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Gujarati, beyond being a verbal medium, stands as a cultural pillar. Spoken by millions in the state of Gujarat, it serves as a uniting force. If you live in Ahmedabad or Dwarika, you must be familiar with Gujarati. Moreover, Gujarati acts as a bridge for interaction. It fosters linkup among business groups within India and abroad.

If you want to grow your reach in Gujarat, you might handle documentation in Gujarati. Also, PDF English to Gujarati translation become vital for exploring Gujarati content. Given the need to perceive Gujarati content, this article will explore the best ways to translate PDF English to Gujarati.

English to gujarati translate pdf

Practical Approaches To Translate PDF English to Gujarati

By doing English to Gujarati translation, you can learn facts about Gujarati. This process will also open doors to deeper insights into local dialects. Further, you can know about commercial setup of Gujarat. It is useful, especially if you are a market analyst.

This section will state easy ways to change PDFs from English to Gujarati. From online tools to AI-driven tools like PDFelement, you will find an array of choices.

In this article
  1. Translate English to Gujarati PDF via PDFelement's AI Feature
  2. Google Translate English to Gujarati PDF File
  3. Use Yandex Translate for English to Gujarati Document Translation Online
  4. Translate English to Gujarati PDF Online Using Google Docs
  5. Use Online Doc Translator English to Gujarati PDF Translation
  6. PDF Translate English to Gujarati Using SHABDKOSH

Method 1: Translate English to Gujarati PDF via PDFelement's AI Feature

pdfelement english to gujarati converter

PDFelement, a famous PDF editor, also provides first-rate translation services. Being a reliable English to Gujarati PDF converter, it allows painless translation. The tool contains built-in translate models to offer instant results. Moreover, it adds AI to its system to let you export entire files into Gujarati.

How To Use PDFelement To Translate PDF English to Gujarati?

There are two ways to use PDFelement as an English PDF to Gujarati PDF converter. The first method involves using the AI Translate feature. This method converts your entire document into Gujarati. The other method changes only a specific piece of text into Gujarati. Yet, the results of this feature are more immediate. Here, we have elaborated on both ways:

Entire PDF English to Gujarati Translation

Operational Steps:


Access the “PDFelement” application on your computer and open your English PDF using the “Open PDF”

open pdf file in pdfelement

To translate your file, go to “Tools” > “AI Tools” > “Translate PDF.”

pdfelement ai translation

Select the “Target Language” and “Output Folder”. Click the “Translate” button to proceed with the process.

choose options for pdf translations

Once the translation process is completed, the tool automatically exports the file in PDF format.

imported translated pdf file

Specific English to Gujarati Translation PDF

Operational Steps:


Open your English file in PDFelement.


Select a particular section of content and click on the “Translate” icon on the right side. The selected texts will be instantly translated into Gujarati; you can readily copy the translation results by clicking the “Copy Result”

translate english with pdfelement

Scanned PDF English to Gujarati Translation

If your file is a scanned PDF, then the translation process isn’t straightforward. First, you must perform the OCR on your file to make it recognizable. After that, you can use the PDFelement as a PDF converter for English to Gujarati translation. To do so:


Open your scanned PDF and choose “Tools” > “OCR”

perform ocr with pdfelement

Select the Scan option “Scan to editable text” and click “Apply.”

choose ocr options

Repeat the above method to translate the converted PDF file into Gujarati.

Polish English to Gujarati Translation Paragraph PDF

The translated content can be further enhanced by exploiting the Rewrite feature of PDFelement. For this:


Access the translated PDF file and choose the “AI” > “Rewrite” option from the floating toolbar.

rewrite the translated content

Then, you can copy the rewritten content by clicking the “Copy”

copy or regenerate rewritten content

Method 2: Google Translate English to Gujarati PDF File

The second method is to use Google Translate. Being a universal tool, it offers English to Gujarati translation with ease. By uploading the English PDF, you can get an instant translation into Gujarati. This tool uses high-end models to offer correct and clear results. Also, it's a free & easy option for quick results without hassle.

For Google Translate PDF English to Gujarati translation, track this process:


Open the site of "Google Translate". Go to "Documents".


Click "Browse Your Files" to add your English PDF. Select "Gujarati" as your target language.

choose file for gujarati google translate

Click the "Translate" button to begin the translation.

click translate button google translate

Click "Download Translation" to save the new file.

click download button google translate

Method 3: Use Yandex Translate for English to Gujarati Document Translation Online

Another way to change your English PDF files into Gujarati is using Yandex Translate. The platform allows translation of more than 100 languages. Also, it is free to use, putting no limits on daily actions. Whether for reports, research papers, or books, Yandex is a reliable choice.

Here is how to change English to Gujarati PDF using Yandex Translate:


Visit "Yandex Translate". Click the "Documents" tab above.

click documents yandex translate

Click "Select File to Upload" to load your file. Set your target as "Gujarati".

click upload file yandex translate

Yandex will change your file to Gujarati. Click "Download" to save it.

click download yandex translation

Method 4: Translate English to Gujarati PDF Online Using Google Docs

Google Docs offers a built-in Translate option for PDF documents. To use this option, just upload your file on Google Drive. Then, open that file with the Google Docs app. Then, go to the Tools tab, and you will find that option. We have described below how to change your PDF to Gujarati using Google Docs:


Access your Google Drive account. Upload your intended English PDF file.

upload file google drive

Right-click on the PDF and click "Open with Google Docs."

open pdf with docs google drive

Now, go to "Tools" in the menu bar. Choose the "Translate Document" option from the dropdown.

click translate document google docs

Rename your file. Choose "Gujarati" as your target language. Click "Translate" to get the translation.

click translate google docs

Google Docs will open the same document with changed form in the new window.

google docs translation results gujarati

Method 5: Use Online Doc Translator English to Gujarati PDF Translation

Online Doc Translator is another free translator that emerges as a dominant platform. It breaks down language hitches by offering English to Gujarati PDF translation. The platform supports more than 109 languages.

If you want to change from English to Gujarati, track these steps:


Visit the official site of "Online Doc Translator".


Hit "Upload File" to load your PDF.

upload file online doc translator

Choose "Gujarati" as the target language. Click "Translate."

choose gujarati online doc translator

ODT will automatically save your new file.

translation results doc translator

Method 6: PDF Translate English to Gujarati Using SHABDKOSH

SHABDKOSH is an online platform that allows translations into local Indian languages. The website supports Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi, Urdu, and other Indian languages. By uploading your PDF, you can get a quick translation.

Below is how to use SHABDKOSH for translating English to Gujarati PDF:


Open "SHABDKOSH". Click the "Translate" option at the above right.


Click "Documents" to upload your document.

click documents shabdkosh

Click "Upload" to import your English PDF. Set "Gujarati" as the target language.

choose document shabdkosh

Click "Translate" to change the PDF into Gujarati.

translate pdf shabdkosh

SHABDKOSH will change your file to Gujarati. Click the "Download" option to save your file.

download file shabdkosh


Turning your PDF from English to Gujarati opens doors to easy interaction. The approach proves useful if you want to link with a Gujarati audience. This detailed guide tells six ways to translate English to Gujarati PDFs. From PDFelement to free online options, you have many choices. Each way offers unique benefits, ensuring ease.

Allow these methods to remove language barriers. Among all the options, the best one is PDFelement. The platform allows translation plus refining your content. Hence, raise your document quality with precision via PDFelement.

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