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System Comparison: iOS 13 vs iOS 12

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

Apple is set to release the new iOS 13. The planned release date may be announced during its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) scheduled for 3rd June. Let us look at a detailed comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12. The iOS 13 vs iOS 12 comparison review will give you a good understanding of their differences. This will enable you to decide whether to upgrade to iOS 13 or not.

The Difference Between iOS 12 and iOS 13 Update

Speed Improvement and Bug Fixes

New software like the new iOS 13 always comes with enhanced speed and performance. We expect the iOS 13 to be much faster than the iOS 12. We also expect it to eliminate bugs that its predecessor iOS 12. This is expected to increase device speed and improved user experience.

Enhanced Font

The new iOS 13 settings app is going to come with a better font management system than the previous version. The new font management menu is going to come in handy especially for users who complain about the font in iOS 12.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Live Photo Length

This is among the major improvement that we are going to encounter with iOS 13. Previously in iOS 12, the live photo duration was only three seconds. The new iOS 13 is going to double this to six seconds. The comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12, therefore, shows that the latest update will be more efficient in photo length.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Brand New Emojis

The Unicode Consortium confirmed that they have already finished the characters for the new emojis. Even though they won't be available when iOS 13 is released, Apple has already confirmed that the new emojis will be available during the iOS 13 available dates later in the year. This will be a significant difference between iOS 12 and iOS 13.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

USB Mouse for iPad Pro

Apple was supposed to implement this feature with the previous iOS versions, this didn’t happen. If this feature is added then the iPad Pro’s USB port will allow users to plug in a USB mouse as a separate input and accessibility feature.

The Dark Mode

The dark mode will be introduced for the first time in iOS 13 for iPhone 11/XR/XS/8/7/6. This feature was not available in the previous os versions including the iOS 12. This will give a better viewing during nighttime. The user will be able to properly view apps even in the dark. The feature was previously introduced in the MacOS Mojave and will now be extended to iOS 13.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Brand New Gestures

The new iOS 13 is set to give iPad users a new standard on gestures. The new gesture feature will allow users to select several items. It is also expected to add collection and table views as well as allow them to be dragged by multiple fingers. This feature is not in iOS 12 and former versions.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

New Features for iPad

The majority of iOS 13 is specifically targeting the iPad. One of the awaited iPad features is that of displaying several windows in one iPad app with the help of tab view. This improved multitasking feature that is brought about by iOS 13 will see iPad applications being able to support many windows together with stackable cards.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

New Home Screen

All the previous iOS including the iOS 12 version's home screen have always been similar. This will be a thing of the past as Apple is set to redesign its home screen and introduce it with the new iOS 13. We will have to wait and see the new design once it is launched.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

New Volume Pop Up Hub

Apple is rumored to add a new volume hub in iOS 13 that is expected to be less obstructive than the one in iOS 12. Several users have rendered their complaints regarding the outdated big volume control icon. According to rumors in the developers' circles, the new volume is going to be a vertical slider.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Cross-platform Features

iOS 13 is set to introduce new cross-platform features that are not available to iOS 12 and previous versions. The cross-platform features is not a merge of macOS and iOS, it simply means that developers will be able to design apps that appear and act similar across Apple devices. The cross-platform functionality will be a big boost to user experience but will also be beneficial to software engineers and developers too.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Improved iMessage App

iOS 13 will come with WhatsApp-like upgrades to iMessage at least according to the rumors circulating. The Apple iMessage will be able to allow users to set profile pictures, display names, and also choose who will view such information. This will be a big improvement that is not available in iOS 12 and lower versions.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Updated Health and Activity Apps

The new iOS 13 version is expected to bring with it a new version of the health app that will have a new homepage that will outline daily activities. The app will also be enhanced with a more accurate menstrual cycle tracking feature. A new section called “Hearing Health” is also set to be added. This feature will be able to measure how loud the music is playing through the headphones as well as the volume of devices around you.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Screen Time Limits

New iOS 13 is going to help parents limit the screen time that their kids can access at specific times. The previous iOS 12 version only contained a parental control feature. However, this new feature is even better and more practical.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Upgraded Maps

If we do an iOS 13 comparison against other iOS in terms of maps, then iOS 13 maps will be way better. The upgraded maps that will accompany iOS 13 will contain features that will simplify navigation to frequent places. The constant locations will also be merged together efficiently.

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

Should We Update into iOS 13

From the above iOS 12 vs iOS 13 comparison, it is obvious that the new iOS 13 is more superior. Amazing upgrades such as the dark mode, increased live photo time, and changes to the health and activity apps make iOS 13 irresistible.

If you want to upgrade to the new version just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. Go to Settings

Step 2. Tap on General version

Step 3. Select Software Update

comparison of iOS 13 vs iOS 12

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