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Malayalam, a language rich in culture and history, is spoken by millions in the Indian state of Kerala. You might need to translate Malayalam PDF to English for various reasons. For example, if you are a researcher studying climate change in Kerala state, you may find various research papers in Malayalam.

Also, if you're a journalist exploring social issues in Kerala, you might need to convert the Malayali journals & articles into English. In this guide, we will explore the most effective methods for Malayalam PDF to English translation. One standout tool in this domain is Wondershare PDFelement, equipped with an AI feature for translation.

ways to translate malayalam to english pdf

5 Valuable Methods To Translate Malayalam PDF to English

Seamless communication is crucial to understanding intercultural values. Whether business, education, research, or tourism, translating Malayalam PDFs to English is a critical requirement. In this section, you will learn valuable methods for translating Malayalam PDFs to English. From software like PDFelement to online forums, we have found every route.

In this article
  1. Translate Malayalam PDF to English via PDFelement's AI Feature
  2. Use Google Translate To Translate Malayalam PDF to English
  3. PDF Malayalam to English Translation Using Bing Translator
  4. Malayalam to English PDF Translation via SHABDKOSH
  5. Translate Malayalam to English PDF Using DeftPDF

Method 1: Translate Malayalam PDF to English via PDFelement's AI Feature

pdfelement malayali to english translator

When it comes to Malayam PDF to English translation, PDFelement remains the best choice. The tool features AI innovation to turn your PDFs into English. The language support of the tool is vast, covering about 80+ languages. Whether you need to change the entire PDF to English or a specific part, do so easily with PDFelement. Also, its intuitive interface and free AI tokens enable seamless translation.

How To Use PDFelement for Malayalam PDF to English Translation?

The AI-powered PDFelement presents the utmost usage convenience with its easy-to-navigate interface. If you intend to translate a Malayalam PDF file, you only need to access its Translate feature.

Entire Malayalam PDF to English Translation

Operational Steps:


Access the “PDFelement” application installed on your system.


Click “Open PDF” and open the Malayalam file.

open the pdf file

To translate the file, go to “Tools” > “AI Tools” > “Translate PDF.”

access translate pdf feature

Choose English as the Target Language and a preferred Output Folder. Hit “Translate” to proceed.

choose options for translation

The translated PDF file is successfully exported to the destined location.

successful malayalam pdf to english translation

Translate Specific Text From Malayalam to English

Operational Steps:


Select a particular content area from the Malayalam PDF file.


Click the “Translate” icon to get it translated instantly.

specific content translation

Translate Non-PDF Documents From Malayalam to English

Though PDFelement is a PDF management tool, but it supports multiple file formats for translations. If your file isn’t in PDF format, you can convert the format to PDF first by employing its Create feature.


Access the “Create” function by clicking the “+” icon. Select the “From File” option to transform your file into PDF format.

transform file to pdf

The tool will automatically open your file after converting it to PDF format.

pdf file creation

You can repeat the above procedure to translate your converted Malayalam file into English.

Rewrite the Translated Text

You can further improve the translation content by accessing the enhancement features like Rewrite or Proofread. Follow the below-stated steps to Polish your translation content using the AI Rewrite feature:


Open the translated PDF file.


Select the content and choose the “Rewrite” option from the floating toolbar.

rewrite translation content

Copy the rewritten text by clicking the “Copy”

copy the rewritten content

Method 2: Use Google Translate To Translate Malayalam PDF to English

If you have a Malayali file that you want to turn into English, use Google Translate. It's like a magic tool that changes Malayalam words into English. The credit of Google Translate's seamless translation goes to its training. It is drilled with a vast amount of data in real-life settings. Also, Google Translate is free to use. This feature makes it the best choice for low-budget users. The online accessibility and plain interface make it a go-to option for users.

Below is how to use Google Translate to turn Malayali PDFs into English:


Open the official site of "Google Translate." Go to the "Documents"

google translate document tab

Click the "Browse Your Files" Choose your target PDF. Set your output language as "English."

choose file google translate

Click the "Translate" button to start converting your PDF into English.

translate file google translate

To save your PDF, click the "Download Translation"

download translation google translate

Method 3: PDF Malayalam to English Translation Using Bing Translator

Another method for PDF Malayalam to English translation is using Bing Translator. It is an emerging translation option by Microsoft. Microsoft Bing supports more than 100 languages. Also, using this app for translation does not need a signup or personal information. Just input your PDF text and get it in a translated version. It is a great option, especially if you are looking for a free & efficient translator.

Follow these steps to use MS Translator as a Malayali to English PDF translator:


Open the "Bing Translator"


Now, copy text from your Malayali PDF and paste it into the box. Select your target language as "English." Bing Translator will instantly convert your file into English.

paste text bing translator

To copy your translated text, tap the "Copy"

copy text bing translator

Method 4: Malayalam to English PDF Translation via SHABDKOSH

SHABDKOSH is like a language wizard, making it a breeze for you to understand different languages. It's basically an online dictionary to interconvert the local Indian languages. However, it also offers a translation feature. The tool offers translation for Punjabi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, and other Indian dialects. Besides text, you can also upload your PDFs for translation. The results of the tool are excellent since the platform is developed by Indian experts itself.

Let's learn to use SHABDKOSH to translate from Malayali to English PDFs:


Launch the site of "SHABDKOSH." Go to the "Translate" tab in the menu.


Click the "Documents" tab to upload the file.

documents tab shabdkosh

Choose your PDF file by clicking the "Upload"

upload file shabdkosh

Choose your source language as "Malayalam." Set "English" as your target language. Click the "Translate" button to initiate.

translate pdf shabdkosh

Hit the "Download" tab to save the translated file.

download translation shabdkosh

Method 5: Translate Malayalam to English PDF Using DeftPDF

If you are looking for a premium solution to get enhanced results, use DeftPDF. It is an online PDF management platform. However, it also provides PDF translation services. You can translate your text into more than 50 languages. Also, it supports various document formats, including PDF, Docx, PPT, XLSX, TXT, & more. The translations of DeftPDF are more accurate and real-sounding. DeftPDF offers free 3000 tokens to use the translation feature.

Below is how you can use DeftPDF to translate PDFs from Malayalam to English:


Visit the official site of "DeftPDF." Go to the "Translate" tab in the main menu.


Choose your PDF by clicking the "Upload File"

upload file deftpdf

Choose "Malayalam" as your source language. Set your target language as "English." Click the "Translate"

translate file deftpdf

Tap the "Download File" button to save the file.

download translation deftpdf


As the world is getting increasingly interconnected, breaking linguistic barriers has become a need. Malayalam is the dominant language of Kerala. As Kerala is the object of attraction due to its natural beauty, it is a favorite spot of tourists. If you are someone exploring Malayali culture, researching their local market, or simply a tourist there, you will need a good translator. Given this need, we described five efficient methods for Malayalam to English PDF translation.

Among all the options, our preferred choice is PDFelement. The simple reason is its dedication to quality translations and vast language support. Also, it can become your permanent translation solution for your regular work circle. Embrace the innovation of PDFelement and experience seamless translation.

Audrey Goodwin
Audrey Goodwin Feb 22, 24
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