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Top 5 HEIC Converter for Mac

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2022-07-14 21:28:31 • Filed to: Right Mac Software • Proven solutions

HEIC is a new addition to the image file format basket. Although it has several good characteristics, it falls short of compatibility with various devices and operating systems. So droves of people with HEIC files have been obliged to convert them to device compatible formats like PNG or JPG using HEIC converters. If you are a Mac user and can't figure out a suitable HEIC converter for Mac, then this article is here for you. This guide walks you through the top pick HEIC converter for Mac including macOS 11.

Top 5 HEIC Converter for Mac

1. PDFelement

No software outshines Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor in converting HEIC to other file formats on Mac. The powerful all-in-one tool represents what a modern tool should offer because it provides just everything you would demand from a complete PDF tool.

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It allows you to convert HEIC images to an unending list of different file formats. The conversion speed is incredible. What about the interface? Nothing but breathtaking magnificence that makes every single navigation easy and full of fun. If you have multiple HEIC files and want to convert at the same time to save time and energy, then this HEIC converter for Mac will simplify your task. Before converting your files, you can choose to leverage numerous editing features to make your output file more eye-catching. Also, make use of passwords and digital signatures to fend off intruders from sneaking into your files.

Other functions you can do with PDFelement include annotation, create PDF, share your PDF files, create interactive forms, and compress PDF, among others. It offers a free trial version and different premium versions that are inexpensive compared to the quality of service they render.

2. Aiseesoft HEIC Converter

Aiseesoft HEIC Converter is an outstanding HEIC converter for Mac favored by scores of users. The program offers an incredibly easy and faster way to convert HEIC to formats like JPG and PNG. Whether the HEIC photos are sourced from iOS or Apple devices, the Aiseesoft HEIC converter will convert them without difficulties. As you would expect from an up to scratch tool, Aiseesoft supports batch conversion. This means if you have multiple HEIC files and want to convert them at once, this program will do it for you. Now, to prevent data loss, the program keeps the EXIF data during the conversion. There are two ways to add HEIC files into the program. You can drag and drop or use the "Add HEIC" option. Although it is a useful tool, it is still not the best because it is limited in output formats, and users have complained of inflexible file drag option.

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3. iMazing HEIC Converter

iMazing HEIC Converter is an excellent HEIC converter for Mac. It is popularly known for its ability to convert the IOS 11 HEIC pictures to PNG and JPG image formats. With this program, you can use Apple's new image format without having to worry about compatibility issues with your older software. The good thing with iMazing is that you can convert your HEIC files with speed and ease. There is no worry about the loss of quality because it keeps the EXIF metadata intact. It is 100% free and offers support for color profiles like wide-gamut. Also, it allows users to drag and drop their HEIC files on the interface to Kickstart the conversion process. Although this program is worth giving a try, it suffers drawbacks like support for conversion to JPG and PNG only as well as lack of a standard history record. This means tracing a specific converted HEIC file can prove a rough ride.

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4. HEIC Converter

HEIC converter is another top HEIC Converter for Mac. The conversion process is pretty simple. Thanks to a straightforward, user-friendly interface. You can simply drag the HEIC files into the program interface and trigger the conversion with a single touch of a button. This program is free of charge and that no subscription is required during the download and installation process. This program, however, offers plain conversion and only supports these file formats. Nevertheless, it is still worth giving a try if you are handling basic works.

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5. FonePaw HEIC Converter

FonePaw HEIC Converter is another powerful HEIC converter for Mac. It offers a wonderful platform to convert HEIC files to a variety of image formats like JPG and PNG. Depending on the number of HEIC images you want to convert, you can either choose to convert singly or do a batch conversion to save on time and energy. Just like iMazing, FonePaw HEIC Converter keeps the EXIF metadata. Users can customize the quality of their images based on their desire. However, this program does not downgrade the quality of your image files after conversion. Note that FonePaw HEIC Converter is primarily a converter and doesn't come with a bunch of advanced features. Most of them are basic and are therefore good for beginners.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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