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Guide for How to Fill in IRS Form 8917

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The Tuition and Fees Deduction Form or IRS Form 8917 refers to education expenses. Who is able to claim the deduction depends on who the student is. It could be you, your wife, or your dependent child. What precisely could be deducted? Well, as the name of the form fairly clearly says, tuition fees, and enrollment only. So any related costs, like accommodation, books, transportation, food, medical expenses, or insurance along with non-credited courses aren’t covered by this deduction.

Part 1Your Best Solution to Fill out IRS Form 8917

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If you need to fill out IRS Form 8917, then Wondershare PDFElement is an all-in-one PDF tool for that supports both Windows and Mac platforms. It allows you to fill out PDF form from scratch but that is not all. You can also convert your text files, images, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files to PDF or other way around.

Aside from that, it has a built-in PDF editor with complete tools that lets you edit, delete, add texts, objects, and other components. You could also choose to convert your current PDF documents into other formats like Excel, Word, Text, PowerPoint, Image, HTML, and others. Furthermore, this tool also has a premium OCR plug-in that is useful for editing scanned images and PDF files.

Part 2Instructions for How to Complete IRS Form 8917

Step 1:Download IRS form 8917 from IRS official website. Import the downloaded file in Wondershare PDFElement. Follow the instructions written on the form to compute the credit and transfer the numbers to IRS form 1040A or 1040.

import irs form pdf

Step 2: Define if the student meets the basic suitability requirements. In order to claim the deduction for education expenses, the expenses should have been paid in the year for which you’re filing an income tax return. The student can’t claim the credit if he or she is married and filing individually. The student can’t take the credit if someone is able to claim her as an exemption on the tax return or if her adjusted gross income is over $80,000.

Step 3: Confirm the entitlement of the educational institution. The IRS describes a qualified educational institution as any university, college, or vocational institute that is qualified for student aid programs managed by the Department of Education.

Step 4: Compute the qualified education expenses of the student. These are tuition and fees paid to join a capable educational institution.

Step 5: Deduct tax-free educational assistance and refunds of tuition and fees from capable educational expenses. This number is the net amount of capable educational costs that is used to regulate the quantity of the credit.

Step 6: On the first space provided, you have to write personal details about you, which include your first name, last name, Social Security number, and adjust qualifies expenses.

Step 7: Complete columns A through C on line 1 for every student for whom you choose to take the fees and tuition deduction, add them up and put the result on the line 2. If there are more than 3 students who are eligible for the tuition and fees deduction, attach a statement with the necessary details for every additional student.

Step 8: On Line 3 you have to state your total income, so you can simply take it from your on Line 22 of form 1040.

fill in irs form 8917 part 1

Step 9: On Line 4 is where you add up any expenses that aren’t related to student loan interest or tuition. Combine the amounts on Line 23 up to the 33 the Form 1040. Deduct the total amount of these costs from the total income and state the result on the Line 5.

Step 10: Write the total amount of your fees deduction and the tuition fees on the Line 6. In order to determine it, follow this computation: If the amount you write on Line 5 is more than $65,000, you will get $2,000 or the amount on the Line 2. But if the amount on the Line 5 is below $65,000, are able to get the whole $4,000 deduction or the amount on the Line 2. Write the amount of the deduction on the Line 6 and you are finished.

fill in irs form 8917 part 1

Part 3 Tips and Warnings for IRS Form 8917

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