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PDF format has become the standard format for document sharing. But these documents often pose trouble, especially when they need urgent editing or conversion. To meet this end, PDFSimpli emerges as a noteworthy platform in the world of online PDF editing tools. As the name implies, the tool aims to simplify the process of managing PDF files.

However, the internet today has become a mixed bag of tools and utilities. In such a situation, you might ponder: Is PDF Simpli safe to use for your PDF editing needs? To address this concern, this comprehensive PDFSimpli review has been composed. In this review, you will come to know its features, pricing, pros, and cons for a detailed insight.

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    1. Is PDFSimpli Safe? Reddit Discussion
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    3. Functionalities
    4. Pricing
    5. Compatibility
    6. Why Do We Use PDF Simpli?
    7. What Are the Likely Drawbacks of PDFSimpli?
  1. PDFelement – A Brilliant Alternative to PDFSimpli for Document Management

Basics of PDFSimpli

pdfsimpli is it safe

PDFSimpli is an online tool designed to streamline the editing, conversion, and management of PDF documents. It positions itself as a user-friendly solution that caters to both professionals and casual users. Offering a multitude of PDF-related tasks, the tool eliminates the need for complex software installations.

Salient Features of PDFSimpli

PDFSimpli aims to simplify users' document management journeys by providing the following prominent features:

  • PDF conversion (to and from)
  • PDF organization (merging, splitting, rotation, watermark addition, and more)
  • E-signing
  • PDF compression
  • Form filling & several form templates
  • PDF document templates for various industries

Is PDFSimpli Scam Or Legit?

PDFSimpli Trustpilot Rating: 3.8

User Reviews on PDFSimpli

  • "In have been struggling to reduce the size of my PDF document for 2 days, but this method made it a lot easier for me. I would recommend everybody to use it." (easulwisyegmail.com)
  • "It has been a great experience because it is fast and inexpensive. I am uploading an important document for my dissertation, which is due today! Therefore, speed and lack of expense are paramount." (deltaquillsyahoo.com)
  • "Big lie! Don't pay for this; there are free converters. They brag about this being free but as soon as you waste your time editing a PDF and then wanting to convert it back to PDF, they make you pay, and it's not possible to do this free." (Aurel Codarcea)
  • "The platform software is not user-friendly and definitely not "simpli" as described. Purchased the service to edit a pdf document and have spent hours trying to complete a project that would have taken minutes using microsoft pdf doc viewer. Lessoned learned. I strongly suggest not to purchase pdfsimpli." (fairhurstpennstategmail.com)

Diving into the legitimacy of PDFSimpli, user reviews on reputable platforms like Trustpilot prove that PDFSimpli legitimacy is so far real. However, most users state that PDF Simpli scams by making their PDF files inaccessible to them, even if they were subscribed members. It is important to note here that for any online service that doesn't openly disclose its privacy measures, you are advised to exercise caution. Thus, make informed decisions to use PDFSimpli based on the sensitivity of the documents you intend to handle.

Review of PDFSimpli

From the above PDFSimpli.com reviews, it is evident that the audience holds mixed perceptions about this platform. To learn about its basic parameters deeply, a separate analysis of each dimension is essential.

In this section, we will perform an in-depth analysis of PDFSimpli, evaluating its safety, functionalities, pricing models, compatibility, and overall reliability. Without further ado, let's uncover each aspect one by one:

Is PDFSimpli Safe? Reddit Discussion

Many users have investigated the credibility of PDFSimpli by querying whether PDFSimpli is safe on Reddit. While there’s limited information specifically about PDFSimpli on Reddit, some users believe that “online free” tools may not be safe to use. Most users have cited potential vulnerabilities and quality issues while describing their own experiences. According to them, an offline tool is generally safer than an online one.

Reddit threads primarily recommended offline PDF editors for dealing with sensitive documents. These tools process files directly in your browser without uploading them to a remote server.

1. Privacy

When it comes to the privacy of user data and documents, the platform claims to be 100% secure. It has a good reputation based on user feedback and offers secure transactions for its services. However, they have not provided information about their security regulations and compliance with any security protocol. Remember to always ensure your own security while using PDFSimpli. It is advisable to be cautious regarding personal information or sensitive data uploading. It is because there are countless chances of data misuse or theft during online document processing.

2. Functionalities

Regarding functionalities, PDFSimpli is an effective tool, offering a range of features to facilitate users. Unlike its competitors, it allows you to edit the existing text, replace that text, or erase a particular text area. The markup options are numerous, including shape, text, image, freehand drawing, and signature addition.

The tool provides in-app downloading, printing, and sharing features for seamless document management without navigating to external platforms. Also, it offers the conversion option in the same editing window so that you can directly export your file into the desired format.

Regarding other features like compression, watermarking, and signing, the platform works well. If you are someone looking for free PDF templates for your specific industry, PDFSimpli will ease your troubles by presenting the most relevant options to you.

3. Pricing

PDFSimpli offers extremely affordable plans, allowing users of all budgets to invest in the tool. The pricing structure of PDFSimpli is divided into two major categories: Team and Small Business. The detailed pricing structure of the tool is given below:

Plan Name Team Small Business
14-Day Limited Access $1.45 $1.45
14-Day Full Access $1.95 $1.95
Annual Plan $12.99 $13.50

Apart from pre-provided paid plans, PDFSimpli offers its built-in Bulk Pricing Calculator, which you use to calculate the pricing plans for multiple users. Just enter the number of users and select the duration of your plan. PDFSimpli will automatically calculate the pricing for your unique need.

4. Compatibility

PDFSimpli is a web-based PDF management tool that does not seem to provide any extension for Chrome or Edge. You can only use it online on a desktop or mobile device. The tool only provides its app version for iOS users but there's no app available for Android users. Other options, like cloud storage for seamless file access, are not provided by PDFSimpli. However, you can share the processed document with external platforms through its Share feature. Regarding document collaboration, PDFSimpli does not offer any collaborative feature.

Why Do We Use PDF Simpli?

Since PDFSimpli is a mixture of both good and ill aspects, let's dive first into why we still use PDF Simpli:

  • PDFSimpli holds an intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all levels to navigate and utilize its features effectively.
  • From basic tasks like PDF conversion & merging to advanced features like signing and OCR, PDFSimpli provides a comprehensive suite of tools. Whether you need basic or advanced-level PDF management services, PDFSimpli offers a seamless solution.
  • PDFSimpli offers most features for free, serving as a cost-effective approach for users with low budgets. Additionally, the pricing plans are super-affordable, costing approximately $1.5 per month. It also proves a good choice for teams and small startup businesses.
  • You can benefit from its Templates gallery to find relevant templates for your industry. Whether business, finance, government, or wills, PDFSimpli offers an impressive collection of PDF document templates.
  • The tool provides dedicated customer support to assist you with any inquiries, technical issues, or feedback. With its live chat options, you can clarify confusion and inquire about any feature usage.

What Are the Likely Drawbacks of PDFSimpli?

Apart from its benefits, it carries several downsides that make it a vulnerable option for document management. Here's how:

  • The platform often experiences glitches and inconsistencies while operating. Several users have complained about its performance discrepancies.
  • PDF Simpli is not a reliable choice when it comes to cross-platform compatibility. Since it does not provide any extension or application, there's no way of accessing it other than the web. Also, it lacks cloud storage; thus, you will need to navigate to the device storing your processed file each time to access that file.

PDFelement – A Brilliant Alternative to PDFSimpli for Document Management

Given the loopholes in PDFSimpli, we suggest using a more secure and all-inclusive PDF management solution: Wondershare PDF. The tool prioritizes the security of its users by strictly following security protocols. With PDFelement, you can edit PDFs with peace of mind, knowing that your data remains secure on your local device.

Using the software, you can greatly minimize the risks associated with online editing tools, such as data breaches or unauthorized access. Besides, PDFelement is enriched with editing features to give its users an extraordinary experience. Following are the feature highlights of PDFelement:

  • Comprehensive PDF editing toolkit for adding text, images, hyperlinks, headers & footers, watermarks, page numbers, and more.
  • PDF organization, including merging, splitting, deleting, or adding pages to PDFs, page cropping, rotating pages, and more.
  • All-inclusive annotations & markups, such as highlighting, underlining, strikethroughs, freehand drawings, and so on.
  • To and from PDF conversion into several formats
  • Miscellaneous features like OCR, compression, bookmark addition, form creation & filling, and Templates Mall
  • PDF encryption and decryption, redaction, and e-signing
  • Batch processing features like batch PDF creation, conversion, compression, OCR, and printing
  • AI functionalities, such as chatbot availability, AI summarization, translation, rewriting, proofreading, AI detection, and markdown conversion


PDFSimpli is an easy-to-use and affordable platform for basic-level PDF management tasks. While PDF Simpli offers an effortless PDF editing experience and cost-effectiveness, it lacks transparency in security measures and suffers from performance inconsistencies. Users may find it suitable for simple PDF tasks but should exercise caution regarding sensitive documents.

Alternatively, Wondershare PDFelement presents a more secure and feature-rich solution with cutting-edge features and strong security protocols. If you're someone prioritizing data security and reliability in PDF management, it is suggested to use PDFelement. Ultimately, your decision hinges on individual needs and preferences, so be wise and selective when choosing a befitting PDF-handling solution.

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