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No matter how space-saving or compatible the JPG format is, it presents a huge disadvantage in terms of editing and maintaining compression. It, in turn, leads people to search for how to create PDFs from JPG. PDFs are designed to be universal. It is a widely used and easy-to-read document that provides several options to modify the content.

Do you want to make PDF from JPG but need help figuring out the entire process? To cut through the clutter and save you time and effort, our experts have compiled a guide covering a step-by-step guide to carry out the conversion. The guide outlines the method to convert JPG to PDFs from single and multiple pages via both offline and online methods.

Part 1: Why Suggest You Create PDF from JPG?

Before we deep down the process of creating PDF files from images, let's first talk about the differences between these two widely-used file formats and why we suggest you carry out the conversion.


While JPG is primarily used for images, PDFs can handle all kinds of texts and image-based documents. Here's a quick rundown of the differences that users must be aware of before making a choice.

1. File Size: JPEGs tend to be smaller than PDFs; hence, they are widely popular as a space-saving format.

2. Quality: Undoubtedly, PDF files offer higher quality than JPG because the latter compresses images, which leads to a loss in quality that can't be regained.

3. Rendering Capabilities: JPEG files can be rendered more quickly than PDF files thanks to their compression algorithm, but they may not look as good on various devices.

4. Editability: The significant advantage of PDFs over JPGs is their ability to modify. Users can change the content in their PDFs using PDF editors; however, it cannot be possible in the case of images.

Reasons why you should convert JPG to PDF

1. Easy to Share - PDFs are easily shared and modified. A PDF is a complete file that can be opened with most computer programs, including Adobe Acrobat Reader. This means that you can easily send a PDF to someone without having to worry about losing any information.

Additionally, PDFs are printable files, so you can easily create a hard copy of your document if needed. Finally, PDFs can be edited much more quickly than JPGs. For example, you can delete entire pages from a PDF without affecting the rest of the document.

2. Better Resolution - PDFs offer a great alternative if you want a better resolution for your images. Unlike JPGs, which are limited to resolutions up to 8-bit grayscale or 24-bit RGB, PDFs can handle higher resolutions with more colors. This means your images will look sharper and cleaner when converting them to PDF.

3. Incredible Quality - It's no secret that PDF offers much better quality than JPG when printing or displaying documents. JPG images are generally low resolution and can look pixelated when displayed on a computer screen. PDFs, on the other hand, use a higher resolution, allowing for sharper images that look more like the original document. Moreover, JPG files use lossy compression, which leads to a loss of quality that cannot be regained.

4. Security - PDFs are more secure than JPGs. Images are easily compressible and can be scanned with low resolution, which makes them vulnerable to data loss. PDFs, in contrast, are well-protected files that can resist tampering and theft. PDF files can be edited or customized without losing their original formatting.

Part 2: How to Create PDF from A Single JPG

Now that you know the benefits of converting images into PDF files, it's time to unroll the step-by-step guide to make a PDF from JPG. While the internet is packed with many JPG to PDF converters, we'll go with Wondershare PDFelement. This lightweight, robust, and easy-to-use application is a perfect alternative to Adobe Acrobat and offers identical tools at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, the tool comes with a simple and intuitive interface, making it suitable for beginners. This PDF editor features all PDF editing tools under one roof, so you can easily handle your portable documents without any trouble. It can also make scanned PDF files editable and searchable with its OCR feature. Moreover, you can use Wondershare PDFelement to create interactable forms, merge files, extract pages, redact PDFs, and add comments.

So, are you ready to get started? Here's mentioned a step-by-step guide on how to create PDF from JPG. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any last-minute hassle.

Step 1 Launch the tool and create a PDF

First of all, download and install the Wondershare PDFelement on your system. Launch the tool and click on the Create PDF button in the left pane.

click on the create pdf button

Step 2 Convert JPG to PDF

Now, a pop-up window will appear on the screen, reflecting the options from where you can create a PDF file. Click on the "From File" option, and a file explorer window will automatically be displayed.

Select the JPG file and click the Open button to upload it to the tool. It will then open as a PDF file.

select the file

Part 3: How to Create PDFs from Multiple JPG

Wish to create a PDF from Multiple JPG? Use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor and get the process done in a matter of seconds. Here's mentioned a step-by-step guide to executing the conversion.

Step 1 Go to the Combine PDF feature

Open the tool on your system and click on the Combine PDF button on the homepage. The primary use of this feature is to combine multiple files into a single PDF document.

click combine pdf

Step 2 Creative PDF from Multiple JPG

A new window will appear on the screen, where you need to click on the Add File icon to import JPG files to convert.

You must highlight the target files separately while holding the Ctrl button and then tap the Open button to add such files.

Users can also use the drag-and-drop method to import JPG files. Once you are done adding them, add the resultant file name, select the Output folder and click on the Apple button at the bottom to complete the process.

add more jpg files and click apply

Part 4: How to Make Multiple PDFs from Multiple JPGs Separately

Now you are well aware of the process of making PDFs from JPG, let's now unveil the steps to make multiple PDFs from multiple images separately. It is a simple yet efficient process that will save you time and effort. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below and get started.

Step 1 Click on the Batch Process

Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the PDFelement on your system and launch it to begin the process.

On the homepage, find a Batch Process feature and click on it to expand a single ‘create' to multiple ‘create' simultaneously.

click on the batch process

A new window will appear on the screen, reflecting all functions offered under the Batch Process feature. Click on the "Create" tab to create PDFs from other formats.

click on the create option

Step 2 Convert Multiple PDFs from Multiple JPGs

Now, select multiple JPG files by tapping the "Add File" button from the menu bar. You can also drag and drop the file to make the import process a breeze.

Now, select the output folder and click on the Apply button at the bottom. The tool may take a few seconds to complete the process.

Open the designated folder to check the converted files.

click to add more files

Part 5: Online PDF Maker to Create PDF from JPG

Are you trying to figure out how to create a PDF from JPG online? Turn to HiPDF and complete the conversion task in the least possible time. HiPDF is one of the pre-eminent online PDF editors that features various tools to manage your PDF files easily. It comes with a simple user interface so that you can easily use it without any hassle.

HiPDF is widely acclaimed for offering fast and accurate conversions. It can instantly convert JPG to PDF files while preserving the quality. This online PDF maker from JPG offers services for free and supports multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and Windows. Don't worry about privacy, as this browser-based application removes all files within an hour after processing.

Carry out the steps mentioned below and convert images into PDF files within little or no time.

Step 1 Launch HiPDF on the web browser and click on the Choose File button. A file explorer window will appear on the screen from where you can pick the JPG file to convert. Alternatively, users can drag and drop the image to begin the process.

choose the file

Step 2 If you want to select more PDF files, then click on the "+" icon and import more files.

Step 3 Tap on the Convert button and wait for a while until the tool finishes the process.

click on the convert button

Final Words

That's all about the guide on how to create PDFs from JPG. We hope our guide has helped you carry out the conversion. Follow the instructions listed above and convert JPG files to PDF without any fuss.

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