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Top 10 Alternatives to PDF Expert for macOS

2021-11-29 16:07:19 • Filed to: macOS 11 Solutions • Proven solutions

PDF Expert is created by Readdle and remains one of the best apps for handling PDF tasks. In most cases, you'll discover that this app supports iOS and macOS devices. In the first appearance of this application, the iPad remains the only source for support. The application has the capability of combining several PDF pages into a simple one at the same time. With this software, it's always easy to create and edit PDF documents. Is your quest for PDF Expert alternatives and similar software? In this article, you'll find a better PDF Expert alternative for macOS 11.

1. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is no doubt the best alternative to PDF Expert for macOS 11. PDFelement for Mac has several features and thus makes it better than using PDF Expert software. With this premium software, you can sign, convert, edit, and create PDF files in a jiffy. Wondershare has been able to develop PDFelement for Mac to serve a plethora of purposes and benefits to people willing to understand the fundamentals of PDF.

pdf expert alternatives and similar software

If you're struggling to edit existing documents without a solution, PDFelement for Mac can help resolve the problem. What about converting your existing documents in MS Word, Excel or other relatable formats? It's at this point that PDFelement for Mac comes into play. Another thing that this application does is that it will still help keep tables, formats, and conversion layouts to remains after the editing task is complete.


  • It operates with the OCR technology to help convert PDF files easily.
  • PDFelement for Mac can help scan PDF files before any edit or conversion is done.
  • It's easy to use because of the excellent multiple features of the software.

Price: $79

2. Master PDF Editor

When it comes to simplicity of handling PDF files, Master PDF Editor is a professional. Its editing functionality may have next to none in the entire market. The Master PDF Editor can handle a plethora of PDF tasks when used. One crucial thing to know about this product is that using it remains simple and direct. Whether it macOS 11, Linux, Windows, or other Mac systems, the product will always deliver better results. The incredible thing about the product is that even a novice or professional can use it with ease. Users will enjoy fundamental features such as merging, editing, creating, and viewing PDF documents when using this software. The software has the capability to help users print, scan, and sign PDF files without any problem. As software with annotation features, it's possible to handle tasks like shape making, measuring, and sticky notes.

pdf expert alternatives and similar software


  • The OCR technology of the product offers better results to users.
  • It bookmarks.
  • Annotation of PDF files.

Price: $69.95

3. iSkysoft PDF Editor

Overcoming the performance of the iSkysoft PDF Editor may be almost impossible. It's because this product has remained popular in the market with several amazing features. If you're looking for a PDF app that comes with fundamental features, then the iSkysoft PDF Editor is a good choice. It's also one of the best apps in the market that make PDF editing simple and fast. With this software, the idea to insert links, pages, images, and texts in PDF documents will no longer be difficult. Even if you're working on a file that needs comments and highlights, the iSkysoft PDF Editor can always work. Apart from converting, editing, or merging, the product can as well help to recollect data in any PDF file. If merging several files at this same time is a problem, simply make use of the iSkysoft PDF Editor. Diving PDF documents in several smaller parts is what the software can also do.

pdf expert alternative for macos 11


  • Changing existing forms to fillable options.
  • Extracts data in a professional way.
  • Converts PDF documents to several formats.

Price: $69

4. PDF Studio

Qoppa Software is the creator of the PDF Studio application. The software will not make you spend a fortune during the time of purchase. While being cost-effective, the PDF Studio is designed with several enhanced features. The main reason for creating this app is to edit PDF files easily. The incredible features of the product give it an edge when talking about editing PDF documents. PDF Studio can annotate, edit, and create PDF files in a few minutes. The product will also help users to enjoy accurate measuring features. Whether you want to fill forms and later save them, the PDF Studio remains a professional in this course. For people that experience deleting and appending pages in PDF documents, give this software a try.

free pdf expert alternative


  • It creates footers, headers, and watermarks in PDF files.
  • Deletion of pages from PDF files.
  • Appending strategies to any PDF document.

Price: $89.00

5. Phantom PDF

Foxit is the developer of the Phantom PDF to help users in a time of need. One main reason this software is gaining popularity in the market is that it can help to create PDF files faster than you think. Apart from creating PDF files, it has an excellent feature to manage them as well. In the free or beta version, users have the opportunity of annotating, printing, and viewing PDF documents. If you're looking for more premium features, buying it will help to gain better access. The software support macOS systems and Windows. Forms can be filled faster and file being created in an ephemeral of time when using the advanced edition of the Phantom PDF. Using the advanced features of this application will help you manage and edit existing documents without stress. Enjoy the feature to share your content with cloud storage and ECMs. Apart from editing, converting, and managing PDF files, the app can also provide security for your documents.

alternative to pdf expert for macos 11


  • Organizes existing files like a professional.
  • Edits most PDF files without stress.
  • Creates documents in PDF in a jiffy.
  • Fills forms and tables for any PDF project.

Price: $139

6. Nitro Pro 12 PDF

The company Nitro Software, Inc has just developed an application called Nitro Pro 12 PDF. The product comes from the tweaking of other previous editions and making it one of the best in the market. For individuals and businesses that often work on PDF files, this is the right software to buy. The fundamental features of the Nitro Pro 12 PDF are converting, creating, and editing documents. The truth is that the software can support Windows only. Computer-Aided Design is another crucial application where the Nitro Pro 12 PDF can do well. With this, it's possible to create blueprints and drawings. The product is new in the market and tends to capture the attention of both veteran and novice PDF users.

best alternatives to pdf expert for macos 11


  • Comes with OneDrive that can help you save documents.
  • There is unrestricted e-signing in the software.
  • Creating blueprints and drawings.

Price: $159

7. Infix PDF Editor

Created from the production of Recent Technologies, Infix PDF Editor is an almost free PDF Expert alternative that has rocked the industry and the entire market. With a classic and elegant interface, you can barely reject the performance of this amazing software. One thing that keeps making Infix PDF Editor stay above the competition is the presence of current upgraded features. It means using this app will help you enjoy the current feature that any PDF file needs.

With Infix PDF Editor, it's now easy to change colors and fonts in any PDF document. Even editing texts will not pose any problem when using this software in your PDF files. One great thing to know is that editing documents will not be any problem and people may not recognize it. If are looking for a unique word in PDF files, the software can help do the search work quickly. Using this feature can help in the creation of forms and documents in a PDF file. Remember that the OCR integration of the Infix PDF Editor is classic and reliable.

pdf expert alternatives and similar software


  • Watermarking in PDF files.
  • Excellent OCR integration.
  • Forms and files created in PDF.
  • Quick and excellent editing features.

Price: $9.99

8. PDFMate PDF Converter

The main feature of this incredible tool is to help in PDF file conversion. Apart from converting PDF files, PDFMate Converter also can do a plethora of things. The software can help convert PDF documents to SWF, HTML, DOC, TXT, EPUB, and more. With the merging of PDF documents, you can always count on this software. People that are looking to divide some segments of their PDF files can make use of the PDFMate Converter. Using a password for encryption is one of the best reasons for using this PDF app. With this feature, you'll have the confidence of using PDF under total control and protection. PDFMate Converter can do the job of creating PDF documents in different formats such as PPT, Excel, Word, and IMG.

pdf expert alternative for macos 11


  • OCR technology gives the product an edge.
  • Cropping of PDF documents.
  • Personalizing direction, layout size, and other features in PDF files.

Price: $39.95

9. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

When talking about Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you don't have to bother the supporting device. It's a product that supports a variety of systems such as macOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, and more. Exporting and creating PDF documents is where you find this software fascinating. It has OCR technology to help garner the way you use and manage PDF files. If you're looking to work scanned documents in PDF, using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC may be a good idea.

free pdf expert alternative


  • Wonderful OCR technology.
  • Creates PDF files in a jiffy.
  • Edits PDF documents without any error.

Price: $179.88

10. Nuance PDF Converter

Nuance PDF Converter is a total PDF package for Mac, as it equipped an entirety of tools you will need for creating, editing and converting PDF files. It comes with an OmniPage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature that lets you convert PDFs into editable documents, while keeping the tables, columns, texts, and graphics of the original PDF file. It comes with additional features that let teams work on tasks and projects together. With Nuance PDF Converter, you can have sensitive information edited, deleted or even blacked out entirely.


alternative to pdf expert for macos 11

  • Access to cloud storage
  • Ability to search and replace texts.
  • Can manage graphics.

Price: $65

Best Alternatives to PDF Expert for macOS 11

As explained above PDF Expert is also one of the best applications for macOS 11. Many products also share the same or more features than PDF Expert when dealing with macOS 11 tasks. Throughout launch, the PDF Expert has been displaying a gamut of limitations that make people start looking for the best alternatives to PDF Expert macOS 11. The best alternative that can take the place of the former product above is PDFelement for Mac. It's a product that comes with a plethora of incredible and classic features. With PDFelement for Mac editing converting and creating PDF files is now easy. People don't have to be professionals before start using the product.

Features of PDFelement for Mac:

  • Excellent editing feature.
  • Converts PDF documents quickly.
  • Edits PDF pages with ease.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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