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Punjabi is the language of the Punjab state of India and is widely spoken across various areas of Pakistan. In the context of its significance, you might have noticed the web is flooded with Punjabi literature and poetic work, alluring various hearts with its endearing effects. However, the language barriers often distract the readers' interest from the beautifully crafted writing pieces.

So, if you're a bibliophile or literature enthusiast seeking to explore the vast literature available in the Punjabi language, you must opt for an efficient translator like PDFelement or a few similar ones to translate PDF Punjabi to English for enhanced understanding.

pdf translate punjabi to english

4 Best Translators To Translate PDF Punjabi to English

In this article
    1. Translate Punjabi to English PDF Entirely
    2. Translate Specific Punjabi Content To English
    3. Translate Non-PDF Punjabi File To English
  1. Google Translate To Translate Punjabi to English PDF
  2. Bing Translator To Translate PDF Punjabi to English
  3. Translate.com for Punjabi to English Translation PDF

If you are overwhelmed by the numerous choices available to translate PDF Punjabi to English, here you can get quick assistance by exploring these efficient translation tools. For detailed insights, we have briefed on all tools with their specifications & ratings in the light of users' reviews.

PDFelement for Punjabi to English Translation PDF

Integrated with an intuitive and highly easy-to-navigate interface, PDFelement is an all-in-one solution to address all the likely PDF problems. It supports over 100 languages for instant translation and significantly assists in translating PDF Punjabi to English. You can even instantly translate larger PDF files by exploiting its AI Translate PDF feature.

Translate Punjabi to English PDF Entirely

Translating an entire PDF file isn't a big deal with PDFelement. All you need to do is install its application on a compatible device and then follow the below-stated steps.

Step 1

Open your Punjabi PDF by accessing the "Open PDF" option in the PDFelement application.

click the open pdf option
Step 2

Select "Tools" > "AI Tools" > "Translate PDF" to initiate the process.

access the translate pdf feature
Step 3

Choose the Target language and Output file. Click the "Translate" button to get your PDF file translated into English.

translate punjabi to english pdf
Step 4

The file is successfully translated into English. You can access it by clicking "Open Folder."

successful punjabi to english translation

Translate Specific Punjabi Content To English

The tool also facilitates you greatly in case you need to get a few sentences translated instantly. To do so, you have to select the intended sentences.

Step 1

Open the Punjabi PDF file and select its particular content section.

Step 2

Navigate to the "Translate" icon on the right side to get the instant translation of the selected text.

particular content translation into english
Step 3

You can save the translated content by clicking the "Copy Result"

Translate Non-PDF Punjabi File To English

Though PDFelement is a PDF management tool, it still allows you to translate your files regardless of the format. For instance, if your file is in Word format, PDFelement's Create function transforms it to PDF format before translation.

Step 1

Go to the "Create" function and choose the option "From File."

access the create function
Step 2

Select and open the Punjabi document. The file will open in the PDF format automatically.

create a pdf file
Step 3

Now, you can repeat the above operational steps to translate the text of the converted file.

Specifications Explanation
Play Store Rating 4.4/5
Price Free | Starts From $79.99/yr
Features Explanation
Create You can create a PDF document or file available in any other format by employing the Create function.
OCR PDFelement's OCR feature makes your image-based content recognizable for translations.
Rewrite By using the AI Rewrite feature, you can readily polish your translation files.
Explain The tool offers the Explain feature to let you get a better understanding of your translated file.
  • You can conveniently translate your content even in the free version
  • The tool offers cloud hosting to increase the accessibility of files
  • It automatically exports the translated PDF file to a specific folder
  • The intuitive and easy-to-navigate user interface makes application usage super convenient
  • PDFelement allows you to edit your PDF translation files free of cost
  • You need to purchase a separate subscription for AI tokens

Users' Review

"Best PDF tool. I also own the desktop paid version and use it daily. Nothing compares to it. Includes cloud hosting of files and massive monthly AI allotment of credits for writing and summarizing. Incredible value." -Paul Sullivan

Google Translate To Translate Punjabi to English PDF

translate punjabi to english pdf

Globally recognized Google Translate tool offers quick & free-of-charge translation services. The cross-platform compatibility of the tool elevates its accessibility, allowing you to access it anytime from any device. It enables you to translate text, documents, images, and websites within a few seconds.

Specifications Explanation
Play Store Rating 4.5/5
Price Free | Starts From $20
Features Explanation
Auto language detection Google Translate can automatically detect the language of your PDF file for translation with its auto language detection feature.
Translation History Translation History allows you to retrieve your previous translation results anytime.
Voice Recognition The tool is also capable of recognizing the voice via the Voice Recognition feature.
  • The tool is free to use and available with the utmost accessibility
  • It can be installed easily on iOS and Android devices for a smooth user experience
  • It exports the translated files automatically in PDF format
  • The tool automatically switches to offline mode if it doesn't find sufficient bandwidth

Users' Review

"Not a bad application for basic use. A bit slow in translating, on rare ocassions, and translations not perfect. Due to language, grammar, syntax, etc. it can't be... no program can be. No problems. Only minor issue is conversation mode doesn't always stay active after a verbal translation, so it's difficult to, for example, give directions in a timely manner. Have to keep reactivating it. All-in-all, a good app." -R Rocky

Bing Translator To Translate PDF Punjabi to English

punjabi to english translation with bing

Bing Translator is another popular translation service provider that is free to use and conveniently accessible in both online and application versions. It is a ready-to-go option to translate Punjabi PDF to English; you can also download its extension, which is compatible with the Edge browser, to experience it more easily.

Specifications Explanation
Rating From G2 3.7/5
Price Free
Features Explanation
Auto Detect The tool is capable of detecting the language of content automatically via its Auto Detect feature.
Translate text to speech The Translate text to speech feature enables you to listen to the translation results.
Voice Recognition Bing Translator can also recognize your voice to translate the content into a targeted language.
  • You can add the Bing Translator extension to your Edge browser for enhanced performance
  • It generates translations free of grammatical errors
  • The tool is also available in application version for IOS & Android users
  • It doesn't always generate accurate translation results

Users' Review

"Great Performance even for sentences." -Arda S.

Translate.com for Punjabi to English Translation PDF

translate pdf punjabi to english

If you want to achieve the utmost accuracy of translations, Translate.com is the perfect tool that gives you a choice between Human translation & Machine translation. However, for Human Translation, you have to switch to its paid version. Overall, the tool gives a smooth & efficient translation experience in both free & paid plans.

Specifications Explanation
Play Store Rating 4.3/5
Price Free | Starts From $0.09 Per Word
Features Explanation
Machine Translation You can opt for the Machine Translation function to get AI-generated translations.
Human Translation The human Translation option allows you to get the translation with the highest accuracy.
Download Translation You can also download the translated text as a file by employing the Download function.
  • It allows you to translate the content of any language free of cost instantly
  • You can conveniently access it without the hassle of logins
  • In its premium plan, you get content translations by native speakers
  • It doesn't offer a high level of accuracy in translations

Users' Review

"the quality of translation was pretty decent but the ad blocks the whole entire screen which annoyed me so much since i cant see what im typing so i'll give it a 3." -Natalie


A vast collection of literature is available in popular regional languages but is not interpretable by worldwide audiences due to language barriers. For instance, if you intend to explore Punjabi content, you won't be able to understand it if you aren't a native Punjabi speaker.

In such scenarios, language translators serve as a saviour by facilitating everyone's interpretation of language. In this connection, we have curated a list of a few of the best language translators you can rely upon, I.e., PDFelement, Google Translate, Bing Translator, etc.

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