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How to Create Your First eBook with PDF Software

Reading is one of the most traditional and productive activities in the world. Thanks to this process, children, adults, and the elderly can have access to all kinds of information and experiences, which can be extremely useful for people's cognitive development.


Whether as hobbies, necessity, work, or curiosity, reading books requires a conducive environment, so that the information is processed in the best possible way. That is why conventional books have been progressively replaced by eBooks, also called digital books, which provide a new scope of portability, accessibility, and practicality for readers.

Authors and creators of written content have been gradually encouraged to make digital versions of their books thanks to the advantages they offer, so they must make use of a suitable application for this, being one of the most common software as a PDF Creator and/or a PDF Editor.

Part 1. Overview of eBook

1. Concept

Broadly speaking, an eBook is a digital book whose content is in an electronic format. The content is the same as that of a conventional book, but instead of reading it on paper, it is read on an electronic device such as computers, tablets, smartphones, or eReaders, which are specialized readers for reading eBooks.

2. Application

E-Books are a very suitable alternative to write and read and offer great advantages over conventional books, some of them are:

Lower costs of paper and ink: Substituting conventional books for eBooks directly benefits the environment, conserving the life of millions of trees.

Portability: You can carry an uncountable number of eBooks on a small electronic device.

Accessibility: Most of the eBooks are made in PDF format. This facilitates its reading and that people with visual problems can increase the size of the characters and make use of tools to improve their reading experience. Likewise, the brightness of the electronic device screen can be adjusted, avoiding visual wear that occurs with conventional books.

Updates: After a certain time, the books have adjustments and corrections, which are reflected in a later edition. Some eBooks provide a kind of permanent license to access future editions for free.

Interactivity: Many eBooks have high-resolution images and even sounds and videos that provide a more realistic experience to the content.

Part 2. Top PDF Software for eBook Editor

Conventional eBooks come in PDF format, so it is essential to make use of a PDF software that not only allows you to create and edit content but also provides tools and features that provide more alternatives so that you can create an attractive, intuitive eBook with many options for readers to have a meaningful experience.

Currently, there is an endless number of PDF Software so you can work with eBooks, if what you want is to edit, the best options are the following:

1. PDFelement

As a first option, there is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, innovative software that will meet all your needs. It contains dozens of tools that facilitate content editing and also organizes and distribute the information in a very diverse way that will surely make this task comfortable and practical. This application will share you the certainty of giving you all the possibilities to meet your expectations and it will be an extremely convenient choice.

2. Adobe InDesign

It is the most popular application for editorial design. Through this, you can edit and create content from flyers, to magazines, books, and other publications.

3. Kotobee

This PDF software is an option to edit and create content for eBooks. Provides specific options for all industries, from basic education to professional book publishing.

4. iBooks Author

This PDF software is an option to edit and create content for eBooks. It provides specific options for all industries, from basic education to professional book publishing.

5. Calibre

It is an eBook manager, organizer, and reader with which you can organize your book collection. It contains extra tools and elements to help you perform various important tasks.

6. Scrivener

This software focuses on the content review part, helping writers create and complete writing with an important range of tools so that editing and annotation tasks are done effectively.

Part 3. Tools for Creating eBook

The above software specializes in working with PDF files and has various tools that allow the creation and editing of them. However, some applications are specified in creating texts, which offer fewer editing tools but are very simple and easy to use, in addition to the fact that their files can be saved in the PDF extension.

Open Office

It is an office suite and there are applications in which you can work with presentations, spreadsheets and a word processor called "Writer". It is the main alternative to Microsoft Office and although it is far from it in terms of users, it has been in the market for almost 20 years and has established itself as a solid second option. If writers only need to write content without the need for complex secondary tasks, Open Office is a good choice.

Kindle Previewer

It is a tool developed by Amazon that allows you to preview the content of your eBook to confirm if the visual appearance is what you want. It is simple and practical, if you already have the edition of your writing ready and you only need to modify visual aspects, Kindle Previewer is an effective answer.

Microsoft Word

It is the world's best-known word processor. It is very simple; it contains enough tools to customize what you write and it works on practically any computer. If you only need to write content with a simple edition, Microsoft Word is more than enough.

Part 4. How to Create eBook with PDFelement?

If you are a demanding writer and you want to create a high-quality eBook so that readers get a different and pleasant visual experience, PDFelement is the best option. Fulfilling this task is quite simple thanks to the fact that this PDF software contains quite a few tools and features that will accompany you and facilitate your work. To create your eBook, you just have to do the following:

1. Make sure the topic: It is important not to try to cover too many topics. Make sure you focus on a specific topic so that your content is targeted and focused on one area.

2. Write an outline for the content: It is necessary to make a preliminary sketch so that your idea is more organized, grounded, and focused. Whether it's through a summary, main ideas, concept maps, brainstorming, or any other strategy, writing an outline of your content will help you a lot.

3. Write the text: Have you already made sure to define the topic of your writing and write an outline? Go ahead! It is time for your imagination to be reflected through your writing. Let your mind flow and your ideas reflect.

4. Edit the content: Once you've finished writing, you'll need to edit the content. This is where PDFelement finds itself on another level. You will be able to make all kinds of edits such as adding text, changing the style, font, or color, adding and editing objects, spelling check, resizing images, adding watermarks, inserting background and numbering pages, among many other things. There are multiple tools to make the information in your eBook attractive, organized, and personalized.

edit text

5. Choose fonts and colors: On PDFelement you can choose from hundreds of fonts and you can also change the color to the one you like the most. This process is very easy and it will take a few seconds to achieve it.

edit text font

6. Add graphics: To show attractive visual content for your eBook, you will surely want to add graphics such as figures, images, photographs, and more. In PDFelement you can do it in a very practical way and without limits, as well as giving you many options to add custom graphics that meet your requirements.

insert image

7. Adjust the layout: Thanks to an incredible number of design tools, you will be able to adjust the layout to the needs of your eBook. Any visual aspect that you require will be achieved by PDFelement, everything you imagine you will be able to see reflected!

8. Create a title page: Any eBook requires title pages, a task that will be very easy to do using PDFelement. And of course, you can customize all your title pages as you wish.

9. Make it accessible: You can make the content of your eBook in PDF more accessible by converting it to an HTML document via URL. Generally, you would need an application specialized in this, but PDFelement contains this option, which you can do in a few seconds.

10. Review it: Maybe over saying it, but don't forget to do a final review so your post doesn't have errors. Many PDFelement tools can help you make your review more practical thanks to the fact that you can organize the display of the pages of your eBook as you require.

Closing Words

EBooks are becoming increasingly popular and necessary in all communities around the world. Thanks to the development of technology, reading has become a more practical and accessible activity, and this greatly benefits writers who can exploit their creativity not only in terms of the content of their texts but also in making their writings more interactive and attractive for their readers. PDFelement is undoubtedly the best option to create and edit eBooks; its practical interface, the wide range of tools, and the one that allows you to fully customize your document will make it meet all your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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