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The commercial landscape of Southeast Asian countries, especially Indonesia, is evolving. The country had a GDP of 1.19 trillion USD in 2022. This rising business environment demands effective communication to foster commercial relations. Also, Indonesia plays a crucial role in global trade and cultural exchange. Thus, the need to bridge linguistic gaps is evident. If you are looking to target the Indonesian market, you must grasp its trends first. For this, you might need to translate Malay to English PDFs containing market analytics.

Against this pursuit, this guide explores practical ways for Malay to English document translation. The guide will also equip you with advanced tools like PDFelement, which integrates AI features for language conversion.

5 Best Methods To Try To Translate PDF Malay to English

In our interconnected world, English has become a global lingua franca. Therefore, people prefer to use it in professional settings. Rather than turning Indonesian content into your local language, converting it to English is a good option. It is because the files will be graspable by your foreign employees or personnel.

In this section, our prime focus will be to unravel the top ways to turn Malay PDFs into English. Our exploration will include AI-featured applications like PDFelement, as well as free online solutions. Let's discover together:

In this article
    1. Translate PDF Malay To English Entirely
    2. Specific PDF Translation Malay to English
    3. Translate Malay to English PDF From Other File Format
    4. Polish PDF Translated From Malay to English
  1. Translate Document Malay to English via Google Translate
  2. Translate PDF Malay to English Using Canva
  3. Malay to English Document Translation via Bing Translator
  4. Translate PDF Malay to English Via Lingvanex

Method 1: Translate Malay to English PDF With PDFelement

pdfelement pdf translator malay to english

The first method and most effective to translate PDF Malay to English is using Wondershare PDFelement. It is a full-featured PDF management tool designed to facilitate users. Besides being a PDF editor, it also serves as a PDF translator Malay to English. With its AI innovation, PDFelement takes your translation experience to new heights. Whether you need to translate a specific passage from a book or an entire report, PDFelement will prove valuable.

Translate PDF Malay To English Entirely

Using PDFelement's AI feature, you can export the entire Malay document into English. For this, just go to the AI Translate option and adjust your export setting. You can translate all or certain pages into the target language using this method. The detailed process is given below:


Launch "PDFelement" Navigate to the "Open PDF" option to access your Malay PDF file.

open the malay pdf

Click "Tools"> "AI Tools"> "Translate PDF" to initiate the process.

translate malay pdf file

Choose the Target Language & Output Folder. Click on the "Translate"

choose translation options

Malay to English file conversion is successfully done. Access the translated PDF file by hitting the "Open Folder" option.

translated file exported as pdf

Specific PDF Translation Malay to English

If you want to translate only a specific segment of PDF text, this method is preferable. For this, you only need to select the text, and it will be automatically converted into your target language. Here is how to do that:


Open the Malay PDF file.


Select the intended text and click the "Translate" icon on the right side for instant results. You can copy the content by clicking "Copy Result."

translation of specific malay content

Translate Malay to English PDF From Other File Format

If your Malay text is in another format, such as Docx or image, you can still leverage PDFelement's translation feature. To do so, create a PDF of that file and use your preferred translation method. Here is how the process will work out:


Click the "Create" option (+ icon) and choose "From File" to access your Malay file in any format other than PDF.

create a pdf file

Select your file and click "Open." The file automatically gets opened once converted to PDF format.

transform word file to pdf

Repeat the above-stated way to translate this converted file into English.

Polish PDF Translated From Malay to English

PDFelement can help you enhance your translated content via its AI rewrite feature. You can effortlessly repurpose your text with a single stroke for specified use. Let's learn to use this valuable functionality:


Access the folder containing the translated PDF file and open it.


Select the text and opt for the "Rewrite" feature in the floating toolbar.

rewrite the translation content

You can regenerate the rewritten content by clicking the "Regenerate"

regenerate the rewritten content

Method 2: Translate Document Malay to English via Google Translate

Another cost-free and effective way to translate Malay PDFs to English is Google Translate. The platform is accessible online and does not create compatibility issues. Also, Google Translate is equipped with more than 100 languages, allowing expansive conversions. Its intuitive interface, free-to-use functionality, and realistic translations make it a go-to solution for effortless transcriptions.

Here is how to use Google Translate to turn Malay into English PDFs:


Open "Google Translate." Go to "Documents" to enable file uploading.

malay to english document translation

Choose your intended PDF file.

open pdf in google translate

Set your target language as "English." Click the "Translate" button to start the translation.

translate with google translate

Hit the "Download Translation" button to save your translated file.

malay to english file translation

Method 3: Translate PDF Malay to English Using Canva

Canva is a renowned platform for its prowess as a design platform. However, it has extended its functionality beyond creative endeavors. Despite its core strength as a graphic designer, Canva also offers PDF translation services. It integrates with the Translate app to impart seamless language conversion. Also, the translation feature of Canva is altogether free. To use Canva as a PDF Malay to English translator, just upload your file and choose your target language.

Below is the step-by-step process to use Canva for changing Malay PDF to English:


Open the official site of "Canva." Locate the "PDF Translator" feature of Canva.

free pdf translator canva

Import your desired PDF file for translation.

open pdf in canva

Locate the uploaded PDF in the Canva projects. Open it in a new window.

select the pdf file

Right-click the file and choose the "Translate Text"

translate pdf text

Set "English" as your target language. Click the "Translate"

choose translate options

Canva will turn your text into English. You can also copy this text.

copy the translated content

Method 4: Malay to English Document Translation via Bing Translator

When it comes to changing Malay text to English, Bing Translator stands out as a reliable online tool. Leveraging advanced NLP algorithms, Bing Translator offers a straightforward and efficient solution. Its intuitive interface and cost-free functionality are best for users with low budget. To translate a piece of PDF text via Bing Translator requires no technical knowledge. Just copy & paste that text and get its translated version in English.

Let's learn to use Bing Translator for PDF Malay to English Translation:


Open "Bing Translator."


Select your source language as "Malay." Set "English" as your target language.

launch bing translator

Copy text from your Malay PDF. Paste that text into the source text panel.


Bing Translator will instantly turn your Malay text into English.

translation results bing translator

Method 5: Translate PDF Malay to English Via Lingvanex

Last but not least, you can use Lingvanex to turn Malay PDF text into English. It is a dictionary app that provides translation services for various languages. The language span of the tool is very vast, covering more than 110 languages. You can use Lingvanex to get accurate and contextually relevant translations. The platform conforms to quality provision standards, incorporating advanced language processing technologies.


Visit the official site of "Lingvanex." Click the "Translate" tab in the menu.

open lingvanex pdf translator

Set your target language as "English." Copy text from your PDF and paste it in the panel.


Lingvanex will instantly change the text into English.

pdf translate malay to english


Indonesia has become the hub for business and commercial activities. People from different countries arrive here to grow their reach. As the market worth of Indonesia is expanding, there is a greater need for effective interaction and market sense. For this, English becomes your viable companion. You can get insights into the commercial setup of Indonesia by turning Malay files into English. To fulfill this need, we described five potent ways to change Malay files into English in detail.

Among all the available options, our verdict will incline toward PDFelement. The tool is dedicated to offering painless and perfect Malay to English results. Adopt PDFelement as an ultimate option and step into a world of productive brilliance.

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