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A plethora of information via PDF documents is shared daily in the English language. Whether it's educational stuff, judicial papers, medical reports, or business proposals, English is the cornerstone of every field. However, there exists a huge amount of content in other languages, including Chinese. For example, various websites upload useful content in the Chinese language.

In such scenarios, access to that information requires you to translate those documents into English. Therefore, this article will demonstrate various useful techniques to translate PDFs from Chinese to English. These approaches will ensure data encapsulated within these PDFs is available to a global audience.

chinese pdf to english

4 Best Methods To Translate PDF From Chinese to English

When translating PDF documents from Chinese to English, having reliable methods at your disposal is crucial. It is because the Chinese language has diversified itself into different dialects. We will highlight the four most practical methods to translate PDF from Chinese to English, no matter which dialect it has.

From dedicated PDF management software to online translators, we have got you covered. Whether dealing with papers, contracts, or other stuff, these methods will help you navigate the linguistic divide effortlessly.

In this article
  1. Translate Chinese PDF To English Using PDFelement's AI feature
  2. Translate Chinese PDF to English via HiPDF
  3. Translate Chinese PDF to English Using Google Translate
  4. Translate Chinese PDF to English via Translate.com

Method 1: Translate Chinese PDF To English Using PDFelement's AI feature

translate chinese to english pdf with pdfelement

Wondershare PDFelement is the leading choice to convert Chinese PDFs to English. The tool boasts a built-in text translator that transcribes your Chinese content into English in seconds. Recognizing both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, PDFelement ensures accurate translations. Another notable advancement of PDFelement is its AI integration, which allows entire file export into the target language. Using a few clicks, you can not only translate your PDF to English but also to various other languages.

How To Use PDFelement To Translate Chinese PDF to English

Employing the PDFelement’s Translate feature is just a cinch. The tool presents variant choices to translate PDF files; you can either translate the specific text of a PDF or an entire file instantly by exploiting the integrated AI technology.

So, whether it's about translating the whole Chinese PDF file or translating a specific section of your PDF file, we have elaborated on both ways to facilitate the translation process.

Translate Chinese To English PDF Entirely

Operational Steps:


Launch the “PDFelement” application and navigate to the “+” Select the “From File” option.

access pdf file in pdfelement

Select your Chinese PDF file and click “Open.”

choose chinese pdf file

Navigate to the top bar and choose “AI Tools” > “Translate PDF.”

translate pdf with ai pdfelement

Click the “Translate” button after the selection of “Target Language” and “Output Folder.”

adjust pdf translation settings

The translated file will get exported as a new PDF file.

content translated successfully
Note: You can also translate your Chinese PDF to English by choosing the “Translate” feature directly from the appeared toolbar.

Translate Chinese Specific Text in PDF to English

Operational Steps:


Access your PDF file in the “PDFelement” application by accessing the “+” icon in the left panel. 

open the chinese pdf file

Select the specific content you intend to translate and select the “Translate” icon from the right section. The selected content will automatically get translated into the targeted language.

selected text translation with pdfelement

You can also exploit the “AI Translate” feature of the displayed toolbar to instantly translate your content.

pdfelement ai translated text

Translate Converted Chinese PDF to English

If your Chinese content isn’t in PDF format, that’s not a problem since PDFelement allows you to convert your files to PDF from any format with just a click. For instance, if your file is in Word format, you can initially convert it to PDF and then follow the same procedure to translate it into English. Here is how the entire process works.

Operational Steps:


Access the “Create” feature of PDFelement by clicking the “+”


Choose the “From File” option, and your file will open in PDF format automatically.

word to pdf conversion in pdfelement

Now, repeat the above steps to translate this converted Chinese PDF file.

Polish The Translated PDF File

The content gets translated in general terms; if you require further enhancements, you can do so by deploying the AI rewrite feature of PDFelement.

Operational Steps:


Copy the “Translation results” by right-clicking on it.

copy the translated content

Go to the “File” > “Create” > “Blank PDF” and paste your copied content here.

paste copied content to new pdf

Select “AI” > “Rewrite” in the displayed toolbar to polish your translated content.

rewrite the translated content with pdfelement

Method 2: Translate Chinese PDF to English via HiPDF

If you are looking for a reliable online PDF translator Chinese to English, consider using HiPDF. The platform is equipped with AI technology to let you interact with your PDFs innovatively. HiPDF features the AI Read functionality that allows you to explore foreign content in the English language seamlessly.

Just input a prompt and ask the tool to transcribe the content into English. The rest will be handled by HiPDF's fast & efficient AI engines. Below is the detailed procedure for using HiPDF for translating Chinese PDFs to English:

Operational Steps:


log in to your Wondershare HiPDF account using your credentials.


Search for the “AI Read” feature in the top search bar.

translation with hipdf ai read feature

Open your Chinese PDF on HiPDF's AI Read tool page by clicking the “+”

upload pdf file on tool page

Select "Ask Anything" in the Prompt's drop-down list and choose the language "English." Instruct the tool to translate your PDF file into English.

translate chinese pdf to english with hipdf

Then, you can copy or save the translated content for later use.

Method 3: Translate Chinese PDF to English Using Google Translate

Using Google Translate is another dependable solution for your PDF translations from Chinese to English. It offers a remarkable array of linguistic capabilities to facilitate users worldwide. Handling more than 108 languages, Google Translate possesses an unmatched prowess for error-free translations. The platform allows you to upload your PDF files on the go besides pasting plain text. Its intuitive interface and dialect nuance handling make it a worthwhile option.

Here, we have illustrated the step-by-step process to translate your Chinese PDF to English using Google Translate:

Operational Steps:


Access the Google Translate tool and choose the “Documents”

google translate to translate chinese

Click the “Browse your files”. Then select and open your Chinese PDF file. You can also access your PDF file from cloud storage. 

upload file to translate chinese to english

Click the “Translate” button once the PDF file is uploaded.

translate chinese pdf to english with google translate

Click on the option “Download translation” to save the translated content on your system.

download the translated file

You can conveniently view and print the translated PDF now.

translated chinese pdf to english

Method 4: Translate Chinese PDF to English via Translate.com

You can opt for Translate.com if you want super-accurate and exceptionally nuanced results. This online tool claims to deal with more than 110 languages and 50 regional dialects with precision. Also, Translate.com offers two different versions for translation: machine & professional translation. The machine translation is instant and unedited.

In contrast, you can choose to get polished, grammatically accurate, & more contextual translation via the professional translation feature. This translation will be edited by a human translation expert. You can select up to 3 target languages for document translation.

Operational Steps:


Go to the Translate.com official website and select your targeted language.

access translate for translation

Paste your Chinese text in the source content section, which will be translated instantly.

translate chinese pdf to English with translate

Access the “Copy” icon at the bottom to copy translated content. You can also directly download the content in text format by clicking the “Download”

download the translated content


Due to the emerging significance of English, most of the content accessed worldwide is usually in English. However, sometimes, you might find relevant content in foreign languages. For example, you might be a researcher of Chinese culture or a trend analyst of the Chinese market. In these situations, navigating through such information can be a real struggle. This article has described various methods to translate Chinese PDF files to English and overcome linguistic barriers.

Whether you choose a more promising solution like PDFelement or a convenient option like HiPDF, the choice is all yours. You can also go for Google Translate if cost-effectiveness is your preference. If your concern is subtlety, Translate.com is the recommended option.

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