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Creating a successful business plan is an important step for business owners. The process needs careful consideration of various elements, from market analysis to financial projections. An ideal business plan must elucidate your goals, strategies, budget, and more. Crafting such a plan might seem daunting. Luckily, the advent of AI has provided us with powerful tools to streamline the process.

In this context, the article presents the top six AI business plan generators, offering insights into their features, pros, and cons. Equipped with AI innovation, these tools will pave the way for efficient, data-driven, and impactful business planning. Also, you will be equipped with solutions like PDFelement, a proficient PDF editor & state-of-the-art business plan AI generator.

6 Top Free AI Business Plan Generators

Business plans serve as roadmaps for the business, highlighting objectives, strategies, market analysis, financial forecasts, and operational plans. To describe all these dependencies, an AI business plan creator may help you out.

This section will list six such solutions to make your process smooth & painless. If you are going to start a business and are worried about sketching a well-organized framework, consider these options.

In this article
  1. Wondershare PDFelement AI Business Plan Generator
  2. Grammarly Business Plan Generator AI
  3. WriteCream Business Plan AI Generator
  4. TinyWow AI Business Plan Generator Free
  5. Copy AI Business Plan Generator
  6. Visme AI Business Plan Generator

Tool 1: Wondershare PDFelement AI Business Plan Generator

pdfelement business plan maker

The first and the most reliable option for business plan generation is PDFelement. The potent AI technology elevates your business planning, allowing you to craft plans in seconds. PDFelement features a personalized AI assistant that generates bespoke business plans with a single click.

Using PDFelement for business plan formulation is very simple. Just describe your requirements to the AI assistant, and the AI will compose a practical plan for your next move. Also, PDFelement's comprehensive editing toolkit allows you to add images, charts, and graphics to your business plan. Another benefit of using PDFelement is that you can gather feedback and add comments on the plan for collaborative opinions.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 4.5/5
Price Free/Starts from $79.99/year
  • State-of-the-art AI technology for business plan generation
  • Super-intuitive interface for user navigation
  • Excellent editing capabilities for business plan enhancement
  • No monthly premium plan is provided

How does PDFelement generate a business plan?

PDFelement offers an extensive library of visually appealing business templates. You can simply initiate by choosing the most suitable one. By employing the AI Assistant Lumi, you can further assist to elevate its professionalism. Here we have illustrated the entire concept of business plan creation with PDFelement in step-by-step tutorial:


Launch the PDFelement application and go to "+"> "PDF Template."

access pdf template option

Navigate to the "Business" tab and select a suitable business plan template from available options.

choose a business plan template

Click "Edit Now" to customize your chosen Business plan template.

edit business plan template

Select "Edit All" option in the top menu bar and edit the template's text.

edit the template text

To get a business plan draft, you can ask PDFelement’s AI Assistant Lumi to write it in AI Sidebar.

ask lumi to write business plan draft

Click on the "Replace image" icon to change the image of the template as per your business niche.

replace the image

After updating the image, add other business plan details with the assistance of the business plan draft generated by AI Lumi.

enter business plan details

Insertion of Comments & Annotations

PDFelement improves the business plan creation process by allowing you to add annotations & comments to get feedback & comments from others on your customized plan. To do so:


Click the "Comment" option and then the “Note” icon in the top menu bar to add comments on the business plan. 

access the notes icon

Right-click the "Comment" icon and select the "Add comment"

click the add comment option

You can also add the signature to your file by accessing "Comment"> "Signature" > "Create".

access the sign icon

Tool 2: Grammarly Business Plan Generator AI

grammarly ai business plan generator

We all know that Grammarly is a well-known cloud-based writing assistant recognized for correcting spelling and grammar. But Grammarly has now introduced a new feature – an AI business plan generator. The tool aims to assist you in crafting an executive summary for your business plan.

The prime focus of the tool is on automating the creation of an executive summary rather than the entire plan. Integrated into Grammarly's suite of AI-assisted writing tools, the process is straightforward. Just answer a set of questions related to your business, competitors, marketing strategies, and financial status. In no time, Grammarly will generate a concise summary or a one-page business plan specified to your needs.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 4.7/5
Price Free/Starts from $12/month
  • Equipped with Grammarly Go for AI writing, rewriting, & content refinement
  • Comprehensive features for proofreading and information management
  • Intuitive & smooth process to be used by everyone
  • No customization option for business plan editing is provided

Tool 3: WriteCream Business Plan AI Generator

writecream ai business plan

If you are looking for an interactive chatbot interface for business plan generation, use WriteCream. The platform boasts a sophisticated AI writing assistant employing NLP algorithms. The tool aims to provide text-based responses to user queries about business plans. Also, such a communicative interface will help you clarify your business ideas fully.

The standout aspect of WriteCream is its exceptionally simple interface. ChatGenie, its AI assistant, is painless to use. Simply log in and opt for ChatGenie from the dashboard to commence the writing process. Beyond business plan creation, the tool can help you generate marketing content to advertise your newly formed business. For example, you can produce promotional emails, marketing copies, digital ads, and more.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 4.8/5
Price Free/Starts from $9/month
  • An affordable option with unlimited features
  • AI assistant to let you discuss business requirements
  • SEO, marketing, and email tools to advertise your business
  • The tool may be inappropriate for long-term financial forecasting.

Tool 4: TinyWow AI Business Plan Generator Free

tinywow business plan generator

TinyWow is another groundbreaking AI-driven tool meticulously crafted to generate professional business plans swiftly. Being a free AI business plan generator, it caters to a broad gamut of users in need of business plans. TinyWow allows you to download your business plans so that you can modify and refine them further.

Powered by the robust GPT-3.5, this free AI business plan generator taps into extensive deep sources, drastically abating the time and effort. It does not require lengthy details or prompts to generate a business framework. Just input a concise statement about the nature of your business. TinyWow will generate all the dependencies by itself, such as product descriptions, customer demographics, competitors, budget, & more.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating N/A
Price Free
  • Entirely free-to-use services for business plan generation
  • One-click business plan generation and in-app editing
  • Comprehensive AI toolkit for enhancing your business plans
  • Does not allow exporting the file into Doc & PDF format.

Tool 5: Copy AI Business Plan Generator

copy ai business plan generator

Utilize Copy AI as an AI-fueled business plan generator for effortless planning. The tool employs NLP algorithms to transform your unrefined text into insightful plans. With an extensive array of tools and templates, Copy AI aims to cater to diverse user needs. You can also use Copy AI's business plan templates to kickstart the initial draft of your business plan.

Copy AI also offers a smart AI chatbot to discuss your business requirements and get an interactive experience. Also, it allows uploading attachments, enhancing your overall business plan generation. Using Copy AI presents another level of convenience. Just tell the key details about your business. These details may include crucial elements like business name, target market description, business challenges, revenue model, and more.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 4.7/5
Price Free/Starts from $36/month
  • Advanced toolkit for business ideas generation & planning
  • AI assistant for communication and file uploading
  • Templates provision and workflow creation
  • Does not offer design options and elements for customization

Tool 6: Visme AI Business Plan Generator

visme ai business plan creator

Visme's AI business plan generator is a robust tool for crafting impressive business plans. More than just an AI business plan creator, Visme offers both an AI writing tool and a comprehensive AI document generator. Simply articulate the specifics of the business plan you envision. It may include your brand voice, desired plan sections, and overall direction. The tool will transform your input into a complete and well-structured document.

Visme not only excels in content creation but also enhances the design aspects of your plans. The tool will generate visual designs to portray your plan. Also, it has a rich collection of design templates, premium fonts, color palettes, stock images, icons, animations, videos, and graphs.

Specifications Explanation
G2 Rating 5.0/5
Price Free/Starts from $12.25/month
  • Interactive AI chatbot to enable better conveyance of business requirements
  • Automatic design adjustment to the textual business plan
  • Comprehensive customization to make your business plans impactful
  • Free AI credits for business plan generation


The profound impact of AI extends into the field of business planning. With the advent of AI-powered business plan generators, marketers and businesses are switching to these innovative solutions. Using these tools not only saves valuable time but also offers a streamlined and efficient process for business planning. Given the emerging trend of business plan AI generators, this guide curated the six best options. Also, you observed their rating, pricing, pros, and cons.

If you are looking for an all-in-one business plan generator & editor, adopt PDFelement. The tool is brimmed with tons of features to elevate your corporate planning. Its agile AI assistant, editing toolkits, and perceptive interface make it a go-to solution. Don't hesitate to upgrade your planning phase with super-smart intelligence.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 24, 24
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