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Which Tax Form Should You File

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There is more than one way to file tax return to the IRS. You could either use the electronic method or you file on paper. Whatever the case, you need a tax form. The good thing with the e-file system is that it selects the right form for you. However, for pen and paper system, you need to figure the correct tax from yourself. While it may look confusing, there are some basic rule to choose tax form.

Tips: We provide a 2023 IRS Refund Schedule for you to file tax easily and fast.

Introduction to Tax Forms

There are many tax forms but the one you use will depend on your situation. Therefore, if you file using the paper option, you must understand the basic rules in order to correctly choose your tax forms.

1. Form 1040 EZ

This is one of the most popular IRS tax forms. It is not a general tax form rather you can use it if they following conditions are met

  • In a situation where your filing status is known to be single or married but filing jointly
  • If your taxable income is not up to $100,000
  • You have an interest income which is less or equal to $1,500
  • If you do not have dependents or not claiming dependents
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2. Form 1040 A

For some category of people, the 1040A tax form will be best for them. Note that the 1040A is similar with 1040 EZ in some areas but are different in some areas. Therefore, the category of people that should file tax return using 1040A include. (For Tax year 2018 and later, you will no longer use Form 1040-A, but instead use the Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR.)

  • Those whose taxable income is below $100,000
  • Those who claim tax credit
  • Those who have distribution of capital gain
  • Those who claim adjustment to income for student loan interest and IRA contribution

3. Form 1040

The IRS 1040 tax form is a lot more different when compared to 1040EZ and 1040A. It takes into account things like property sale and self-employment income. The basic rule to choose this tax form include

  • If you sell a property and you are reporting the income
  • If you are reporting income from self-employment
  • If you are claiming itemized deduction
  • If you have taxable income that is $100,000or even more

The Best Tax Form Filler

If you are doing e-filing, it means that you have to fill your tax form online. Note that your IRS tax forms are PDF documents and you need a PDF form filler to enable you fill it. For this reason, you need Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor which is one of the best tools for filling out PDF forms. It gives you the ability to edit and sign your tax forms. At the end, you can save the duly filled tax form to your local disk for printing or future reference.


It is important to choose the right tax form in order to avoid mistakes when filing your tax return. Tax forms could be confusing no doubt but you need to know the basic rules and the situations in which each form is used. If you have to e-file your tax, ensure you use a good PDF form filler tool to avoid mistakes.

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