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In today's world, everyone loves to read. But, finding an eBook free download website can be hard. Sometimes you’ll ask yourself “Where can I download eBooks for free?” This is why websites that let you download eBooks for free are so great. They make it easy for everyone to read more. Reading is very important. It helps us learn new things and enjoy stories. But not everyone can buy books all the time. Books sites to download free eBooks help a lot here. They let us find and read books without paying.

There's also a tool called PDFelement that makes reading eBooks even better. It lets you open and read eBooks easily. You can also write notes on them or change them into other formats if necessary. This is very helpful for people who read many eBooks. With PDFelement, reading becomes more fun and easier.

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  1. Why Free eBook Download Sites Matter
    1. eBookLobby
    2. Smashwords
    3. KnowFree
    4. BookYards
    5. Obooko
    6. Safari Books Online
    7. eBook Junkie
    8. Project Gutenberg
    9. LibriVox
    10. Library Genesis
    1. Viewing and Printing PDFs From eBook Download Sites
    2. Annotation of PDFs From Free eBook Sites
    3. Liquid Mode View of PDF From eBook Download Website
    4. Converting Documents

Part 1. Why Free eBook Download Sites Matter

Free eBook sites matter a lot. They let everyone read without paying. eBooks are books you can read on a screen, like on a computer or phone. This is different from paper books you hold in your hands. With free eBooks download sites, you can learn new things and enjoy stories without cost. But you probably ask “where can I find free ebook sites?"

You can find many books and writers online. You can discover tales, facts, and ideas from around the world. It's good because it's free. Everyone can find books they like, no matter their money. This way, reading and learning are open to more people.

Part 2. Top 10 Best Free Download Sites for eBooks

Now, let's talk about the best places where can you download free eBooks. We have found 10 amazing websites for you. These sites have lots of books for you to read without paying. You can find stories, learning books, and much more. Look at these top sites to get your next great read for free.

1. eBookLobby


eBookLobby is a great place to find downloadable eBooks for free. It's like a big, well-kept library online. You can easily find what you need because all the books are sorted into groups. This is perfect for people who love to read different things. eBookLobby has many books on business, learning, art, and computers. It is also one of the free eBook download sites without registration. It's especially good for those interested in computers because there are over 100 books in that area! So, if you need a book for school or fun, eBookLobby might have what you want. And the best part? All the books are free to download.

2. Smashwords


Smashwords is a free eBook site and a website where authors can publish their eBooks. Some authors find it hard to use. Making an eBook there can be tricky, and the rules are too strict. When we look at sales, Smashwords doesn't sell as many books as other sites. The authors also mention that getting paid by Smashwords is slow and a bit old-fashioned. This means that not many readers go to Smashwords to download books.

3. KnowFree


KnowFree is a place where you can find free eBooks to download. It was started in 2013 by two people, Rakesh Jain and Manish Gupta. They wanted to ensure everyone could learn, no matter where they were or how much money they had. On KnowFree, you can find articles, videos, and sounds to learn from. And it's all free. You need to sign up to use it, but there's so much you can learn once you do. You can also share what you know with others.

4. BookYards


BookYards is like a big online library. It has lots of eBooks and other things to read. You can look at everything without having to sign up. This is great because you can start reading right away. The website is easy to use, so you can download free eBooks online. You can read many different kinds of books here, all in PDF format. BookYards makes it easy for you to keep track of what you want to read. It's all free, and you don’t need to make an account unless you want to.

5. Obooko


Obooko is a cool place to find free eBooks online. It has stories and real-life books, too. You can read them on Kindle or in PDF and epub formats. But you need to sign up first. This site has more than 3,000 books you can choose from. You'll find all sorts of stories, from adventures and love stories to books about business. The best part is that the books don't have DRM. This means that once you download a book, you can read it anywhere, even without the internet.

6. Safari Books Online

safari books online

Safari Books Online is a special place on the internet where you can download eBooks for free. To use Safari, you must use your school or work email to sign in. Once you're in, you can pick topics you like. Safari then shows you books and videos it thinks you'll enjoy. You can save these to look at later. Safari lets you search for exactly what you need. You can look for books by title, author, or publisher. It also gives you personal tips on what to read or watch next based on what you like.

7. eBook Junkie

ebook junkie

eBook Junkie is a cool place for book lovers. It has over 9,000 eBooks you can get for free. You can find all sorts of books here, like stories about love, books on marketing, and even medical books. All these books are in PDF format. To start downloading, you need to sign up first. Once you sign up, you can either download books to read later or read them straight from the website. It's a great spot if you're looking for many different kinds of books without paying anything.

8. Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a very old and famous online library. It was started in 1971 by a man named Michael S. Hart. He wanted to make books free for everyone. Now, there are more than 60,000 eBooks you can get for free. You don't need to sign up to use it. You can read books on your Kindle, computer, or phone in formats like epub or HTML. Finding books is easy. You can look through categories or use the search box. When you find a book you like, just click on its title to learn more about it.

9. LibriVox


LibriVox is a special place on the internet to find audiobooks and eBooks for free. It was started in 2005 by Hugh McGuire and Aaron Swartz. Now, LibriVox has over 24,000 audiobooks that anyone can listen to or download, all for free. What's cool about LibriVox is that it's all made by volunteers worldwide. These volunteers read books out loud so we can enjoy them. You can listen to these books on the LibriVox website or download them as mp3 files anytime.

10. Library Genesis

library genesis

Library Genesis, or Libgen, is one of the places to download free eBooks. Some people worry about two things with Libgen: whether it's safe from viruses or legal. Firstly, about safety, Libgen is a bit safer than other download sites because you can directly download books. But this doesn't mean there are no risks. On legality, Libgen is not legal. The site has faced many legal issues because the books are not obtained legally. But all in all, Libgen is one of the websites where to download free eBooks.

Part 3. PDFelement: Enhancing the eBook Reading Experience

PDFelement is a handy tool that helps you read and interact with eBooks, especially the textbooks you download for free.

Viewing and Printing PDFs From eBook Download Sites

It's great for viewing and printing these books. Plus, it has cool features for making notes on eBook pages. Imagine you're studying and want to highlight something important or add a note to remember something for later. PDFelement makes this super easy.

Annotation of PDFs From Free eBook Sites

annotate pdf

While reading, you might want to highlight text, underline something important, or jot down a note. PDFelement lets you do all of this directly on the PDF. It's like having a digital pen and highlighter.

Liquid Mode View of PDF From eBook Download Website

liquid mode view

This tool isn't just for your computer. You can use it on mobile devices, too. For Android users, there's the liquid mode. It changes the eBook so it fits your screen perfectly. No more zooming in and out or sliding the page around to read everything. Reading textbooks on your phone in liquid mode is like reading a regular book. This mode makes it easier to learn because it's so clear and easy to use.

Converting Documents

PDFelement can also change the format of your eBooks. For example, if you have an eBook in EPUB format but need it in PDF, PDFelement can do that for you. This is helpful because PDFs are easier to share, store, and print. So, if you're working on a group project and need to share your textbook with classmates, converting it to PDF makes that a breeze.


In summary, free eBook sites and PDFelement make reading and studying easier and more fun. Websites where to find free eBooks to download, and PDFelement helps you read them better on any device. It's perfect for learners with tools to make notes, adjust the text size, and change formats. So, explore these sites, try PDFelement, and enjoy a world of reading without limits.

Audrey Goodwin
Audrey Goodwin Apr 19, 24
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