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The commercial and social progress of Gujrat is no longer a mystery. The state is uplifting its standards with technical and industrial prosperity. You will find hundreds of documents on Gujrat's market analytics. However, understanding their content can be a bit difficult if you don't know Gujarati. This is where the need to translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF files arises.

Hindi is the national language of India, and everyone understands it. If you are from a different state, you can grasp Gujarati's content by turning it into Hindi. In this connection, this article will uncover the five best ways for Gujarati to Hindi translation PDF documents.

translate pdf from gujarati to hindi

Effective Methods To Perform Gujarati to Hindi PDF Translation

The need to convert Gujarati content into Hindi becomes ultimate when you delve into cultural intricacies. Also, changing your content to Hindi will allow you to address a broader audience. Using Hindi, you can foster interaction with national-level customers. To let you get all these benefits, we will introduce four effective approaches for PDF translation.

Among all options, we suggest using PDFelement. The simple reason is its dedication to quality translations and convenient services. Other solutions include free online PDF translators. Let's discover together:

In this article
  1. Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF Using PDFelement's AI Feature
  2. Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF via Google Translate
  3. Use Online Doc Translator for Gujarati PDF to Hindi Translation
  4. Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF Using PDFTranslator
  5. Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF Using DeftPDF

Method 1: Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF Using PDFelement's AI Feature

pdfelement gujarati to hindi pdf translate

PDFelement has emerged as a first-rate PDF management platform. However, it extends its abilities to the translation realm. The tool offers instant translation from Gujarati to Hindi within a few clicks. Also, the tool features AI technology for exporting files into the target language.

Besides, PDFelement allows translating specific text within your document to Hindi. The language support is vast, covering more than 50 languages for translation. So, you can also translate your text into other popular languages.

How To Use PDFelement for Gujarati to Hindi Translation PDF?

PDFelement has a highly intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, making its usage considerably straightforward. To translate Gujarati to Hindi, you can conveniently exploit its AI-powered feature specifically if you need a lengthy PDF file to be translated. The tool uses advanced AI algorithms that automatically detect your files' language.

Entire Gujarati PDF to Hindi Translation

The AI-powered Translate PDF feature of PDFelement simplifies the translation process significantly, as you can translate any length of Gujarati PDF file with just a click. Here's the detailed procedure given on how it works:


Launch the “PDFelement” application and navigate to the “Open PDF” option to access your Gujarati PDF.

open your pdf file

Go to “Tools” > “AI Tools” > “Translate PDF” to translate your file.

access the translate pdf feature

Set English as the “Target Language” and choose an option for “Output Folder”. Click the “Translate”

choose options for translations

After the successful translation, you can access the translation file in the selected folder.

file translated successfully

Specific Text's Translation From Gujarati to Hindi

In many situations, you may need to translate the specific section of the Gujarati PDF file, especially if you’re already somewhat familiar with the respective language. In such a case, PDFelement’s Translate feature proves to be pretty assistive. Regarding this, we have briefly explained how to perform this quick translation:


Open the Gujarati PDF file on your PDFelement application.


Click the “Translate” icon and select the specific text. The selected text will be translated into English instantly. You can copy the generated results also.

translate sentence with pdfelement

Proofread the Gujarati to Hindi PDF Translation

Suppose you’re still uncertain about the accuracy level of your translation. In such a scenario, you can employ the AI Proofread feature of PDFelement that can proofread your entire translated file in a flash to eliminate the chances of inaccuracy or inconsistencies. For this, what you need to do is:


Open the recently saved translation file.


Select the text of the PDF file and choose the “Proofread” option from the floating toolbar menu.

proofread translation content with pdfelement

The PDFelement will merely take a few seconds to proofread your translation. You can copy the proofread text by clicking the “Copy”

successful proofreading of translation

Method 2: Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF via Google Translate

The second most reliable method is using Google Translate. Whether Hindi to Gujarati PDF translation or vice versa, the platform proves valuable. With Google Translate, you can defy language barriers. Its extensive training in a large body of texts makes it a worthwhile translator. These drills allow precise and relevant translations. Also, it can auto-detect the text's language with its smart algorithms.

The biggest perk of using Google Translate is that it is free. All you need to do is upload your PDF. The rest will be handled by Google Translate. Let's learn how to use Google Translate for Gujarati to English PDF translation:


Open "Google Translate". Go to the "Documents"

click documents google translate

Hit the "Browse Your Files" Select your intended PDF.


Choose "Hindi" as your target language.

choose a file google translate

Click the "Translate" button to turn your PDF into Hindi.

click translate google translate

To save your file, click the "Download Translation"

click download translation google translate

Method 3: Use Online Doc Translator for Gujarati PDF to Hindi Translation

If you are looking for a free document translator online, consider Online Doc Translator. It is one of the best PDF translators out there. You can use the tool to change Gujarati PDFs into Hindi. The tool is renowned for its accuracy and linguistic skill. The tool supports 100+ languages, spanning a wide range of global linguistic varieties. Another benefit of using Online Doc Translator is that the tool is cost-free. So you can perform unlimited translations daily.

Follow the below steps to use Online Doc Translator for Hindi conversion:


Open the official site of "Online Doc Translator." Click the "Translator" option to get started.


Click "Upload File" to import your PDF.

click upload file online doc translator

Set the target language as "Hindi." Click the "Translate" button to start the process.

set target language online doc translator

Click "Download Your Translated Document" to save your file.

click download online doc translator

Method 4: Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF Using PDFTranslator

PDFTranslator presents a pragmatic solution for online PDF translation into Hindi. It follows a straightforward approach to ease users. This platform enables direct translation of PDFs from Gujarati to Hindi. You don't need to install any software. It allows online accessibility from any device. Recognized for its swift performance, PDFTranslator delivers translated documents promptly. It stands out as an affordable choice for users interested in exploring Gujarati content.

We will learn how to use PDFTranslator for Gujarati to Hindi translation PDFs:


Open the "PDFTranslator" official website. Click the "Translate a File" button to get started.

translate a file pdftranslator

Click the "Upload" icon to add your Gujarati PDF.

click choose file pdftranslator

Choose the current language as "Gujarati." Set the target language as "Hindi". Click the "Upload" button to start the translation process.

set target language pdftranslator

Click the "Translate" button to change your PDF to Hindi.

click the translate button pdftranslator

Method 5: Translate Gujarati to Hindi PDF Using DeftPDF

Another way to change your PDFs from Gujarati to Hindi is DeftPDF. The platform is renowned for online PDF management. Yet, it adds PDF translation feature to offer painless interlanguage conversion. The process of using DeftPDF for language change is simple. Just upload your document and get it in your target language.

Here are the detailed steps to use DeftPDF for Gujarati to Hindi translation of PDF files:


Open the official site of "DeftPDF." Go to the "Translate" tab in the main menu.

click translate option deftpdf

Hit the "Upload File" button to add your Gujarati PDF.

click upload file deftpdf

Set "Hindi" as your target language. Click the "Translate" button to get the converted file.

set target language hindi deftpdf

To save your translated PDF, click the "Download File"

click download file deftpdf


Hindi stands as more than just the official language of India. It is the language of common people understandable to every Indian. If you want to grow your potential audience, you can do it using Hindi. For example, if you are a Gujarati trader looking to expand your reach nationwide, turning your ideas into Hindi is the best option. This article has put forth four different ways to get this job done.

Whether it's about PDF editors or online translators, all methods are effective. Among all the available choices, our verdict goes to PDFelement. The platform is great for text translation and content polishing. Add PDFelement to your workflow for an enhanced experience.

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