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How to Translate English PDF to Other Languages

When you want to translate English to Khmer PDF text in different ways, what tools do you normally resort to? Some people prefer human translation, while others prefer online or offline software applications that handle machine translation. It actually depends on your exact need. For instance, if you’re going through an English document and need to know the meaning of a specific word or phrase in Khmer or Malay or Sinhala, or any other language, all you need is a quick translation tool. On the other hand, if it’s a bulky file where you need to translate English to Amharic PDF, you’ll need a more robust utility. Similarly, if your document contains confidential information and you need to translate PDF English to Malay or another language, you won’t prefer using an online translation tool.

pdf translation

Different tools for different needs. Although that’s one way to go, what if you had a tool to translate English to Khmer PDF text or an entire document that also offers other language options, a quick way to translate text bits, and a more comprehensive document translation feature? Let’s explore some options before we land on the ultimate tool to translate English to PDF translate English to Sinhala, translate PDF English to Malay, and countless other combinations.

Do You Know How Many Languages There Are in the World?

Interesting question, right? Most people don’t know the answer and, to be honest, we had to ‘wikipedia’ this one, too! Well, it turns out that there are exactly (someone must have done the research!) 7139 ‘active’ languages spoken around the world. This obviously does not include dead languages that aren’t spoken anymore, but it DOES include literally millions of dialects that represent variations on these 7000+ languages. So, which are the most widely spoken ones? Here’s a fun fact table that you can use as a conversation starter in almost any setting.

language around the world
Most Spoken Languages
Fun Fact
1 English 1,132 million Shakespeare helped add more than 1,700 words to the English language; some examples are Bandit, Lackluster, and Lonely!
2 Chinese 1,117 million Mandarin Chinese is one of the hardest to learn to write because it has over 50,000 characters. 26 for English seems a little underwhelming, doesn’t it?
3 Hindi 615 million As an English speaker, you probably know a lot of Hindi words already - jungle, guru, avatar, yoga - any of those ring a bell?
4 Spanish 534 million Experts say it takes no more than 6 months for an English speaker to gain “general professional proficiency” in Spanish!
5 French 280 million Nearly half of modern English words have their origins in French! Vive La France!
6 Arabic 274 million There are no capital letters in Arabic!
7 Bengali 265 million Bengali or Bangla script is the 5th most widely used one in the world but most of the Western world has never heard of it!
8 Russian 258 million Astronauts from all countries need to learn a little Russian because of the nation’s expansive space programs and achievements!
9 Portuguese 199 million The letters y, k, and w are only 13 years old - they were non-existent before 2009!
10 Indonesian 170 million Indonesian is known as a very ‘polite’ language and is derived from Malay (although it’s more widely spoken than Malay)

3 Popular Translators to Translate English to Most Languages

Tool 1: Google Translate

Google Translate is a flexible online translation tool that works in many different situations. You can either translate a word, phrase, sentence, paragraph, or even a full document. Here are a couple of scenarios to get you started.

Scenario 1 - Translating a bit of text

translate text from english to others

For this, just go to the GTranslate URL. Click on the Text tab. Type or paste your text into the left side box. Identify the source language or choose automatic detection. Choose the target language on the right side. Copy the automatically translated text and paste it into any document you want.

Scenario 2 - Translating a full document

translate english pdf to others

If you need to translate English to Khmer PDF in its entirety, you can go to the same URL. Click the Documents tab this time. Next, click the ‘Browse your computer’ button. Choose your PDF source file. You can also upload Word, PPT, and other editable files. Once the translation is done, download the target output file.


Free and online.

Convenient for various file types.

Flexible for different translation needs.

Automatic language detection.


Not completely secure.

Limited accuracy.

Character limits apply.

Tool 2: DocTranslator

translate english pdf with doctranslator

This is very similar to the Documents tab of Google Translate. You simply upload the document to the website, choose the language, and click to translate. The best part is that the site claims to preserve your file format the way it was in the original, which is quite a challenging task. Of course, it’s free so expect some disappointment while using this online service. Moreover, you have little control over translating just small text portions because it only handles complete documents.


Convenient online service.

Convert full documents into a wide range of languages.

Reasonably good format integrity in the output file.


No partial text translation.

Online, so not 100% secure.

Can’t handle complex formats.

Tool 3: DeftPDF

translate english pdf with deftpdf

Yet another convenient online tool to translate English to Amharic PDF and other language PDFs is DeftPDF. This online tool allows you to translate up to 5 pages for free, and it supports multiple file types, too. It’s a useful tool when you’re on the go or using someone else’s computer and it isn’t ‘polite’ to download software on it.


Convenient online accessibility.

Generous free limit.

Good accuracy of the translation.


Paid service beyond 5 pages.

Unsuitable for very large files.

How to Translate English PDF to Other 80+ Languages with PDFelement

If you’re looking for a really robust English to Tamil translation tool or for any other language combination, Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a must-have application. Not only does it support over 80 languages (imagine the combinations - 80 X 80 !) but it does so with a high degree of accuracy. The translation module of PDFelement is a paid feature but that’s absolutely fine because you don’t just get a translation tool but also one that can handle PDF editing, annotations, security, form-handling, OCR, bulk processing, e-signatures, PDF organizing, page management, and a ton of other features. If you’re looking for special English translation into a variety of languages, here’s a quick view:

PDFelement is a great tool for PDF translations as well. You can see the video given below to learn more about one of the best PDF editors of all time.

  • Translate English To Khmer PDF
  • Translate English To Amharic PDF
  • English To Tamil Translation
  • PDF Translate English To Sinhala
  • Translate PDF English To Malay

Here are the steps to use this amazingly flexible and versatile software application:

translate english pdf with pdfelement

Step 1 Open the PDF

Step 2 Click Translate

Step 3 Choose Language Combination

Step 4 Copy the Translation and Paste it into another Document

Pro Tip: You can also translate small bits of text by highlighting them and then selecting Translate in the context-aware toolbar. Simply click that and choose your output language option, and you can copy-paste the translated text to any other document.

Simple steps but unbelievable performance - that’s PDFelement! What’s more, if you thought such a robust and feature-rich tool would be quite expensive, you’d be wrong! In fact, PDFelement is widely known as one of the best and most affordable alternatives to powerful (but expensive) PDF utilities such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and Nitro PDF Pro.

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