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Top 20 Tips for Using New macOS 11

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

macOS 11 devices are easy to use and with the help of the basic function and skills. However, there are some of the things or actions that you can’t perform without extra knowledge or tutorial on the Mac device. Some of the actions include taking screenshots, forcing quit unresponsive programs, running Windows OS on your Mac device, and many more. Below are some of unbeatable MacOS 11 tips for you.

20 macOS 11 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Are you new to MacOS? These are must-know macos 11 tips for beginner.

1. Quick Looks

Learning this trick will help you save much time. It is used to see a preview of a website or video without necessarily leaving the current page you are in. However, this trick can only be used on Mac devices that have the Force Touch Trackpad. To preview the content, just click and hold on the YouTube video or website link. If the site or content seems useful to you then go ahead and check out the website or the video.

2. Screenshots

Screenshots are essential when recording the screen; sometimes you may need to record the whole screen, however, sometime you may just need to capture a specific part of the screen. Use the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Shift + 3 if need to capture the entire screen in the screenshot. When you need only a portion of the screen then press on Cmd + Shift + 4 then click and drag the box over the part of the screen you need.

macos 11 tips

3. Screen Recording

Sometimes, screenshots are not enough and you would desire to record it as a video. Worry no more for QuickTime is already there to see it through. You don’t have to download this tool since it comes with every Mac device. To record your screen, go to the Application folder, find QuickTime then click on the File tab followed by New Screen Recording. This program also records sounds and can be a vital tool when creating tutorial videos.

4. Showing Annotations Toolbar

When viewing or working on an image or a PDF file, it is most obvious that you will need to edit it hence require an easy way to do it. This is where the Annotation toolbar comes in handy since it displays all the editing tools in the menu bar. However, at times you may find that the toolbar is missing. To restore it, click on the View tab from the menu bar and tap on the Show Annotations Toolbar.

5. Switch Between Multiple Windows

Commonly, you will find various open programs on a Mac device as we try to multitask. Sometimes it may be different open programs however, you may also find different open windows of the same program. Keyboard shortcut, Cmd + Tab is mainly used to switch between the open programs in your macOS 11 device. Cmd + ~ keyboard shortcut on the other hand is used to switch between various windows of the same program.

must-know macos 11 tips for beginner

6. Changing your macOS 11 Device Volume

Volume keys are essential in any Mac device as they provide a way to adjust the volume effortlessly. However, it is annoying because as you try to adjust the volume with this key, they tend to make an unpleasant noise. If that noise annoys you then these best macos 11 tips and tricks are the solution to your problem. Pressing the Shift key while using the volume keys mute the unnecessary sound.

7. Renaming Large Batch Files

Renaming files on your macOS 11 device can be easy and fun. However, this would turn into a nightmare and tedious if it involves renaming a large number of files, maybe a hundred or more. It is easy to give up at such a point, but with the latest version of Mac, you can effortlessly and efficiently rename batch files. To perform this macOS 11 trick, simply highlight all the files you wish to rename, right-click on them, and select the Rename option.

8. Finding a Forgotten Password

It is recommended to secure each website, account, or program with a different password. At this point, it is possible to forget or get mixed up with the correct password of a particular site. To recover a forgotten password, go to the Finder tool, open the Application folder, and click on the Utility tool. From the Utilities, choose the Keychain option and it will display all the login done on your device. You will be required to enter username and login in order to view the password.

9. Calculations in Spotlight

Calculator widget is a common tool that is present in almost all the devices, macOS 11 being no exception. The calculator allows you to perform calculations yet, there is a better and easier way to perform your calculation using Spotlight. Tap on the Spotlight icon located at the top right corner of the screen. Key in your calculation and once done, the results will be displayed in the Spotlight box underneath.

best macos 11 tips and tricks

10. Starting up your macOS 11 Device

All Mac devices let off an iconic sound when starting up. Some of the mac users like it and would have no trouble with the chime however, it may be distractive and inconvenient if you are in public or in a place where silence is necessary such as a class, library, and many more places. Nevertheless, you can make use of this macOS 11 tip to mute the sound by pressing the Mute key when the device is starting up.

11. Signing Documents

Signatures are essential and mandatory in most documents especially the official ones. This macOS 11 trick will help you insert a signature on your document effortlessly. Simply open the document with the Preview application. Tap on the pen icon located at the top right corner of the Preview window and choose the Create Signature from Built-in iSight option. iSight webcam will extract the signature written on a piece of paper.

12. Force Quit

Programs hanging and not responding is not a new issue. This may be due to the program missing files, compatibility with the Mac device. However, it is annoying when the program is not responding and you can quit or exit the program. You can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Cmd + Option then tapping on the Esc key. This will pop up a Force Quit dialog box displaying all the running programs and allow you to exit the programs forcefully.

macos 11 tips for new macos 11 users

13. Units Conversion

Spotlight is an essential and built-in macOS 11 feature. Not only is it used to do calculations, but it can also be used to perform other tasks such as unit conversion and finding stuff both online and in your Mac device. You can easily convert currency, speed, weight, and many more with this tool. Once you key in the figure you wish to convert, a list of conversions will be displayed in the Spotlight box beneath.

14. Inserting Foreign Character

To most people inserting a foreign character or using one with an accent above are a nightmare and maybe a near impossible thing. As one of the macos 11 tips for new macos 11 users, it comes in handy and will assist you in adding the foreign characters easily. Once you know the simple version of the letter, press on it and it will pop up a box with all the variants of the letter.

15. Running Windows Operating System

Wondering if it is possible to run Windows on your Mac device? Not only is it possible to do so but also simple and easy to run the Microsoft Windows on the Mac device. To induce this trick on your macOS 11 device, you will first need to partition your hard drive. Go to the Applications folder, select the Utility folder and click on the Boot Camp option. Choose the split ration between the Windows and Mac OS.

macos 11 tips

16. Unlocking your Mac with Apple Watch

You can easily connect your Apple watch to your macOS 11 device and use it to unlock your Mac device and escape frequently typing passwords. To connect the two Apple devices, go to the System Preference on your macOS 11, select the Security & Privacy option, and finally click on the Unlock Mac with Apple Watch.

must-know macos 11 tips for beginner

17. Activating Hot Corners

This is one of amazing and incredible macos 11 tips for new macos 11 users. It involves setting a specific task that will be activated once the mouse cursor hovers around the area. To set the hot corner, all you need is to go to the System Preference on your Mac device, click on the Mission Control, and choose the Hot Corners option.

18. Hiding a Window

This macOS 11 trick can be applied by pressing on the keyboard shortcut, Cmd + H. This will make the window you were on to disappear on the background. Additionally, you can click on Option + Cmd + H to hide all the windows except the one you are on.

19. Activating Do Not Disturb

To activate this feature, just hold down the Option key and tap on the Notification Center icon located at the top right corner of your macOS 11 screen menu bar. This will activate the Do Not Disturb feature on your Mac device.

20. File Deleting

We all know that after deleting files on our Mac device, they are all taken to the Trash Can. From the Trash Can, you can still access and restore the deleted files, however, the deleted files in the Trash Can still take up the hard drive’s space. You can use the keyboard shortcut Option + Cmd + Delete on the desired file to delete it completely.

best macos 11 tips and tricks

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