a never-ending source of inspiration. It gives you different story options, so you're always full of ideas. Whether you're stuck for inspiration or just want to speed up your writing process, Sassbook AI Story Writer can be a valuable tool to help you create engaging and original fiction.

Tool 5: Squibler AI Story Generator

squibler ai

Squibler AI Story Generator offers a unique way to make stories. It's perfect for anyone with a story idea who needs help developing it. Squibler is user-friendly, making it a good choice for new and experienced writers.

Here's a quick look at Squibler AI Story Generator:

Ratings in G2: No ratings yet



     Pro - $20.00 per month


     Easy to specify your story idea.

     Quick story generation with just a click.

     Tools to refine and edit your story.

●   Ability to save or export your story.


     It might require an account for full features.

     Editing tools might be overwhelming for beginners.

Using Squibler is straightforward. First, you type in what you want your story to be about, like "a dragon and a brave knight." Then, you click the “Generate AI story” button. Squibler's AI quickly creates a story based on your idea. You can then log in or sign up to use Squibler's editing tools. These tools let you change and improve the story until it's right. Once you're happy, you can save or export your story in the format you like.

Tool 6: NovelAI - The AI Storyteller

novel ai

NovelAI is a tool that blends AI with traditional storytelling. It's like a monthly club where AI helps you write. NovelAI is unique because it creates writing that feels human. It learns from your style and helps you write better stories, no matter your skill level.

Ratings in G2: 4.8 out of 5


     Free trial

     Tablet - $10.00 per month

     Scroll - $15.00 per month

     Opus - $25.00 per month


     AI adapts to your writing style.

     Great for any writing ability.

     Offers much creative freedom.

     Trained on real literature for quality output.


     Requires a monthly subscription.

     It might take time to learn all the features.

What makes NovelAI stand out is its ability to mimic your writing style. It's not just about creating stories; it's about enhancing your storytelling. The AI learns from real literature, which can help you craft genuine and engaging stories.

Tool 7: Vondy AI Story Generator


Vondy AI Story Generator is all about making storytelling easy and fun. It uses AI to help you create stories quickly. This tool is great for saving time and sparking new creative ideas. It's also versatile, meaning you can use it for different types of content like blogs or social media.

Here's a brief overview of Vondy AI Story Generator:

Ratings in G2: No ratings yet


     Plus - $19.00 per month

     Pro - $49.00 per month

     Business - $99.00 per month


     Quick and easy story creation.

     Helps overcome writer's block.

     Customizable to fit your needs.

     Stories are engaging and hold the reader's attention.


     It may require a premium subscription for more features.

     Initial setup with account sign-up needed.

Vondy stands out for its effectiveness in generating captivating stories. It's also user-friendly. You start by signing up for a free account. Then, you can explore its various tools. When you're ready, you provide some details for your story and hit "Run." The AI takes over from there, giving you a story that meets your requirements.


AI story generators are powerful tools for writers. They save time and spark new ideas. With AI, storytelling becomes easier and more creative. In the future, AI will keep getting better at helping writers. It will bring even more exciting ways to tell stories. AI is not just a helper; it's changing how we write and share tales.

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