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In this day and age, you can talk to your documents to find information. Artificial intelligence has made it possible. An AI document reader can read full documents instantly. Then, it can answer your questions about the said document.

There are many AI doc readers in the market. One example is Wondershare PDFelement and its AI Read feature. Find more about it and its 9 best alternatives below.

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  1. Top 10 AI Document Reader Software Programs
    1. Wondershare PDFelement
    2. HiPDF
    3. DocReaderAI
    4. Docalysis
    5. AskYourPDF
    6. Microsoft Edge
    7. Docichat
    8. Tenorshare AI
    9. DocGPT
    10. DeftGPT

Part 1. Top 10 AI Document Reader Software Programs

Tool Name Price Verdict
Wondershare PDFelement

Yearly - $79.99

Perpetual - $129.99

Wondershare PDFelement is the best AI document reader. It can open any document and can answer any question.

Monthly - $5.99

Yearly - $39.99

Al Tool - Chat with PDF & AI Read - $9.99/month

HiPDF is a powerful online AI doc reader. You can ask this tool anything, and it can even summarize, rewrite, or explain the document.

Personal - $7.99/month

Essentials - $15.99/month

Premium - $31.99/month

Enterprise Plus - $39.99/month

DocReaderAI gives detailed answers. It ensures you won't miss any crucial information.

Plus - #14/month

Ultimate - $35/month

Business - Custom pricing

Docalysis is an AI doc reader that can perform different tasks. It also supports different file formats.

Premium - $11.99/month

Pro - $14.99/month

Enterprise - Custom pricing

This AI document reader can explain images. Thus, it's perfect for picture books or documents with many graphs.
Microsoft Edge Free Microsoft Edge is the most budget-friendly option. It can do what others can do, but you don't have to spend a dime to access it.
Docichat $14.99/month Docichat can read multiple documents at once. That makes it a perfect document reader AI tool for researchers.
Tenorshare AI

Monthly - $4.99

Yearly - $49.95

For PDFs, Tenorshare AI is a great AI document reader to use. It suggests questions you may want to ask, so you don't have to type it.
DocGPT $14.99/month DocGPT is an AI doc reader that immediately tells you vital information. It extracts key concepts and key points.

Standard - $11.99/month

Professional - $23.99/month

Team - $83.99/month

Business - $311/month

DeftGPT supports many file formats, and it immediately summarizes your documents. These make DeftGPT a great tool to use.

Part 2. A Deep Dive Into Each AI Doc Reader

Let us explore more details about the AI book readers on this list.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

wondershare pdfelement ai read feature

Wondershare PDFelement is a multi-platform PDF solution that integrates AI. Its AI Read mode puts the document on full screen but leaves room for the AI Sidebar and a floating toolbar. With that, this AI document reader allows you to check the document's contents in a distraction-free interface. That's important, as it lets you verify the correctness of the AI's responses.

Wondershare PDFelement is a desktop PDF solution. It's one quality that makes it the best AI document reader. This program can open documents, no matter the file size or page count. Wondershare PDFelement's built-in converter also allows it to open documents saved in another file format.

  • The AI Read feature makes the AI read the document but also lets you read it in a distraction-free interface.
  • Wondershare PDFelement is a desktop PDF solution that can open any document regardless of the file size, page count, and format.
  • The AI can answer your questions or perform other tasks. It can also redirect you to the page where certain information can be found.
  • You need to subscribe after your Wondershare PDFelement free trial is over.

2. HiPDF

hipdf ai read tool

HiPDF is an online PDF tool with a powerful AI Read feature. This document reader AI tool can summarize, explain, or rewrite documents. That is not all. You can also ask the PDF any questions. HiPDF supports different languages, so you can converse with the AI in the language you're most comfortable with.

  • HiPDF supports many languages.
  • This AI document reader displays the document.
  • HiPDF accepts PDFs only.

3. DocReaderAI

tenorshare ai document reader

DocReaderAI is definitely one of the best AI document readers. It can perform a lot of tasks after analyzing the document. For example, you can make it write a review or a summary. You can also ask it other questions.

There is one problem, though. DocReaderAI does not display the document. That said, you need to open the document with other tools if you also want to read it.

  • DocReaderAI accepts voice input.
  • The responses are long and well-detailed.
  • DocReaderAI does not display the document that you opened.
  • The free tier has limited capabilities.

4. Docalysis

docalysis ai document reader

DocAlysis is another online AI book reader. It can open CSV, DOCX, TXT, and PDF files, so it can read almost any book. Docalysis can answer questions about the book, summarize it, and perform other tasks. Unlike other online tools, the book is displayed so you can read it.

You can use Docalysis for free, but it has a 5 MB file limit, 150 pages per file limit, and you can upload only up to 600 pages per month. You can unlock more with the paid plans.

  • DocAlysis accepts different file formats.
  • It can perform many tasks after reading your document.
  • The book contents are displayed, so you can read it.
  • The free tier has many limits.

5. AskYourPDF

askyourpdf ai document reader

AskYourPDF is an AI doc reader that offers so much convenience. Don't worry about the tool name. AskYourPDF can also open CSV, TXT, EPUB, RIF, and even PPT files. It also has cloud integration, so you can upload documents from your cloud storage. AskYourPDF will immediately analyze the document and will even suggest questions you can ask.

  • You can read the document in AskYourPDF, since it is displayed.
  • It can explain the images in the documents.
  • AskYourPDF suggests questions you can ask about the document.
  • AskYourPDF's gives you limited questions.

6. Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge as ai document reader

Microsoft Edge has an AI Copilot that can turn it into an AI document reader. There are many things that make Microsoft Edge great. Because it is a desktop document reader, Microsoft Edge does not have a file size limit. You can use it to open one-page documents up to research papers. You can ask Microsoft Edge's AI Copilot to extract key points from the document, summarize it, or perform other tasks.

  • Microsoft Edge is free for all Windows 10 and above users.
  • You can read the document in Microsoft Edge.
  • You can rest assured your conversations are not being saved and used for training.
  • Microsoft Edge can open only PDFs.
  • Microsoft Edge is available only on Windows 10 and above PCs.
  • You can't ask questions about protected documents.

7. Docichat

docichat ai document reader

Do you just want to find information from a document? If so, Docichat is a great AI doc reader to use. You can use it for free. The only limit is that the free tier is limited to short responses. But you can ask Docichat anything about the document.

Please note that Docichat does not display the document. So, you can't read a book with it.

  • You can use Docichat for free.
  • Docichat can read multiple documents at once.
  • You can upload a limited number of documents to Docichat if you do not have a subscription.
  • Docichat does not display the document.

8. Tenorshare AI

tenorshare ai document reader

Tenorshare AI is an AI document reader with a free tier that feels premium. It allows you to upload up to 3 documents per month. While that seems low, Tenorshare AI allows you to ask 30 questions per day and gives you 20,000 tokens per day. With that, you can learn so many things about the document you opened with Tenorshare AI. However, please note that Tenorshare AI accepts PDFs only.

  • Tenorshare AI is very generous. It gives you so many AI tokens and questions for free.
  • You can read books on Tenorshare AI.
  • Tenorshare AI can only accept PDFs.
  • You are limited to 3 document uploads per month unless you get a subscription.

9. DocGPT

docgpt ai document reader

Using DocGPT as your document reader AI tool saves you a bit of time. It immediately generates key concepts and key concepts after opening a document. You can ask the AI anything in any language. Yes, you do not need to select a language first. DocGPT automatically detects it.

You can download your conversations with DocGPT. So you can use it to generate document analysis reports.

  • DocGPT supports many languages, and it automatically detects the one you are using.
  • It generates key points and key concepts.
  • You can download your conversations.
  • DocGPT accepts PDFs only.

10. DeftGPT

deftgpt ai document reader

DeftGPT is an online AI document reader that accepts different file formats. It accepts PDF, PPT, PPTX, TXT, DOCX, CSV, XLS, XLSX, EML, and SRT. You can upload any file for free, as long as they don't exceed the 100 MB file size limit. You can ask the AI anything.

However, please note that you can only upload one document in the free tier of DeftGPT.

  • DeftPDF accepts different file formats as input.
  • The file size limit in the free tier is 100 MB.
  • You can upload only 1 document in the free tier.


Using an AI document reader, you can quickly find information from a document. No more scanning and scrolling to find the information that you need. Just ask the AI document reader questions, and it will tell you what you need to know.

When picking an AI document reader, we recommend choosing one that displays the document. That way, you can check if the information the AI gave you is correct. It's also wise to pick a tool that can open any document. That said, Wondershare PDFelement is the best choice.

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