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Adobe Reader App Can't Work on iOS 13? How to Fix

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

Adobe Reader is a great PDF application that offers its users a great experience, especially for those with the privilege to acquire the Premium versions. However, like any other application Adobe Reader app issues on iOS 13 can begin at different stages of use. Adobe Reader app not working on iOS 13 is among such issues, which affect usability negatively and thus cause frustrations. If your Adobe Reader app has stopped working on iOS 13, you need workable solutions to get you back on track. This article will offer guidance on how to fix such problems and offer the best alternative.

The Common Issues of Adobe Reader App on iOS 13

There are several common issues of Adobe Reader App for iPad and iPhone that affect its working. These Adobe mobile app issues on iOS 13 include the following;

  • Failure to download and install- these are known Adobe Reader app issues on iOS 13 that manifest in multiple ways. After the initiation of the download, the process either fails to start or stops prematurely. An error message may also pop up to indicate that there is a problem.
  • Adobe Reader does not Launch- the application may not launch as expected and my further display an error message reading “Adobe Reader app has stopped working on iOS 13.“
  • Update problems- Application updates are meant to solve problems. However, several problems may occur as Adobe Reader updates. The application may crash or freeze during the installation of an update or fail to function after the update is complete.

Other problems that could manifest include several displays of “Update Failed” error messages, error writing to file, unexpected termination of the update process, insufficient privileges for specific file modification, errors in the removal of the older version and other errors that show up after the update is complete.

  • Application does not open PDFs- when Adobe refuses to open a PDF file, you will obviously conclude that Adobe Reader app has stopped working on iOS 13. This problem mostly occurs if Adobe’s installation was faulty, if it is damaged or if it is out of data.
  • Printing errors- many Adobe Reader users have experienced printing errors as some of the Adobe Reader app issues on iOS 13. The application is known to crash, freeze or become unresponsive when initiating the printing task. When Adobe displays this behavior, the printer and its drives have no issue.

These issues cause bad experiences because they may happen when you need the application the most.

How to Fix Adobe Reader App Not Working Issue on iPhone 12/11/XR/XS/8/7/6

1. Check Your Internet Connection

As mentioned above, some of the Adobe Reader app issues on iOS 13 include update problems and failure to download and install. These are often related to the internet connection, whereby, if the network is poor the Abode Reader updates and download will not complete.

If you are using Wi-Fi especially at your home, you should check the connection by restarting the router and modem. To do so;

  • Unplug the router and modem to disconnect them and hence turn them off.
  • After about 10 minutes, plug back
  • Give them about 2 minutes before connecting the device to the Wi-Fi and then try to update Adobe Reader again or download it.

2. Download Adobe Reader App Again

Since the connection problems have been solved, verify by running a connectivity check. This will ensure that nothing is interfering with the connection, so that you can try solving the Adobe Reader app not working on iOS 13 problems related to downloads by doing it again. This time, ensure that you choose Adobe Reader’s latest version from the drop-down list presented.

  • Go to the iOS device main screen and select “App Store”
  • Reach for the search bar and type the word “Adobe Acrobat Reader”; select the one by Adobe technologies
  • Install the app on the iOS system

3. Update Adobe Reader

If Adobe Reader app not working on iOS 13 is because it cannot update automatically, do it manually. Use the following process to update the application and thus solve the Adobe mobile app issues on iOS 13.

  • Go to the iOS settings to sign out the Apple ID account; go to the “iTunes or iCloud and App Store settings”; access your account and sign out
  • Ensure that you reboot your Phone or iPad by pressing and holding the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously. Do so for about 10 seconds
  • Proceed to signing in the Apple ID
  • Go to the “App Store” app; access “Updates”; select “Purchased” and choose “Adobe Reader”; then tap the “Update” button

4. Uninstall Adobe Reader and Install

As mentioned earlier, some of the Adobe mobile app issues on iOS 13 manifest when the application cannot open PDF files. Uninstalling Adobe Reader and installing again can solve the problem. However, before taking this step;

  • Check if the files have password protection; if so enter the right password and try opening the file again
  • Confirm that the PDF files are compatible and not damaged
  • Check whether the operating system recognizes the PDF files.

If these matters still indicate that Adobe Reader app has stopped working on iOS 13;

  • Uninstall Adobe Reader and install it again.

5. Restart the Device

When Adobe Reader app has stopped working on iOS 13, restarting the iDevice can solve the problem. Use the following procedure to restart your iPhone;

  • Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake” button
  • Ensure to drag the “Slide to Power Off’ to turn off the IPhone
  • The device will go off; wait for 5 minutes before pressing and holding the same button again to turn it on.

Best Alternative to Adobe Reader App on iOS 13/14

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