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IRS Form 1310: How to Fill it Right

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The IRS Form 1310 is a PDF form which can be filled electronically using form filler application. There are few you can use but the recommended is PDFelement. It is the perfect and the top solution to filling up a PDF form as it is recommended by many users.

Your Best Solution to Fill out IRS Form 1310

You can use Form 1310 to claim a refund on behalf of a deceased taxpayer. If you are claiming money back on behalf of a deceased taxpayer, and if you are his surviving wife, you must file Form 1310. This form can be completed with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor application.

In addition to form filling, PDFelement allows you to alter the text, apply digital signature and watermark to a PDF file. You just need to download the IRS Form 1310 from the official website and open the form in PDFelement and use the application to fill it.

irs form 1310

It is quick, straightforward, and easy and can be done by beginner-level user. PDFelement also allows you to edit, convert as well as annotate PDF pages in multiple ways as you need.

Instructions for How to Complete IRS Form 1310

The following steps given below can guide you to show how to complete the IRS form 1310.

Step 1: You can get the IRS form 1310 from the official website of the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service.

fill out irs form 1310

Step 2: Download the form and open it on PDFelement to start the process of form filling.

Step 3: The IRS form 1310 is titled as Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased Taxpayer. The form starts with blank fields to enter the details of the applicant of IRS Form 1310. At the top of the form write the calendar year or the other tax year beginning and ending. Write the name of the decedent, the date of death and the decedent's social security number. Write the name of the person claiming refund with his social security. Then write the address and related details on this section of the form.

Step 4: Start filling Part I. On this part, there are various selections to make to proceed to the next section of the form. Check the box on line A, if you received a refund in your name and your deceased spouse's name. Check the box on line B, if and only if you are the decedent's court-appointed personal representative claiming a refund for the decedent on Form 1040. Check the box on line C, if you are not a surviving spouse claiming a refund based on a joint return and there is no court-appointed personal representative. Select the appropriate option that applies to you.

irs form 1310 instructions

Step 5: Start filling Part II. This part consists of many questions. Question 1, asks if the decedent have left a will. Check the appropriate answer as yes on no. Question 2a, asks if a court appointed a personal representative for the estate of the decedent. Check the appropriate answer as yes on no. The question 2b, asks If you have answered no, for question 2a , will one be appointed as a personal representative. Check on the appropriate option as yes on no. If you answered yes to question 2a or 2b, then the personal representative must file for the refund.

Question 3, asks, as the person claiming the refund for the decedent's estate whether you will pay out the refund according to the laws of the state where the decedent was a legal resident. Check on the appropriate option as yes on no. If you answered no to Question 3, a refund cannot be made until you submit a court certificate showing your appointment as personal representative or other evidence that you are entitled under state law to receive the refund.

irs form 1310

Step 6: On Part III, the applicant will verify the document and provide a signature to assure that all the details provided are true, correct, and complete. Enter the signature and date on the form. The IRS 1310 is a small form which be easily filled by following the instructions and by using PDFelement.

Tips and Warnings for IRS Form 1310

  • Tips and Warning for IRS Form 1310 The information provided in this form will be used to determine your eligibility to internal revenue code of section 6012 to claim the refund due to the decedent. You do not have to provide the information asked for on a form until the form shows a valid Office of Management and Budget (OMB) control number.
  • The instructions provided in these forms must be read again and again until it is clear, these forms have many elements which are difficult to grasp. You will surely make errors if you submit such forms in a hurry, never keep such work pending for the last day. Also try to use a PDF form filer like PDFelement to remain focused for completing it at once.
  • The information provided will be reviewed by the Internal Revenue Service so, make sure the data you are providing are valid and backed by valid documents. If any tax related form submitted is found with false or counterfeit information, the government will take essential steps against that person.
  • You must have the proof of death certificate and the formal notification of the next kin of the decedent's death. You do not have to attach the proof of death to form 1310 but you must keep a copy of it and provide if necessary.

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