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The Kannada language, rooted in the cultural tapestry of India, has emerged as a pivotal player in the global business landscape. As businesses transcend borders, the importance of linguistic diversity becomes increasingly evident. With its rich heritage and widespread usage, Kannada is a testament to regional languages' significance in the global marketplace.

The need for robust Kannada-to-English PDF translation tools becomes paramount in this context. This article explores how tools like Wondershare PDFelement enable effective cross-cultural communication and document handling.

5 Translation Tools: Convert Kannada PDF to English

Translation tools come with diverse features, functionalities, and unique strengths, catering to various needs and scenarios. By discussing Wondershare PDFelement and its alternatives, the article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the options available for addressing intercultural language barriers in document processing.

In this article
    1. Text-Based Kannada PDF to English Translation Using PDFelement AI
    2. Translate Specific Texts on PDF to English Using PDFelement
    3. Translate Non-PDF Kannada Document to English Using PDFelement
  1. Text Cortex: Translate Kannada to English PDF
  2. Google Translate: Kannada to English PDF
  3. Reverso: Translate Document From Kannada To English
  4. SmartCat: Convert Kannada PDF to English

1. Kannada to English PDF Translation With Wondershare PDFelement

pdfelement pdf kannada translation

Rating on G2: 4.5 / 5 stars - 594 reviews


Yearly Plan - $79.99

2-Year Plan - $109.99

Perpetual Plan - $129.99

  • The software includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, which enables it to convert scanned PDFs or image-based PDFs into editable text.
  • PDFelement's AI-translation tool leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to provide accurate translations, reducing the risk of translation errors.
  • Empowers users to simultaneously review the original and translated PDFs, enhancing reading efficiency as they work.
  • PDFelement provides a free trial, but the complete and feature-rich version of the software comes with a price tag. This cost may be relatively steep for certain users, particularly when considering continuous or long-term usage.

User Review:

A user review on G2: Wondershare PDFelement helps customers to read, create, and edit PDF documents. It is a good tool to have for good businesses.

Text-Based Kannada PDF to English Translation Using PDFelement AI

PDFelement offers a multitude of approaches for converting images into text, facilitating effortless content creation, editing, and replication from image files. This functionality empowers users to seamlessly extract and work with text within images, ensuring precision and efficiency in document management.

Within Wondershare PDFelement, three distinct methods exist to translate a document from Kannada into English, each tailored to accommodate diverse user preferences and document requirements. If you aim to translate text-based PDFs, here's what you must do.

  • Open your desired file to be translated on PDFelement.
  • Click AI Tools in the home tab.
  • Select Translate PDF.

ai tools button
  • In the popup window, select your Target Language.
  • Click Translate.
selecting target language and translate
  • Wait for the process to finish and check the sidebar for the translated document.
translated kannada text document

Translate Specific Texts on PDF to English Using PDFelement

If you prefer to translate particular phrases, sentences, or paragraphs into English, here's a brief guide using PDFelement.

  • Open a PDF document in PDFelement.
  • Click Translate icon on the right-hand toolbar and select the language you want to translate.
specific translate tool
  • When reading the PDF document, select the text you want to translate, and the text will be translated automatically.
select specific text to translate

Translate Non-PDF Kannada Document to English Using PDFelement

However, if you're looking for a way to translate a non-PDF document from Kannada to English, here's a guide on using PDFelement's create feature to proceed with your task.

  • Open PDFelement and click the From File option in the + button on the Home window.

pdfelement add new file
  • Browse and select the file you want to turn into a PDF.
select file to be converted and translated
  • Wait for your file to be converted into PDF format.
file conversion to pdf
  • Once the document is converted to PDF, you can proceed with the Sidebar AI feature on PDFelement to quickly translate the file to English.

pfgelement sidebar ai translation

2. Text Cortex: Translate Kannada to English PDF

text cortex kannada to english translator

The Text Cortex AI translator tool is an impressive option for precise and efficient language translation solutions. Its advanced machine-learning algorithms guarantee high accuracy, making it a dependable choice for personal and professional purposes. It is a valuable resource for individuals seeking to overcome language barriers, access worldwide content, and improve cross-cultural communication.

Rating on G2: 4.7 / 5 stars - 148 reviews


Free Plan - $0

Lite Plan - $23.99 / month

Unlimited Plan - $83.99 / month

  • Thanks to its advanced machine learning algorithms, TextCortex AI can provide accurate translations, especially for 25+ common languages.
  • Like most AI systems, TextCortex AI benefits from ongoing machine learning, which means it can adapt to changes in language usage and improve over time.
  • While TextCortex AI performs well for general text, it may struggle with highly specialized or technical content that requires a deep understanding of industry-specific terminology.

User Review:

A user review on G2: It writes coherently and paraphrases huge chunks of text into a reasonable caption. You need to give it thorough prompts and enough information - and check what it's extracted. It's like working with a much faster human research assistant.

3. Google Translate: Kannada to English PDF

google translate kannada pdf to english translator

Google Translate offers many language translations, making it handy for translating PDFs into multiple target languages. Nonetheless, understanding its limitations is crucial. Quality issues, formatting preservation, and context comprehension might pose challenges. Google Translate might not best fit for intricate or specialized content demanding precision and context understanding.

Rating on G2: 4.6 / 5 stars - 473 reviews

Price: Free

  • Google Translate supports many languages, allowing users to translate text, websites, and documents between numerous language pairs.
  • Google Translate is generally free to use, which can be a significant advantage for users on a budget.
  • Provides instant translations, making it ideal for quick and basic translations of text or phrases.
  • Requires an internet connection for real-time translations, limiting its usability in offline settings.

User Review:

A user review on G2: Super fast – begins translating as soon as you start to input text. Reliable enough for most purposes and works with over 130 different languages. It can be used for individual words, text, files, PDF docs, speech, and websites.

4. Reverso: Translate Document From Kannada To English

reverso pdf kannada to english translation

Reverso is a powerful online translation tool that goes beyond word-for-word translations. Moreover, the platform offers direct translations and contextually relevant phrases and sentences, making it useful for understanding the practical usage of words and expressions in different contexts. However, high-tier translation processes can be difficult to attain when using Reverso.

Rating on G2: 5 / 5 stars - 1 reviews


Free Plan- $ 0.00

Monthly Premium Plan - $9.99/month

Yearly Premium Plan - $6.49/month

  • Reverso provides translations within the context of complete sentences or phrases, offering a more comprehensive understanding of the language usage.
  • It provides conjugation tables and grammar explanations, assisting users in understanding the correct usage of verbs, tenses, and grammar rules.
  • Reverso might not provide the depth and accuracy required for professional or highly specialized translations.

User Review:

A user review on G2: I have always used Reverso's website, and it is great, but their app is fantastic. You just need to select the word you need to be translated, click ctrl+c+c, and the app instantly appears with the many translations of the word and context. It's amazing.

5. SmartCat: Convert Kannada PDF to English

smart cat document kannada to english translation

Smartcat is a cloud-based translation platform known for its user-friendly interface and collaboration tools, facilitating efficient workflow among translators and project managers. It offers integration with various tools, automation features, and cost-efficiency through a free version. However, it might have a learning curve for advanced features, limited customer support, dependence on internet connectivity, and potential limitations with highly complex projects.

Rating on G2: 4.6 / 5 stars - 115 reviews


Free - $0.00

Starter - $99.00 / month

Unite - $699.00 / month

  • The platform integrates Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, aiding translators with translation memory, glossaries, and terminology management to ensure consistency across projects.
  • Smartcat provides a collaborative platform where translators, editors, and project managers can work together in real-time on translation projects.
  • While a free version is available, it might have limitations in terms of features and usage, requiring paid subscriptions for full access.

User Review:

A user review on G2: It takes what would have taken months with a third-party consultant, only minutes to translate an entire eLearning course. Not to mention the cost savings associated with using this platform compared to a consultant.


Selecting the right PDF language translation tool hinges on understanding your needs. It is essential to consider the capability and compatibility of the translation tool in the Kannada language to have a streamlined execution every time. Although the tools and platforms mentioned above greatly help in English translation, Wondershare PDFelement is the top pick for Kannada PDF to English translation. With its versatile interface, top-tier machine learning, and powerful AI capabilities, Wondershare is one, if not the best, PDF translation tool in the market today.

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