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5 Solutions to Make a PDF from Photos or Pictures

You might have different photos on your phone or in different folders on your computer. Often, individual images get lost and are hard to trace. For such instances, it is best to know how to make a PDF from photos. This has several advantages. When you convert an image into PDF it will compress the image. That saves disk space. Also, when you put a collection of images in a single PDF document, this will keep the images as a collection or album. These are some of the various advantages of converting images or photos into PDFs. If you are wondering which software to use, here we list some methods, including Google Chrome and MS Office. These are easy to use and can help users convert their images online or offline.

How to Make a PDF from a Single Photo?

Solution 1: PDFelement - Desktop PDF Solution

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is the software to go to when you are looking for desktop software for PDF conversion. This is a reliable solution on how to make a PDF from photos. This software has comprehensive solutions when it comes to creating PDFs from Word, Excel, and vice versa. Also, the software has other features as well. For instance, it can help combine several documents into a single PDF. This feature comes in use when you wish to combine several images or photos into a single PDF.

The steps to use this software are as follows:

Step 1 Log onto the main website of Wondershare PDFelement. Here you have the option of subscribing to the full software or opting to download the free trial version. The free version is easy to install; once it is installed you can launch the application.

Click on 'Create PDF'

Step 2 After launching the software click on "Create PDF". Browse through the local folders; upload the images you wish to convert by choosing the ones you wish to convert.

Click on 'Combine Files'

Step 3 If there are several images that you want to combine in a PDF, click on "Combine Files". A pop-up window comes which allows users to "Add Files". After all, images are added you can click on "Next".

Start the Conversion Process

Step 4 This will start the conversion process; all selected images convert to PDF.

After the above process is complete, you can choose where you wish to save the PDF. It is also easy to share the document from your local drive through your preferred links.

PDFelement now lets you make PDFs from pictures. Check out the link given below to know more about some of the most unique features of PDFelement.

Solution 2: HiPDF - Image to PDF Converter Online

If you are looking for an online free conversion solution, this is one reliable platform. It offers free conversion of multiple formats. As a result, if you want to know how to make a PDF file from pictures it can be done so with the following steps:

HiPDF Converter Online
  • The specific webpage for converting images to PDF is: https://www.hipdf.com/image-to-pdf. Here you will find several image formats for conversion such as JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, and so forth.
  • As per the type of images, you wish to convert, click on the option. It will redirect to the page where you need to drop files; alternately you can click on "Choose File".
  • This will open up access to your local drives and folders. After you choose the files, they will be ready for conversion. Choose the "Convert" function button to proceed.
  • The conversion process is fast and smooth; soon the PDF is ready for download. Click on "Download'; this will download the PDF onto your Download folder.

This online tool offers many beneficial features. No matter what image format you have, you can convert the same to a PDF. It easily combines several files to form a PDF. However, with the free tool, there is a limit to the number of files you can add. Also, remember that these images as well as the converted PDF remain on the platform server for some time before they are deleted. Hence, if the images are private and confidential you might want to use offline methods or tools such as PDFelement.

Solution 3: Built-in PDF Printer – Microsoft Print to PDF

This is yet another solution for converting images to PDFs. You need not use any additional tools. The built-in Print function on MS Office can be helpful in this matter. If you have multiple pictures or images embedded in a document you can save the same as a PDF.

Microsoft Print to PDF

The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Start by opening the document. Click on the "File" button; alternately you can also hit the keys "Ctrl+P" on your keyboard.
  • Once the Print function opens up, you will find some options in the drop-down list.
  • Select the option "Microsoft Print to PDF". When you select this option you will find other settings like the number of pages you want to print.
  • Once the PDF is created, you can choose to either print or save the document in a folder or disk location of your choice.

Solution 4: Google Chrome – Save as a PDF

Often the images we want to save are on a browser page. In that case, you can use a handy function that Google Chrome provides. It allows users to save web pages as PDFs. Steps to make PDF from pictures found on the Chrome browser are as follows:

Google Chrome Option 'Save as a PDF'
  • Open Chrome on your desktop or laptop. Navigate to the website or web page that you wish to save as a PDF.
  • When you are on the webpage click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the tab. In the pop-up menu you will find the "Print" option.
  • When the print window opens a drop-down menu appears. Here, under "Destination" you will find the option "Save as PDF".

You might want to save specific pages; that you can indicate in the space "Pages". If you wish to change the orientation of a PDF file, for instance from landscape to portrait, you can do so by clicking on "Layout".

How to Make a PDF from Pictures Using PDFelement?

Among all the solutions for converting to PDF, PDFelement is the most reliable and comprehensive software. For that reason, those who have bulk conversion requirements can opt to download this software.

For ways how to create PDF from pictures you can do much with this software:

Step 1 You can begin by downloading the software from the official website of Wondershare. There is a trial version as well as subscription-based plans to opt for. Once the software is installed, launch the program on your desktop.

Step 2 After the main program interface opens, choose the option as per your requirement; for instance, you can choose to convert a single image to PDF; otherwise, you can also opt to combine several images into a single PDF.

Click on 'Add Files'

Step 3 After you have selected the option of your choice, begin by selecting the files. Click on "Add files"; you can visit the folder or drive of your choice; click on "Open".

Click on 'Apply'

Step 4 After you have selected files to convert into PDF, click on "Apply".

Combine Images into a Single PDF

Step 5 All chosen images will be combined into a single PDF.

There is also the choice to edit the PDF. To do this, click on the "EDIT" tab on the main program interface. You can choose to edit images added to the PDF. You can select pictures or objects you wish to edit. This includes changing the size of the image and so forth. After that, you can save the combined file at a location of your choice. This can be any folder on the local hard drives. You can also email the same or share it on different social media platforms.


The above methods illustrate how you can add images or pictures as PDFs. This is particularly helpful when you do not want to edit or change such images. You can make the PDF not editable before sharing; also, it helps prevent copying of your images by others. These are some of the several advantages of converting images into PDFs. We also explore different online options for doing such a conversion.

When you are not worried about the privacy of your images, an easy way to convert images to PDF is by using an online tool. When you wish to convert limited files, this is an easy solution. However, if you have frequent requirements you might as well use PDFelement. This software application can be a useful offline tool. It helps ensure that your images and data remain secure. When you choose an offline software like PDFelement it ensures that your data remains in your disk drives or folders. For simple PDF conversions, you can also use the Print function in Google Chrome as well as in MS Office.

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