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English is a global language fostering international communication, trade, and collaboration. At the same time, Turkish connects East and West with its rich history and strategic location.

However, the rising demand for effective English-Turkish communication highlights a common challenge—translating PDFs. These documents require accurate translation to ensure seamless language exchange for various purposes.

Meet Wondershare PDFelement, a user-friendly Turkish-to-English PDF translator, and vice versa. Aside from this, we also explored 5 additional tools for you to work around. Let's get started.

In this article
    1. PDFelement for English to Turkish PDF Translation
    2. Translate PDF Turkish to English Using Google Translate
    3. Employ DeftPDF To Translate Document From Turkish To English
    4. Use Tradukka For English To Turkish PDF Translation
    5. DeepL Translator PDF Translator English To Turkish
    6. Tureng Dictionary PDF English To Turkish Translator
  1. Comparative Analysis of English to Turkish Translation Tools

Part 1. Top 6 PDF English to Turkish Translators

Looking for the best PDF English-to-Turkish translator and vice versa? Below are the top 5 tools for translating English to Turkish, helping you understand content and context. Learn about each tool's value and usage to choose the best one for your needs.

Top 1: PDFelement for English to Turkish PDF Translation


PDFelement is a top choice for translating PDFs from English to Turkish. It's easy to use. You can open any PDF in PDFelement and choose to translate it. The tool supports many languages, including Turkish. This means you can change an English PDF into Turkish smoothly and quickly.

One key feature of PDFelement is its accuracy. It keeps the format of your original document. This means the translated PDF looks like the original, just in a different language. You don't have to worry about messed-up layouts or lost images. Everything stays in place.

Another great thing about PDFelement is that it's not just for translation. You can also use it to edit PDFs. This includes changing text, adding images, or making new PDFs. It's a versatile tool for anyone who works with PDFs often.

Lastly, PDFelement is user-friendly. It has a simple design. This makes it easy for anyone to use, even if you're not a tech expert. Whether you're a student, a business person, or just need to translate a document, PDFelement can help you do it easily and efficiently.

Translating the Entire English Document Into Turkish

Translating a whole PDF from English to Turkish with PDFelement is straightforward. The tool's "Translate PDF" feature is quite effective. It uses a smart AI named Lumi to ensure translations are accurate. Your final PDF will look like the original, with the same layout.

Here's what you need to do:


Open your English PDF in PDFelement.

open pdf

Click on the "Home" tab at the top. Then, look for "AI Tools" and click on it.

pdfelement ai tools

Inside "AI Tools," find "Translate PDF" and click on it.

pdfelement translate tool

A new window will pop up. Here, select "Turkish" as the language you want. You can also choose specific pages you want to translate.

select language

Choose where you want to save the new Turkish PDF on your computer.

translate process

Click on "Translate." Now, Lumi, the AI, begins translating your PDF to Turkish.

pdf output

Following these simple steps, you can easily convert English PDFs into Turkish. PDFelement makes sure that your translated document keeps its original appearance. This is useful for work, school, or personal projects. The same steps apply if you want to translate Turkish PDFs into English. Just choose English in Step 4.

Translating Specific English to Turkish Texts

If you need to translate just a part of a PDF from Turkish to English, PDFelement has a useful feature. It's called the "Translate" icon. This allows you to select specific text for quick translation. Let's go through the steps:


Look for the "Translate" icon on the right side of your PDF. A menu will appear. Here, choose "English" as the language you want.

pdfelement translate icon

Use your mouse to select the Turkish text you want to translate.

select text

Click the "Translate" icon. This will start converting the selected text.


The translated English text will show up, replacing the Turkish text. You can then copy this new text and use it as needed.

select language

To translate more text, click the "Trash" icon to clear the current translation. You can also turn off the "Translate instantly after selecting text" option if you don't want automatic translation.

translated output

This method is perfect for translating only parts of your document. It's fast and doesn't change your entire PDF. It's especially helpful if you only need certain sections translated. The same steps apply to translating specific English text into Turkish.

Translating English to Turkish Texts on Images

For scanned PDFs in Turkish, you'll need an extra step. This is where PDFelement's Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature comes in handy. OCR turns the text in images into text you can edit. Here's how to do it:


Use OCR on your scanned Turkish PDF in PDFelement.


After OCR is done, the text in the PDF becomes something you can change. Now, you can start translating it into English.

pdfelement ocr feature

OCR is very useful for scanned documents. It changes the text in images into regular text. This makes it easier to translate. Once you've used OCR, you can translate your document. You can use either the "Translate PDF" feature for the whole document or the "Translate" icon for just parts of it.

This makes translating scanned Turkish PDFs into English simple and efficient. The same method works for scanned English PDFs, too. Just do the OCR first and then translate it into Turkish.

Top 2: Translate PDF Turkish to English Using Google Translate

google translate

Google Translate is the best free PDF translator with robust features catering to diverse translation requirements. This service allows users to effortlessly convert text, web pages, and documents between English and Turkish.

While proficient in straightforward translations, it may encounter difficulties with idioms or complex expressions.

Key Features:

  • Support for over 175 languages, offering extensive coverage for translation needs.
  • Powered by advanced machine translation and OCR technology, ensuring accurate and efficient translations.
  • Rapid translation process, delivering results in seconds for efficient and timely translations.
  • Maintains high accuracy, suitable for translating both formal topics and various languages.
  • Capable of handling files up to 20MB, making it ideal for day-to-day and simple communication.
  • Accessible online through mobile apps and browser extensions.

Top 3: Employ DeftPDF To Translate Document From Turkish To English


The DeftPDF translator aims to transform the way PDF documents are translated. DeftPDF is a versatile multi-tool capable of handling diverse file formats effortlessly and boasting impressive features.

Key Features:

  • With a user-friendly design, DeftPDF simplifies the translation process.
  • The convenient Chrome browser extension enhances efficiency, enabling quick and easy access to DeftPDF's translation features.
  • Using cutting-edge technology, DeftPDF combines PDF translation and OCR to guarantee precise and accurate language conversion.
  • Seamlessly upload PDFs from popular cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • DeftPDF provides a range of translation options, catering to the nuances of English-to-Turkish language conversion, making it a comprehensive solution.

Top 4: Use Tradukka For English To Turkish PDF Translation


Tradukka is an easy-to-use online translation platform that is a valuable tool for language learners, offering pronunciation assistance, contextual meanings, and real-time translation. Its simple interface and useful features make it a valuable tool for effective communication in different language situations.

Key Features:

  • Tradukka excels in providing quick translation services, allowing users to effortlessly translate text and speech in real time.
  • The platform includes advanced voice recognition, enabling users to input text by speaking.
  • Users can easily access dictionary definitions for translated words.
  • Tradukka offers a text-to-speech feature. Users can listen to the right pronunciation of translated words.
  • Tradukka supports over 44 languages, including popular ones like English and Turkish.
  • It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for users of all levels.
  • The platform is accessible across different devices and platforms. Users can translate text and speech seamlessly using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Top 5: DeepL Translator PDF Translator English To Turkish

deepl translator

DeepL is an accurate translator, perfect for your English-to-Turkish translations. Its simple interface, similar to Google Translate, offers ease of use. Yet, DeepL goes beyond features like real-time translation sharing and a glossary feature, enhancing your translation experience. Try DeepL for precise and convenient language conversion.

Key Features:

  • Widely recognized as the premier PDF translator, DeepL delivers exceptional accuracy in translations.
  • Supports translation for 31 languages, ensuring versatility in language conversion.
  • Utilizes advanced technologies like convolutional neural networks and OCR for highly precise translations.
  • While requiring a few additional steps, such as converting PDFs to .docx files, DeepL offers a user-friendly interface.
  • Requires PDF conversion, adding extra steps to the translation process.
  • File size is capped at 10 MB, and documents are limited to 500,000 characters.

Top 6: Tureng Dictionary PDF English To Turkish Translator

tureng dictionary

Tureng Dictionary is a top-notch Turkish-English online dictionary, highly regarded as a go-to language tool in Turkey. It recently expanded to Android, bringing its extensive language database to mobile users for a rich linguistic experience.

Key Features:

  • Tureng Dictionary houses a massive collection of over 3,000,000 English and Turkish words. It organizes this wealth of language content into categories based on usage fields.
  • Tureng Dictionary is designed for speedy and accurate results.
  • A standout feature is the audial pronunciation option. Users can hear the correct pronunciation of searched terms, with the bonus of choosing from British, American, and Australian accents.
  • Tureng Dictionary prides itself on a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience.
  • Words and phrases are smartly categorized based on their usage fields. This categorization boosts the accuracy of search results, helping users find translations and definitions that are contextually relevant to their needs.

Part 2. Comparative Analysis of English to Turkish Translation Tools

When comparing translation tools, it's important to consider several factors:

  • Accuracy of Translation: PDFelement and DeepL stand out for accurate translations. Google Translate is good but can vary with complex texts.
  • Ease of Use: Google Translate and Tureng Dictionary are very user-friendly. PDFelement and DeftPDF are also easy but require a few more steps.
  • Features: PDFelement offers a range of PDF editing tools, while DeepL's advanced algorithm is great for context. DeftPDF and Tradukka are more basic but still effective.
  • Price: Google Translate and Tureng Dictionary are free. PDFelement and DeepL may have costs, depending on usage.
  • File Compatibility: PDFelement is best for PDFs. Google Translate supports many file types.
  • Speed of Translation: Google Translate and Tradukka are fast. PDFelement and DeepL take more time but offer better accuracy.


Choosing the right translation tool depends on your needs. For quick tasks, Google Translate works well. For precise PDF translations, consider PDFelement or DeepL. Remember, each tool has strengths, like speed, accuracy, or special features. Consider what you need most for your English to Turkish translations and pick the best tool.

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