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20 Best Tips to Work from Home on macOS 11

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2024-04-18 11:56:27 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important and cautious to stay indoors as well as maintain the social distance. For those who need only a computer and an active internet connection to work are now at an advantage as they can easily work well from home. However, working from home can be somehow tricky with the family members around, pets, and obvious the TV on. In this guide we introduce the best work from home tips for macOS 11 that can help you to be more productive.

Best 20 Work from Home Tips for MacOS 11

1. Create a Morning Routine

This is one of the most effective ways to be disciplined while working from home since you connect one of the things you do daily to the time that you should begin working. The probability of having a smooth and good day can somehow be dependent on how to begin your day. For instance you can decide that you will begin working maybe after a routine morning jog or after taking a cup of coffee. This routine guides you to the chair as well as helps you get started each day making you more productive as you work from home with a mac 11 computer.

2. Decide a Dedicated Work Area

There are several work at home companies that let you use macOS 11. That said, there are many places that you can work on from homes such as the couch and your bed comfortably. However, most of these places are associated with leisure and rest time and may affect your motivation while working. It is recommended that you should decide on a specific place such as a certain table that you go specifically to work. This will aid you in getting in the right mind of work rather than trying to cop up with the couch.

3. Set Working Hours

Now that you have a routine to help you begin working and a dedicated work area, then you need to have a regular working time of the day. This time should be set when you are most productive, however, this may differ for different people; some in the morning while others prefer the afternoon. The greatest thing about working from home is that you can be flexible. Sometimes you will need to extend your working hours or start working earlier so as to create extra time for a particular person or an important event.

4. Set Ground Rules

Working from home does not necessarily mean that you will all be alone, most often, you will have company; parents, siblings, roommates, or your spouse. In such a case you need to communicate your expectations when you are working and this will make the ground rules as well as make sure that your space during working hours is respected. Additionally, you can divide and share tasks with your family members in a way that you can pick up or begin doing your task after your working hours. This will make you more productive while working at home since your mind won’t be distracted about a task not worked on.

5. Take Breaks

As the old saying goes, work without play makes Jack a dull boy. However, this does not necessarily mean playing but taking short breaks in your scheduled working hours. Most people think that working from home with no distraction and working 100% can make them productive. However, this is not true since your mind and body will also get tired. Taking a walk, interacting with people around, taking, or preparing lunch can be the best forms of taking a break and this will raise the spirits to work more making you productive as work from home with a mac 11 computer.

6. Stay off from Social Media

Social media can be disastrous and a great distraction while working from home on your macOS. Sometimes, you may decide to take a 5-minutes short break on social media only to find yourself 2 hours later still on social media. I think most of us are guilty of this from time to time. To avoid Social media distraction, you can turn off notification in your working hours. More so, you log out from every account, removing your social media browser shortcut or use a private or Incognito browsing window in Chrome.

7. Listen to Music

Music is well known for its magical powers to move, calm, or even motivate you into doing something. Different music may motivate you while working on different projects thereby you should match your music to the current work you are undertaking to increase your working from home productivity. Additionally, music keeps you from distracting sounds or talks on the background. However, you should mindful of the volume of the music since too loud music on the contrary can be distracting while working. Spotify is one of the streaming services that allow you to choose the songs and mood for productivity and focus.

8. Exercise and Stretch

Science has proven that exercising and stretching excite and boost the level of endorphins which increases happiness and interest levels. These will greatly your productivity while you are working from home. In addition to keeping fit, exercising can aid you in preserving a great posture, avoid getting sore as well as improve your quality of life. It is clear that, after exercise or stretching, you can perform the same amount of work in relatively less time since you are more active thereby making you more productive while working from home.

9. Take Healthy Meals and Snacks

Working on an empty stomach has never been the best idea since you won’t be motivated, lowers your productivity making you much slower and accomplish little. However, on the other end taking too much food may adversely affect you. This may induce sleep or even discomfort while working thus making you less productive. Taking the right food and amount greatly improves your productivity and research has shown that fruits and vegetables are capable of boosting and increasing your productivity. Having full access to your kitchen is one of the advantages of working from home.

10. Retain a Separate Phone Number

We all know how mobile phones can be distracting right from new notifications, unnecessary phone calls and so. Maintaining a separate phone number does not literally mean having a second phone or SIM card. You can use programs such as Skype to restrict and only maintain calls and conversations with your clients or even colleagues. Alternatively, you can set Do Not Disturb and only allow important calls on your phone. Getting rid of phone distractions can greatly improve your productivity.

11. Get More Committed

It is not a big deal that you will often perform relatively fewer projects than the ones you had planned. Most of the task may take much longer than the time you think it should have taken. To go about this, it is recommended that you should overestimate the time for any particular project. If you are taking a number of tasks then you should overestimate the number that should be done on that day. If you hit the target then well and good, however, if you don’t you will still provide a strong list of the task completed.

12. Interact with People

Socializing and interacting with people is one of the brilliant tips for the macos 11 user new to working from home. Working from home does not mean that you go silent to your kids, spouse, or your entire family the whole day, this will no longer be working but insanity. You should remember that you are working from your home and not on another planet. In your scheduled breaks, take time to start up a conversation with your roommate or family. This will lift your spirit and take you away from your virtual world where only you and your computer matter. Short sessions of interaction play a big role in increasing your productivity when working from home.

13. Proper Balancing of Work-Life

Working from home comes along with many advantages, however, it can be too invasive of your lifestyle. Taking into consideration that your home and workplace coexist in the same place, it should not surprise you to note that if you focus more on the work it can easily take over your home. This will deprive you of time from working on your chores as well as time for your family. Setting and sticking to the working hours will help you balance your work and personal life and in turn, make you more productive.

14. Plan and Note down your To-Do List Daily

Writing a to-do list can seem to be updated and unnecessary however it an effective and fulfilling technique to increase and improve your performance while working from home. When working from home it can be pretty eased to lose sight and track of the things that you need to accomplish since your boss is not around to keep you on track. This requires proper work discipline and writing down your to-do list can help you be more productive by prioritizing to complete your tasks and project.

15. Avoid Working in your Pajamas

I know you would like or even enjoy working on your pajamas, however, this may have a detrimental effect on your productivity when you work from home on macOS 11. You may be wondering, why dress for work while I’ll be spending the day inside the house? Dressing as if going to work gets you in the right mindset for work and getting you prepared to get the work done. More so, you will be prepared and ready to handle video calls, meetings, or check-in from your teammates or colleagues.

16. Don’t Stay at Home

Working from home is a great thing however for some, it may not be the best place for them to work in. There could be a number of reasons for this but if you are not productive at home then you can move out and go to a nearby coffee shop or a library which is Wi-Fi enabled. Even when you are not sitting in an official workplace, visiting such places with actual tables and chairs may trigger the energy of an office thereby making you more productive and focused on your completing your tasks and projects at hand.

17. Communicate and ask for What you Need

If you are beginning to work from home then it is obvious that you will be requiring a couple of tools and equipment. If you are employed by a company, you should not hesitate to ask for equipment that will facilitate a quick and smooth working at home. However, you should be considerate and only ask for things that really matter such as printers, certain software, and so on. Most of the companies that offer remote working for their employees always have a budget for home equipment.

18. Be Positive

Having a positive mindset is one of the powerful tools that should be employed when working from home on your MacOS 11. This tool is capable of making you enjoy your work as well as have a great day and on the other hand, it can make your day blue, filled with regrets, and some unfinished tasks. Mostly, it recommended waking up each day with a smile and a positive mindset. You should also have a positive attitude towards your work. Some of the people even go to the extent of placing sticky notes on their bedside and read them every morning.

19. Keep in Touch with Teammates

Keeping in touch with your colleagues is one of the ways that can be employed to improve productivity. Checking-in with your teammates every morning and discussing the plan of the day and what needs to be submitted at the end of the day is a way to keep and maintain the workers on track. Additionally, you can obtain instructions or even seek clarification from your colleagues on a task or a particular project. Keeping in touch with the teammates triggers the energy of an office making you more productive while working from home.

20. End the Day with a Routine

In the same way, you began your day with a routine to mark the start of your working hours, you should mark the end of your working time a routine exercise or activity. This helps your mind to switch from the work environment and turn on to your lifestyle. To mark the end of the day, you can take your dog for a walk, sign out from the company’s messaging application, or even do a simple exercise or jog on the streets.

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