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[Bonus] How to Convert CBR to PDF?

If you want to convert CBR to PDF, there are different ways to do that, and we are going to explain them to you in this article. CBR is a preferred comic format over the internet. However, it is not supported on tablets or eBook readers. So, if you have an iPad or Kindle, you will not be able to read it. So, how do you read CBR files on your iPad or eBook reader? Well, you just have to convert CBR to PDF format. PDF is a format that most eBook readers support.

What Is a CBR File, and What Is it Used for?

A CBR file is an archived comic book file. It holds comic books on a compressed set of JPEG, PNG, static GIF, and BMP images. CBR files are saved in one RAR file with a CBR extension. It is a file used for storing and reading comic book pages.

The format allows the user experience the joy of reading comic books in digital form. It had been popularized in CDisplay image viewing. Despite being RAR compressed file, it can be viewed by any comic book reader directly without having to decompress it. CBR comic book files are going to need a proper comic book reader application on the device for opening it, and thus, it is converted to PDF format as desktops, e-Readers, and iPads have eBook readers.

Convert CBR to PDF with Online Converters

There are many online CBR to PDF converter tools to convert CBR files to PDF. Let's take a look at them.

1. CloudConvert - CBR to PDF Converter

CBR to PDF Converter

CloudConvert helps in converting your eBooks over the internet. The tool supports many others, such as EPUB, CBZ, PDF, and AZW. If you want to enjoy more convenience, transform it to PDF format. The converter has been trusted by many users over the internet. No one except you is going to have access to the files. The company earns money by selling access to its API. Apart from using source software under the hood, they have partnered with different software vendors to offer the best possible results. 

The tool lets you choose your resolution, file size, and quality from the given options. This, in turn, will speed up the conversion process. It supports over 200 formats which makes it the PDF conversion tool for people who indulge in regular conversion processes. 


Many file conversion options.

Supports batch conversion process.

Offers a strong API.

Platform and device independent.


Only allows 25 conversions every day.

Now, check out the steps you have to follow to convert CBR files to PDF.  

Step 1 Find CloudConvert in your browser and open it.  

Step 2 Search for CBR to PDF converter.  

Step 3 Click on the option 'Select File' to import CBR files into the online service.  

Step 4 Click on 'Convert' and then click on Download.  

Step 5 Check the converted PDF file on your computer.  

2. FreeConvert - Convert CBR to PDF Online for Free

CBR to PDF Converter Online

Another tool you can use to convert CBR files to PDF is FreeConvert. It is an easy-to-use tool. The software uses custom and open-source software to ensure that the conversion is of the highest possible quality. Use 'Advanced Settings' for fine-tuning the conversion parameters. The tool is available for free and will work on almost all browsers. It guarantees file privacy and security. The tool uses 256-bit SSL encryption and deletes the converted file within 2 hours. 

FreeConvert supports over 500 file formats which means that it is easy to convert any kind of file to PDF. It also has the convenience of a PDF converter for free in an easy tool. This makes it easier to handle your file conversion needs as you will not have to go around the internet for another PDF converter option if you have to transition to or from a new format. 

The tool prides itself on using both custom and open-source software that enables fine-tuning of the conversion parameters since it ensures high-quality video conversion, which will retain the elements you want from the actual video and give a better viewing experience. 


Free and easy to use.

Files are protected using 256-bit SSL encryption.

More than 500 file formats are supported.

Fine-tuning options are available.


The file conversion process can be slow.

Supports only up to 1GB file conversion.

Here are the steps you have to follow to convert CBR to PDF files using FreeConvert. 

Step 1 Click on the option 'Choose Files' button to select the CBR files. 

Step 2 Next, you have to click on the 'Convert to PDF' button to begin the conversion process. 

Step 3 As the status changes to 'Done' click on the 'Download PDF' button to download the file. 

3. ZamZar - Convert CBR to PDF

Convert CBR to PDF

It is an online converter that offers CBR to PDF conversion. So, with this, you will not have to download any software to convert the files. When you use this tool, you will not have to worry about losing its quality. It can convert files not just to PDF but also to TXT, MOBI, TXT, AZW, and more. 

ZamZar does provide a paid account subscription. If you get a paid subscription, you can enjoy unlimited daily conversions. If you convert files regularly, it provides a convenient way to take care of the CBR conversions in an easy location. 

It is a free conversion tool that is simple to use. Just choose the CBR file you would like to convert, select PDF as the conversion format and then click on 'Convert'. 


Very fast and accurate tool.

Provides many conversion options.

It offers a long history of converting plenty of files.


Limited daily conversions.

Upgrading to the software's version is not free.

Converting files using ZamZar is easy. Take a look at the steps you have to follow,

Step 1 Find ZamZar online converter tool to convert CBR to PDF. Then click on 'Add Files' to import the CBR file. You also have the option to drag the file into the web page. 

Step 2 In case you are on CBR to PDF converting page, you do not have to choose the output format. Thereafter, you just have to hit on 'Convert Now'.

Step 3 When the conversion is complete, simply save the converted PDF file on your device. 

How to Edit PDFs after You Convert CBR to PDF?

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is an all-in-one solution that doesn't require you to follow multiple steps for PDF creation. You can get the file convert the PDF effortlessly and efficiently. It can convert files in one of the most common formats that are PDF, so that it can be read on an eReader. 

CBR to PDF Converter

The PDF converter comes with many useful features, and we are going to take a look at them now. 

  • It can insert, highlight, delete, and extract graphics easily in the PDF.

  • The tool conveniently incorporates a digital signature into the PDF and keeps it organized in an ordered method with headers, footers, and page numbers. 

  • It secures your PDF with password protection to prevent illegitimate access. 

  • PDFelement offers OCR or Optical Character Recognition support in multiple languages for recognizing images and texts quickly and maintaining the layout of the comic book in the document. 

  • It can insert, delete, or add new pages to the document with complete ease. 

With PDFelement, you can easily convert CBR to PDF. Here are the steps you will have to follow. 

Step 1 Download PDFelement on your device. 

Step 2 Launch PDFelement on your device. 

Step 3 Choose 'File' from the given options and choose the file that you would like to convert. 

Step 4 Click on 'Edit' if you have to edit the file. With this, you can add images or text if you want. 

Step 5 Click on 'Apply' to apply the changes you have made. 

Step 6 Choose the PDF as your preferred format and click on the conversion button to save it in PDF. 

The tool can help you add and edit text in PDF files. It will allow you to fix a typo or add a new paragraph effortlessly in PDF. The tool is an affordable, fast, and easy way to edit. You can also use the tool to add watermarks to the document. It has an extremely user-friendly interface. Even if you are a beginner or not tech-savvy, you can get started right away. It works more efficiently and at a faster pace. 

Final Words

Now, you have got an idea about CBR files. Each of the online tools we have mentioned can easily convert CBR to PDF without any hassle. All these online tools are free to use. These tools allow you to convert CBR files as per different eBook reader devices. However, if you are looking for a tool that doesn't require you to use the internet, you can use PDFelement. The tool caters to all your PDF needs. Apart from CBR, it can convert files from different formats to PDFs. The tool is also convenient to use as it has a simple interface.