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Do you need to create a quiz but don't have much time to come up with questions yourself? Do you have a PDF covering that topic? If your answer is yes for both questions, you should use a quiz maker from PDF. It is an AI-powered tool that reads and analyzes a PDF and generates questions based on the PDF's contents. With this, you can make quizzes in just seconds!

Not sure where to start? Continue reading to find the 6 best quiz makers from PDFs.

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Tool 1. Wondershare PDFelement - Most Reliable Quiz Maker From PDF

People widely use Wondershare PDFelement for PDF management and editing. If you already have this tool installed on your computer, you need not look further. You already have a quiz maker! Wondershare PDFelement has an AI-powered Chat with PDF feature.

Use the Chat with PDF feature to tell PDFelement's AI assistant to create a quiz from the PDF's content, just like how you'd tell another person to do it for you. It will instantly perform the action, and after just a few seconds, you'll have a quiz generated. Unlike other tools, Wondershare PDFelement doesn’t limit you to just multiple-choice questions. You can generate any type of question. Plus, you can generate as many questions as you want.

How To Create a Quiz From PDF Using Wondershare PDFelement

  1. Open your PDF using Wondershare PDFelement.
opening pdf with wondershare pdfelement

2. Click AI Sidebar > Chat with PDF.

wondershare pdfelement chat with pdf feature

3. Send the prompt like: "Please generate several multiple choice questions based on the content of the PDF."

generating quiz using chat with pdf

4. Wait for the AI to finish generating the questions.

questions generated by pdfelement ai

Tool 2. TestPortal - A Very Fast PDF to Quiz Maker

testportal quiz generator from pdf

TestPortal is a tool that can use text, PDFs, and other files to generate text. It offers a more impressive speed compared to its alternatives. The tool lets you create quizzes with 5, 10, 20, or 30 questions. It could be composed of multiple-choice questions or single-choice questions. If you don't like the auto-generated choices, you can edit them.

Sadly, as of the moment, that's the only way to create True or false or short question quizzes. You generate a quiz, then edit the question and the answers. TestPortal currently can't generate these types of questions. But it's clear that they want to add support for these in the future.

Tool 3. QuizWhiz - Multiple Choice Quiz Maker From PDF

quizwhiz quiz generator from pdf

QuizWhiz is a freemium quiz maker from PDF. It allows you to create quizzes from PDFs for 20 "runs." Every 400 words in the PDF is considered a run. And each request can process 2,000 words.

QuizWhiz is a great tool. In our testing, it created questions that made sense. You can download the quiz as a JSON or TEXT file. However, you have no control over how many questions will be generated. Thus, it's wise to get a plan so your runs don't accidentally run out. Furthermore, please note that all questions are multiple-choice questions. It lacks the capability of generating other question types.

Tool 4. Revision.ai - Best PDF to Quiz Maker for Reviewing

revision ai quiz generator from pdf

Revision.ai is a different type of quiz maker from PDF. It creates flashcards. You can use this to review for your exams. You can answer the online quiz it generates or download it as an Anki or Word file.

The problem with Revision.ai is that it takes 5 minutes to create the flash cards. Is it worth the wait? Yes, it is. From the same PDF we used to test the other tools, Revision.ai created 64 flashcards. The question type varies. Some are the standard multiple-choice questions, while others are fill-in-the-blank questions or sentence completion sentences with multiple choices. Also, some questions have more than or less than 4 choices.

Tool 5. Quizizz - Best AI Quiz Maker From PDF for Educators

quizizz quiz generator from pdf

Quizizz is an easy-to-use quiz maker from PDF. It accepts documents like PDFs, text, and websites as input. Quizizz automatically determines how many questions are needed based on the PDF length. But if you want more control over it, you can set the number of questions. You can choose from 5, 8, 10, or 15 questions.

Sadly, of the three methods for creating quizzes using this tool, creating from PDF is not the most advanced. When creating quizzes from text, you can select the grade level of the people to take the quiz. You can't do that when using a PDF to generate the questions. Nevertheless, Quizizz is a solid pick.

Tool 6. Kahoot! - PDF Quiz Maker for Educational Learning

kahoot quiz generator from pdf

Kahoot! is another online AI quiz maker from PDF. But please note that only premium users can access the AI question generator. Of course, you would not want to pay without knowing what you'll get. So, how good is it?

Kahoot! AI question generator can create 4 types of questions. It can make multiple-choice, true or false, identification, or slider-type questions. The questions are in English by default, but you can also use this tool for other languages. Surely, you're already familiar with the first three. So, what are slider-type questions? You can use these when the answer is values, years, and numbers. The questions are in English by default, but you can also use this tool for other languages.

Part 2. Question Generator From Text Tools Comparison Table





Wondershare PDFelement

Annually - $79.99

Perpetual - $129.99

     Wondershare PDFelement is a PDF solution. It's the perfect choice.

     There's no limit to how many questions you can generate.

     You can make the AI create any type of question.


     After the free trial, you need to pay to access most tools.


Standard - $29/month

Pro - $48/month

MAX- $99/month

MAX Customized - Please contact Testportal for a custom quote.

     Testportal boasts high-speed processing.

     It lets you select how many questions the AI should generate.

     You can edit the generated questions.

     Testportal can only make multiple-choice and single-choice questions.


Basic - $9/month

Pro- $18/month

     QuizWhiz can create many questions from one PDF.

     You can download the quiz as a TXT or a JSON file.

     QuizWhiz doesn't let you select how many questions to make.

     Quizizz can only make multiple-choice questions.

     You have limited free runs.



Pro Annual - $79.99/year

Pro - $11.99/month

Institution - Starting from $299.99/month

     Revision.ai creates many flashcards from one PDF.

     It offers a wide variety of question types.

     You can download the quiz as an Arki or Word file.

     Revision.ai takes 5 minutes or more to generate questions.

     You have limited use of the free version.


Essential - $50/month ($600 billed annually)

Enterprise -Please contact the Quizizz team for a custom quote.

     Quizziz automatically determines how many questions are needed to be in the quiz.

     You can set how many questions will be in the quiz if you want to.

     Quizizz can only make multiple-choice questions.

     You can't select a difficulty level for the quiz.


Kahoot Max Monthly - $9.99/month

Kahoot! Max Annual - $120

     Kahoot! can create four types of questions.

     It supports different languages.

     Kahoot! AI question generator is locked behind a subscription.


A quiz generator from PDF can help students, educators, and even parents tremendously. You can use them to create quizzes for your students or children. Or you can use them to test how much you have learned. Because they use AI to generate these quizzes, the questions make sense. Also, they can make quizzes way faster than a human could. In short, quiz generators are very efficient tools.

If you are looking for a quiz generator, try Wondershare PDFelement. You're working with a PDF; you need a powerful PDF editor for that. Therefore, choosing Wondershare PDFelement makes sense, as it is among the most-trusted PDF solutions. Its quiz-generation prowess is also impressive. You can create any type of question and as many questions as you want. That said, there is no better choice than Wondershare PDFelement.

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Audrey Goodwin May 14, 24
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