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While PDF portfolios offer an engaging view of one's work, their multi-file nature can pose challenges regarding accessibility and presentation. Navigating through multiple documents within a portfolio may interrupt the viewer's experience, leading to potential confusion or oversight of crucial components.

Hence, a critical need arises to streamline this showcase into a single PDF, which is a more manageable and straightforward format. This guide will discuss how to convert a PDF portfolio to single PDF files using 4 best tools.

In this article
    1. Straightforward Steps to Convert PDF Portfolio to Single PDF Using PDFelement
  1. Convert Portfolio to Single PDF with Adobe Acrobat
  2. Convert PDF Portfolio to PDF Using eSoftTools
  3. Convert PDF Portfolio to Single PDF with Acrobat Add-on
  4. Comparison of the 4 Best Methods to Convert a Portfolio to a Single PDF
  5. FAQ. Can I Convert a PDF Portfolio to a Single PDF Online?

Method 1. How to Convert PDF Portfolio to a Single PDF with PDFelement

If you intend to convert an already-made PDF portfolio with one of the most reliable tools, Wondershare PDFelement is there for you. Using this AI PDF tool, you can easily extract a PDF document from the portfolio and use it as an individual file. Also, you can combine all the extracted PDF files to make a single PDF document through PDFelement.

pdf portfolio to pdf using pdfelement

This remarkable PDF portfolio tool allows users to view the PDF portfolio files in a list and grid view to increase options for their choice. Also, you can add or remove a PDF from your portfolio whenever you want. Furthermore, it allows you to create a separate folder to differentiate between different types of files.

Straightforward Steps to Convert PDF Portfolio to Single PDF Using PDFelement

PDFelement lets users turn a PDF portfolio into a single PDF within a few simple steps. This section will show you how to effectively execute this process with this AI tool.

Step1Import PDF Portfolio File to PDFelement

First, install and launch the PDFelement tool on your computer by pressing the “Free Download” button and accessing its interface. Then, click the "Open PDF" button to import the PDF portfolio file into the tool.

import pdf portfolio file to pdfelement
Step2Extract the PDF Files from the Portfolio

After opening the PDF portfolio in PDFelement, right-click on a PDF file from the list. From there, select the “Extract” option and save that PDF file to your preferred location on your system. Repeat this extraction step for all the PDF files one by one.

extract pdf files from pdf portfolio
Step3Access the Combine Feature of PDFelement

Now, open any of those single PDF files with PDFelement and go to the “Tools” section from the top menu options. There, choose the “Combine” feature by clicking it, leading you to another window.

access combine feature from the tools section
Step4Add Files for Combining to a Single PDF

On that new window, hit the “Add file” button and select all the individual PDF files you want to combine. Once selected and added, tap the “Apply” button to successfully convert the PDF portfolio to a single PDF.

add files to combine into pdf

Method 2. Convert Portfolio to Single PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Though PDFelement is incredibly sufficient to make a single PDF file from a PDF portfolio, you can also do this work on Adobe Acrobat if you want.

It may be a bit more costly, but you can convert a PDF portfolio to PDF using Adobe by applying the same extraction principle as in PDFelement. Here's how you can use Adobe for this objective:

pdf portfolio to pdf using adobe

When you are done installing Adobe Acrobat on your computer, open its application. From the top left corner of its interface, click “Menu” and then the “Open” option from the context window to access the PDF portfolio file.

import pdf portfolio file to adobe

After that, the portfolio will be opened, showing all the PDF files. Right-click on a PDF file and choose the “Extract from Portfolio” option to save that individual file on your computer. Do this step to all the PDF files individually to extract them all.

choose extract from portfolio in adobe

Once extracted, relaunch the Adobe application and select the “Combine files” option from the “Menu” this time. Afterward, hit the “Add Files” button to add all the extracted PDF files and combine them in a single PDF format.

add pdf files to combine

Now, click the “Select Multiple” option and then select all files you want in the final PDF individually. Once selected, tap the “Combine” button to execute this process successfully.

select multiple pdf files and combine

Method 3. Convert PDF Portfolio to PDF Using eSoftTools

If you are still looking for some alternative ways to convert a PDF portfolio to a single PDF, you can have another one. eSoftTools has specially designed a PDF portfolio extractor and remover software that can extract PDF files from a portfolio or even remove them.

Have a look at the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to use this tool for PDF extractions from a portfolio:

pdf portfolio to pdf using esofttools

After installing the tool on your device, run it and click “Next” to extract PDFs. Then, tap the “Select PDF File” button and add the portfolio file you want to extract. Once added, hit the “Next” button.

select pdf files to extract

On the next screen, check the “Save PDF Portfolio Files in Single Folder” option and click “Save.” All the PDF files from the portfolio will be individually saved in a single folder in your desired location.

save pdf files in a folder

Now, you must combine those PDF files to convert them to a single PDF format. For this purpose, you will have to use PDFelement, which can combine them all in a few seconds. Simply open PDFelement and access the "Combine" feature from the “Quick Tools” section.

Here, add all the files extracted from the PDF portfolio and press the “Apply” button to combine them into a single PDF.

combine pdf files using pdfelement

Method 4. Convert PDF Portfolio to Single PDF with Acrobat Add-on

There’s still a way where you won’t have to extract and combine the PDF files individually. You can make a PDF portfolio to PDF using an automatic portfolio Acrobat add-on.

If any attachment fails to convert into PDF, the plug-in generates a stub page and inserts it into the output file. Go through these straightforward instructions to use the Acrobat add-on for this conversion:


Begin by launching Adobe Acrobat after installing the relevant add-on plug-in and select the “Plug-ins” option from the top bar. There, select “AutoPortfolio Plug-in” and then “Convert Portfolios into Regular PDF” from the available options.

access autoportfolio plugin in adobe

A new dialog box window will appear from where you have to add the PDF portfolio file. Just hit the “Add Files” button, and you will be asked to import the required portfolio file from your computer.

add files to convert to pdf

Afterward, you will be directed to a window that will let you specify the sorting order of your PDF files. You can even use “Select Records” to choose a specific subset and then hit “OK”.

select records for converting to pdf

Then, you can set a location where you want to save the converted PDF through the “Browse” option. Once done, click the “Conversion Options” and check the required options you want for your output file.

choose desired conversion options

Finally, click “OK” to confirm the settings and start the conversion process of the PDF portfolio to a single PDF. Take into consideration that the conversion process might take some time, depending on the size of the imported portfolio.

confirm the pdf portfolio conversion settings

Comparison of the 4 Best Methods to Convert a Portfolio to a Single PDF

We have explained all the best possible methods that you can use to convert a portfolio to a single PDF. However, if you want a clear comparison among those methods to make up your mind about the best choice, here's a comparison table for you.

Tools Advantages Disadvantages

· Cost-Friendly plan makes it available for everyone.

· Easy-to-use interface to assist beginners.

· It lets you view the portfolio in list and grid format.

· The free trial is available only for 14 days.
Adobe Acrobat

· You can directly combine the PDF files from its interface, which is also available in PDFelement.

· It allows you to select multiple files simultaneously.

· Not affordable for everyone due to its high cost.

· Learning curve required.


· Offers both extraction and removal of PDF files from a portfolio.

· You can extract PDF files in the same or separate folders.

· Doesn’t provide the option to combine PDFs into a single file.
Acrobat Add-on · Doesn’t require the extraction and combining step.

· It may cause errors in some of the files during conversion.

· Difficult to use in the PDF extraction and combination process.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of these tools, it's crystal clear to decide which would be best. PDFelement takes the lead regarding more reliability and advantages at low cost.

FAQ. Can I Convert a PDF Portfolio to a Single PDF Online?

There’s no online PDF tool available that can directly convert a PDF portfolio to PDF yet. Nonetheless, you can extract PDF files from a portfolio using PDFelement and then merge them into a single PDF. Read the below reasons to learn why there is no such online tool that can convert a PDF portfolio to a single PDF:

  1. PDF portfolios have complex structures with multiple files containing images, documents, presentations, etc., in an organized manner. So, preserving this complex structure requires advanced handling capabilities, which online tools lack.
  2. There may also be some custom layouts and designs in PDF portfolios requiring high maintenance. It may be challenging for online tools to tackle these files while preserving the original layout.
  3. Some PDF portfolios may have security features, such as password protection or encryption, to avoid any misuse. Handling these security features during conversion is quite difficult because of the limited abilities of online tools.
  4. As PDF portfolios are a bulk of documents gathered in a single file, they may be quite large in file size. Thus, uploading them to online tools and processing them could be pretty slow and time-consuming, hindering work productivity.


To conclude, we have enlightened you with the best methods available to convert a PDF portfolio to a single PDF in this guide. For further comprehension, we have presented you with a comparison table that can make it easy to choose the most suitable tool for your needs.

No doubt, PDFelement proves to be the most efficient one for extracting and combining PDF files from a portfolio.

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