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10 Best Things You Need to Do Before Upgrading to macOS 11

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

In the previous edition of macOS, you need some fundamental requirements before installing and downloading successfully. The new macOS 11 also need some useful items to help in running and installing the system well. It's not a Herculean task to update and install the latest macOS 11, neither is it difficult to understand the macOS 11 requirements. The truth is that understanding how a MacBook works, remain crucial in helping achieve your goal. In this article, you'll discover the top 10 things you need to do before upgrading to macOS 11.

How to Prepare Your Mac for macOS 11

Understanding how to prepare your Mac for macOS 11 is a crucial aspect to know for a successful upgrading. Below, you'll find some useful macOS 11 requirements to help get through the entire process.

1. Ensure To Have A Healthy Mac System

Before engaging in the installation process, it's paramount to have a healthy Mac system in place. The system can misbehave or malfunction if there are issues of drive errors. When this occurs, it will prevent the installation from functioning well. For this reason, it's crucial to do a disk repair before moving to the next stage. Professionals in this field will recommend that users visit the Utilities/Application section to make use of the Disk Utility solution. Ensure to confirm the start-up drive with the help of click from the First Aid section. Once this part is over, go ahead to click on Verify. Log off from the system if you notice any error from the drive and use another booting source. Visit the Repair Disk point to carry out a comprehensive checkup.

2. Inspect The Disk Space

Before carrying out an installation on a macOS, the ideal space recommendation is around 8GB. If you're looking to get better results, then using around sixteen to twenty gigabytes will help. One of the best practices that can help in achieving enough space is removing unwanted files. Light or massive files that consume enough space on your Mac system can make the installation process faulty.

3. Ensure To Support The Mac System With A Back-Up

When carrying out any crucial installation or update on a Mac system, ensure to back up folders and files. With this idea, you'll be able to prevent the loss of crucial documents. In the same manner, try to support macOS 11 with a backup system that can keep useful details. With the help of the ''Time Machine" application, it's now easy to back files on a Mac system.

4. Switching and Using A Higher Version

Performing the latest update on the system will help to achieve a successful installation. If you're using a system with lower version details, it can affect the installation process and not make it successful. The macOS installation should be a constant process for people using this kind of a system. It helps to make the system stable and function in the right way. It's recommended to always check the version in use before seeking any installation.

5. Installing the System In The Correct Way

Installation remains the only barrier that can prevent someone from having a new and the latest Mac system. Using simple steps will help you upgrade the system into the latest version. When the pop-up window appears, you'll have to click on continue. The instructions on the screen should be followed to help in finishing the entire installation process. Depending on the version you're operating, it may take somewhere from thirty or minutes to complete the process.

6. Get More Knowledge About Mac System

One of the most crucial things to do on macOS 11 is having a comprehensive understanding of the system. Before people should start talking about installing or upgrading this Mac system, it's expedient to have detailed knowledge. Taking time to know the pros and cons of upgrading the system is also paramount. The company that produces this product often offer both the public and developers beta versions. With this opportunity, people can spend some time to understand how the system works. Go ahead to check new features and how to upgrade, install, and download the system files.

7. Use A Reliable, Trusted, And Strong Network

If you want to upgrade the system without any glitch, then having a trusted, reliable, and a strong network is crucial. When the network is fluctuating or weak, you'll have to waste more time during the process of upgrading. There can be several incomplete downloads when the network is poor or fluctuating. When dealing with a macOS upgrade, it can be dangerous and risky to use an unreliable network. It means that public places may offer you risky and phishing networks during a download or upgrade. The best networks to use can be those in schools, offices, and homes.

8. Verify If macOS 11 Suits Your Spec

One of the things macOS 11 can do is selecting the spec the user may use for the download or upgrade process. It's important to know that certain Macs may have out-dated or poor specifications. It may not be able to carry operating systems or fail to perform software updates. If the RAM is low and small, it may cause the problems listed above. Ensure that the system has the latest edition of the operating system before continuing the upgrade process.

9. Remain And Keep The Log In Status

One potential problem that most people trying to install, download, or upgrade this Mac Operating System often experience, is the login issue. There are instances that the people upgrading may have been logged out without knowing. It can also affect the process and not helping you to get a better result. The ideal approach is to stay logged in before the entire process starts and ensure to maintain the same status until the upgrade or installation gets through.

10. Download And Install The System By Visiting The Mac App Store

With the comprehensive explanation from the start of this section, this area remains the most exciting part. The next step is to check the app store and download the system you're looking to get. Ensure that the application store in functioning well to prevent any slow moment. When visiting the application store, check for the latest macOS product of your choice. The next step is to look for the word "Download". If you're asked for the macOS password and username, go ahead and insert them. There will be a pop-up when the download is complete, after which you’ll press “Continue”. Check the application folder if the window doesn't pop up. There is also the possibility to use the system for other tasks while the download process continues.

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