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OceanofPDF is a well-known name for many who love to read books online. It offers a wide range of books for free, making it popular among people who want to read without spending money. However, there's a big worry among both readers and writers. They wonder if downloading books from sites like OceanofPDF is safe and legal. Many worry about getting into trouble or harming authors using these sites.

This article aims to look closely at OceanofPDF. We want to find out if it's a safe place for readers. We will also talk about whether it follows the law. Plus, we'll look into other places you might go to get your books. This way, you can keep enjoying reading without any worries.

In this article
  1. What Is OceanofPDF?
    1. Is OceanofPDF a Legal Way to Download Books?
    2. Review of OceanofPDF
    1. How To Download Books
    2. Uploading Books to Document Cloud
    3. Features and Benefits

Part 1. What Is OceanofPDF?


OceanofPDF was a place on the internet where you could find lots of books for free. It started in 2016 and quickly became a favorite spot for many readers. You could find almost any kind of book there, including stories, learning books, and even some rare books that are hard to find. People liked it because it had many choices and was easy to use.

The website was made to help you find books easily. You could look up a book by its name or the author's name. Finding and getting a book was simple. First, you searched for the book you wanted. Then, with just a click, you could download it to read whenever you liked. This was great because it meant everyone could enjoy many books without paying for them.

But in 2018, some problems started. Some bookwriters and the people who make books weren't happy. They said OceanofPDF was sharing books without asking, which caused much talk about whether what OceanofPDF was doing was okay.

Part 2. Is OceanofPDF Safe?

oceanofpdf interface

Is OceanofPDF a safe place to get books? Some experts say that downloading books from such sites can be risky. When you download PDFs from places like OceanofPDF, you might worry about bad software (malware), trickery (phishing), and keeping your personal information safe. You might end up with a virus on your computer or give away private information without meaning to.

People who have used the site have different things to say. Some say they got books easily without any trouble. Others are not so sure. They worry about the safety of their computers and personal details. The main worry is about where these books come from. The site shared many books without asking the people who made them. This included famous books and even books for kids.

The risk isn't just about your computer's safety. It's also about the rights of the people who create these books. Writers and publishers work hard to make books. It's unfair to them when their books are shared for free. Some people tried to stop the site by telling the police or asking the site nicely to stop sharing their books.

Is OceanofPDF a Legal Way to Download Books?

oceanofpdf download books

OceanofPDF was a site where you could download many books for free. But there was a big question: was it legal? The truth is that sharing books without permission from the people who made them is not okay. This is called copyright infringement. It means taking someone else's work and sharing it as if you didn't need to ask.

Many book creators and publishers opposed OceanofPDF. They sent notices to stop the site because it shared books without asking. Famous authors like Philip Pullman and Malorie Blackman also spoke up. They didn't like their books being given away for free. This wasn't fair to them because writing books is how they make a living.

Some people on the internet talked a lot about OceanofPDF. They argued that it was a way to help people who couldn't buy books. But the people who make books need to be paid for their work. Just like any job, writing books is hard work.

In the end, OceanofPDF had to stop because of legal problems. It was shut down in 2018. This showed that sharing books without permission is against the law. It's important to remember that books are not just things to share without thinking. They are the result of someone's hard work and creativity. So, it's best to get books in a way that respects the people who create them.

Review of OceanofPDF

OceanofPDF was a website where people could download books for free. Let's look at this site's good and bad sides from a user's point of view.

  • Variety of Books: The site has many books from different genres. Whether you liked stories for kids like "The Gruffalo" or novels for adults, there was much to choose from.
  • Easy to Use: Downloading books was simple. You didn't need to sign up or wait. You could just find the book and download it right away.
  • Access to Rare Books: Sometimes, it even had books that were hard to find in stores or too expensive to buy.
  • Copyright Issues: The big problem with OceanofPDF was that it shared books without permission. This upset a lot of authors and publishers. They said the site was using their hard work without the right to do so.
  • Quality of PDFs: Some users noticed the PDFs were not always good. They looked like they were just copied and not the original versions made by the publishers.
  • Legal and Ethical Concerns: Using the site could cause legal problems for users. It also raised questions about whether it was right to get books this way without supporting the authors.

Authors and the people who make books were worried about OceanofPDF. They worked hard to create their books, and when the site shared them for free, they didn't earn anything from their work. This could make it hard for authors to keep writing new books.

While OceanofPDF made it easy for people to get lots of books for free, it also caused many problems. It wasn't fair to the authors and wasn't always safe or legal for users.

Part 3. PDFelement for Android: A Legal Way To Download Books

pdfelement for android

PDFelement for Android offers a cool way to get and read books legally. It's a good choice for anyone who wants to download books without worrying about breaking the rules. Let's discuss how you can use PDFelement on your Android device to enjoy many free books.

How To Download Books


Start by opening the PDFelement app on your Android phone or tablet.


Inside the app, there's a special place called the books section. Here, you can see lots of different books you might like.

pdfelement digital books

If you're looking for something specific, use the search tool. It's easy to find at the top right corner of the screen.

search for books

When you find a book you like, you'll see a little about it, like what other readers think and a summary. There's a download button that lets you quickly get the book.

download pdf books

Uploading Books to Document Cloud

After downloading, you can upload your books to the Document Cloud. This is handy because you can read your books on other devices, like your computer with PDFelement for Windows.


In the app, look for the option to upload your downloaded book to Document Cloud.

pdfelement document cloud


Once uploaded, you can open PDFelement on another device, like your computer, and find your book in the Document Cloud section. Now you can read it there too!

access pdf on mobile or pc

Features and Benefits

Here are some benefits of using PDFelement in accessing online books:

  • Lots of Free Books: PDFelement offers free books from your Android device.
  • Easy to Use: The app is designed to be simple. Finding and downloading books is quick and easy.
  • Read Anywhere: By uploading books to Document Cloud, you can switch between devices and keep reading your book without missing a page.
  • Legal and Safe: Using PDFelement is legal. This means you can enjoy reading without worrying about copyright issues.

PDFelement is a smart choice because it respects the law. It ensures that all the books you download are shared legally. This is important for supporting authors and the publishing world. When you choose PDFelement, you're choosing a way to read that's fair and legal.

PDFelement for Android is a great app for book lovers. It's easy to find and download books; you can read them on any device using the Document Cloud. It's a legal way to enjoy reading, which means you're doing the right thing for authors and publishers.


OceanofPDF might have offered many books for free, but it had problems with safety and breaking the law. This wasn't fair to the people who write and make books. We found out that it's much better to use legal sites like PDFelement for Android. This way, you respect the hard work of authors and publishers. Always choose safe and legal ways to enjoy books. This supports the creators and keeps you out of trouble.

Audrey Goodwin
Audrey Goodwin Apr 16, 24
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