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iOS 13: Top 20 Problems & How to Fix

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

With the new iOS 13 update around the corner, everyone is excited to experience the advantages that come with acquiring new software. To be on the safe side, you should be well prepared to handle iOS 13 update problems. Apple is on the verge of launching its new iOS 13. iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6 users are looking forward to having an amazing experience with the new software. In order to know the exact iOS 13 problems, we will have to wait for the beta version. However here are top 20 common iOS 13 problems and fixes that can come in handy.

How to Fix the Common Problems on iOS 13

1. An Error Occurred While Checking for Update

This error is common and has been experienced in previous versions. It usually happens when Apple is launching new iOS versions. The “unable to check for update” error occurs when iPhone and iPad users are trying to update their iOS version.

common problems on ios 13

If you encounter such a problem go “Close” then to “Settings” wait for a few minutes then try downloading again. Rebooting and restarting your device is one way to fix iOS 13 common problems.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity Problem

Problems with Bluetooth connectivity is expected to be one of the iPhone iOS 13 issue that will require a quick fix. Bluetooth connectivity can be difficult especially after upgrading to the new iOS version.

Fixing this problem will require you to go to “Settings” then click on “General” then on the drop-down menu scroll to “Reset” and move to “Reset Network Settings”.

common problems on ios 13

3. Network Reset Problems

Many iPhone and iPad users complain about encountering network problems while installing new iOS updates. When you come across such a problem simply go to the “Setting” icon select “General” then click “Reset” and select “Reset Network Settings”. You will notice that the phone data together with the Wi-Fi have changed hence fixing your iOS 13 issue.

common problems on ios 13

4. Stuck on Preparing for Update Screen

Another expected issue with the iOS 13 version is being stuck on the slide hence preventing upgrade. The problem usually as a result of software glitches. When this happens, you can try to force restart your device. An alternative solution to this iOS 13 issue could be putting your device in recovery mode.

5. Can't Verify Update

The verification process of some iOS software takes a lot of time. We saw this when iOS 12 was released and we expect it to be one of the iOS 13 problems and bugs.

common problems on ios 13

Getting rid of this problem will require you to hard reset your device. Lock and wake your device after a few minutes. Make sure you are connected to the internet then upgrade your device to the new iOS 13.

6. Error Occurred While Installing

iPad and iPhone users complain about experiencing installation problems while upgrading to previous versions. An error message pops up hence preventing a successful installation.

common problems on ios 13

If the error message persists after several trials, simply hard reset your device. This can be achieved by first hard pressing the home button and the power button simultaneously until the device reboots to allow installation.

7. Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Experiencing dropped or buffering connectivity is an expected iOS 13 issue. Check your internet connectivity before going to settings. If you are able to access the Wi-Fi router, unplug it from the socket and plug it back. If the problem still persists, go to “Setting” click on “Wi-Fi” then click on “Forget this Network” If this doesn't work then try resetting the network. Go to “Setting” the “General” then click on “Reset”.

common problems on ios 13

8. Haptic Feedback Problems

Sometimes software updates such as the new iOS 13 might be accompanied by feedback challenges. If your device’s haptic feedback stops functioning suddenly, you should simply restart the device. Alternatively, you can go to settings then “General” click “Reset” and click on “Reset All Settings”.

common problems on ios 13

9. Random Constant Reboots

When you upgrade to iOS 13 you will probably notice your device suddenly rebooting itself, restart the device or shut it down for a while then power it on. The problem persists you can try updating all your apps.

common problems on ios 13

10. iMessage not Responding

Apple has received many complaints regarding this issue. The common issues to be expected are iMessage not recognizing phone numbers, being unable to send or receive text messages and several other challenges.

You can fix this iOS 13 issue by first turning off the iMessage for a few minutes. Go to settings then iMessage. Make sure your device’s Time and Date are correct then hard reset your device.

common problems on ios 13

11. Camera not Responding

This is another iOS 13 update problem expected to occur when accessing the camera. Go to the Home Button then double tap it, locate the camera app then scroll upwards to force it to close. Alternatively, try to reboot your device and see if the bug is fixed.

12. Airdrop Unable to Respond

Several iPhone users have reported that their drop failed to respond especially while upgrading to new software versions. This can be a major iOS 13 problem that can be solved by simply resetting the network settings.

common problems on ios 13

13. Sound and Audio Problems

Your device can fail to play an audio or produce a sound and its just mute. This is one of iOS 13 common problems to be expected. You can solve this issue by rebooting and then restarting your device.

common problems on ios 13

14. Insufficient Space for Download

The storage space required to successfully download and install iOS 13 may be about 5GB -6GB. You will need to free up some space before you can successfully install your software. Go to “Setting” then “Storage” and tap on “Manage”.

common problems on ios 13

15. Some Apps are not Working

After updating your software to new iOS 13 you may notice that some of your apps are not responding properly. The first step should be to restart your device. If that doesn't work, visit the app store an make sure the app you are using has the latest update. Alternatively, you can try uninstalling the app and downloading it again.

common problems on ios 13

16. FaceTime Problem

There are a few fixes that you can try when FaceTime icon blinks green. First, confirm that you are connected to the internet. Check if the Wi-Fi router or cellular data are working properly. Confirm that your FaceTime is on by going to “Setting” then click on “FaceTime”.

common problems on ios 13

17. Touch ID issues

This happens when your device Touch ID sensor fails to respond. Make sure you have no dirt or oil on your fingers. Alternatively, you can go to settings then click on Touch ID & Passcode, delete the fingerprint then re-enter your Touch ID.

common problems on ios 13

18. Visual Voicemail problems

IF you are unable to access your visual voicemail or simply, they don’t pop up. Try playing the voicemail to the end, exit the app then re-open it again. This should be able to solve the issue.

19. GPS Problems

After upgrading to iOS 13 you may discover that your GPS Is not working as required. Reboot your device then toggle with the Airplane mode switching it on and off. Alternatively, go to “location permission” in setting then allow the app to access GPS.

common problems on ios 13

20. Overheating and Temperature Problems

During the updating process overheating is one of the most common challenges iPhone and iPad users come across.

common problems on ios 13

The best way to tackle this issue is by disabling background apps. You can also try removing the outer case or phone cover that might be causing overheating. Alternatively, try closing iCloud as it is notorious for causing overheating.

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