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Guide on PDF Translation between English and Telugu

“English to Telugu translation PDF” is searched by countless people, it simply means converting an entire English PDF file into Telugu, a popular language in the southern part of India. Depending on the source, there are between 75 and 81 million people around the world who speak this language as either a first or second language. Most of them are native to Andhra Pradesh or Telangana, with a large diaspora of Telugu speakers living all over the globe. As understood by some historians (but also disputed by others), the language is between 3000 and 3500 years old, arguably predating even Tamil, one of the world’s oldest languages.

english to telugu translation pdf

As you can imagine, there is a very large body of text written in Telugu that hasn’t yet been translated into other languages like English, which is a much ‘younger’ language that’s only about 1500 years old. Similarly, single English came much later and is now the most spoken language around the world, there is a much larger body of literature that hasn’t been translated into Telugu and other regional languages. Moreover, since PDF is the preferred form of documentation and archiving, it’s important to know not just English to Telugu translation PDF but also Telugu to English translation PDF.

How Can I Translate PDF from English to Telugu and Vice Versa?

Here are three ways to effectively do a PDF English to Telugu translation, as well as an efficient English PDF to Telugu PDF translation method using a premium software utility. All three methods are explained in detail in a subsequent section of the article.

Method 1: Dedicated Translation Tool

One way to accurately translate PDF English to Telugu is to use a translation tool, either online or offline. This is a great method because you can have the entire file translation. This solution involves either using a translation application or a human translation service. However, be warned that this method is not always secure, especially when you have to upload the document online or expose it to a live human translator for greater accuracy. Another downside is that you usually can’t translate just parts of the file, and since PDF is inherently non-editable without the right tools, you’ll need to upload the full document, which again points to the security issue we mentioned.

Method 2: Translator Apps and Services

The second way is useful when you just have bits of text that you need to translate - not an entire document. With this method, you can copy-paste from the English PDF and have your text translated into Telugu, which you can then copy-paste into an editable document like Word. You can even use a dictionary app for translating single words or short phrases (phrase dictionary.)

[BONUS TOOL] Method 3: Native Translation Tool

The best option, which we’ll detail below, is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This amazing PDF editor can natively do English to Telugu translation PDF without having to leave the document. Alternatively, you can either translate the entire document or just parts of the text, which gives you great freedom and flexibility to work the way you want to. Moreover, you can edit the English text directly, translate and then copy the Telugu text, and do a number of other actions that you won’t find in many other translation or PDF tools.

Next, let’s look at how each of these methods can be used in a practical manner. Each of these tools outlined here has a special function, while the last one - PDFelement - is the recommended option for serious translators who need speed and accuracy along with convenience and flexibility.

Translate Whole PDF Files between English and Telugu with Translators

Tool 1: Google Translate- English PDF to Telugu PDF (Vice Versa)

This is an online tool that’s familiar to most computer users and professionals. It is integrated into Google Chrome but can also be used as a standalone cloud-served product. There’s a downside to it, though - you can only translate 2,000 characters at a time so if you have a large PDF, you may need to split it into pages before using this utility, which is quite cumbersome and requires additional tools. However, it does give you the flexibility to translate text bits, entire documents, and even full website content. Below is the process to translate a full document.

Step 1 Go to the GTranslate URL

english to telugu translation pdf

Step 2 Change the language settings (English as source and Telugu as target).

english to telugu translation pdf

Step 3 Upload the document.

english to telugu translation pdf

Step 4 Click Translate.

english to telugu translation pdf

Step 5 Download the translated file to the desired folder.

Tool 2: DocTranslator - Telugu to English Translation PDF (Vice Versa)

This online tool works very similarly to Google Translate and, in fact, is powered by GTranslate. As you can see below, the process is very similar, too. However, it’s an ad-supported free service and the UI is not as slick as GTranslate. Nevertheless, you can expect the same level of accuracy as Google Translate since the same tool is used in the back end for the translation. The output will also be in PDF so this is an ideal English PDF to Telugu PDF translation tool for full files.

Step 1 Upload your PDF English or PDF Telugu file to the website.

Telugu to English Translation PDF

Step 2 Choose the source and target languages (English and Telugu or the other way).

Telugu to English Translation PDF

Step 3 It will download automatically, so you just need to save the output file and you’re done.

Telugu to English Translation PDF

English to Telugu Translation of Certain PDF Texts (Vice Versa)

Tool 1: Shabdkosh- English and Indian Language Dictionaries

This free online utility to translate English to Telugu PDF text works like Google Translate’s online version. Just paste your text into the box on the left and it will give you the translated version in the box on the right. Here’s how it works:

Step 1 Go to the URL for Shabdkosh English to Telugu translation.

English and Indian Language Dictionaries

Step 2 Copy text from your PDF and paste it into the left-side box.

English and Indian Language Dictionaries

Step 3 Hit the Translate button

English and Indian Language Dictionaries

Step 4 Copy the text from the box on the right or share the URL.

Tool 2: Translate.com- English to Telugu Translation

Another convenient online English to Telugu translation PDF text tool is translate.com, which is a freemium service. That simply means you can translate text bits for free (upto 15,000 letters or characters), but if you want to translate a full document, it can get pretty expensive at about 7 cents PER WORD. But that’s only because the paid version is done partially through human intervention, which ensures greater accuracy. Here are the steps.

Step 1 Go to the translate.com URL for English to Telugu translation of PDF text.

English and Indian Language Dictionaries

Step 2 Paste the English text on the left.

English and Indian Language Dictionaries

Step 3 Copy the automatically translated text or download it as a text file (TXT).

[BONUS] The Efficient English to Telugu Translation PDF Editor: PDFelement

We’ve saved the best for last! Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a versatile English to Telugu translation PDF tool, editor, annotator, converter, protector, organizer, and several other things. The translation function is a premium feature available in the latest version, and it is amazingly accurate. You can choose from a vast array of language combinations, and as we mentioned before, you can translate short bits of text or the entire document, which makes it quite handy to have around the office or on your home computer. Here’s how the text bit translation process works:

English to Telugu Translation PDF Editor

Step 1 Open the document in PDFelement.

Step 2 Go to Tool → Translate and choose English to Telugu as the translation combination.

Step 3 Highlight any text and you’ll see the translated text in the pop-up box.

Step 4 You can also directly highlight text and choose Translate from the floating context-based toolbar that appears on selecting text elements.

Step 5 Copy the Telugu text and paste it into any other supporting file like Word, PPT, or Excel.

A comprehensive introduction to PDFelement can be found in the link given below. Watch the video to know more.

PDFelement comes highly recommended for several reasons. The first is the affordability considering its vast set of features that are constantly being added to. The second is the UI, which helps first-time users easily transition from other tools like Adobe Acrobat and Nitro. The third is cross-platform availability as there are versions for Windows and Mac as well as mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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