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6 Ways to Create PDF from Excel

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If you have important information on Excel sheets, it might be wise to create PDF from Excel. That is a sure way to ensure that your information does not get erased or edited. If you are wondering which software to use to make PDF from Excel, there are many which are available. However, one of the dependable and comprehensive software solutions is PDFelement. Here we list the features of this software as well as others. Every method has its advantages and limitations. You can explore them as offline or online methods for PDF creation.

Some are offline downloadable software while others are online methods, offering free or subscription-based services. Once you know about their features, it is easier to decide. You can choose as per your specific requirements.

How to Create PDF from Excel with Online Tools?

1. HiPDF: Excel to PDF Converter

This is one of the online tools that anyone can use for creating PDF files. It promises to make PDF creation easy and fast. No matter what type of document you wish to convert, you will find this online tool useful. All tools available on this online platform are free. All you need to do is convert, compress, merge or split PDFs as per your requirement.

HiPDF - Excel to PDF Converter

Steps to make PDF from Excel using this platform are the following:

  • You can start by logging onto the official website: https://www.hipdf.com/excel-to-pdf
  • All main conversion tools are showcased on the main page.
  • If you wish to convert Excel to PDF you can find that option easily on the main page.
  • When you click on the same, you are taken to this converter tool page.
  • Here you will find a tab "Choose File" to click on for locating your file on your local drive; alternately you can choose "Drop Files Here".
  • Upon selecting the document, the upload process starts.
  • After your Excel uploads, you can click on the "Convert" button.
  • The conversion process takes place fast; after that, you will get a download option.
  • Click on the "Download" button; it will download the converted file onto your computer.

2. Adobe Acrobat: PDF Online

Adobe Acrobat takes the top position when it comes to PDF creation. This is one of the pioneering platforms to introduce PDF and its useful features to the online editing world. While it is known more for its downloadable software, it does offer an online conversion tool as well.

Adobe Acrobat - PDF Online

Steps to use it to generate PDF from Excel data are as follows:

  • Log onto the official Adobe Acrobat website.
  • Visit the page for Excel to PDF conversion: https://www.adobe.com/hk_en/acrobat/online/excel-to-pdf.html
  • Here you will find the main page interface ready for uploading your file for conversion.
  • Click on the "Select a File" button for uploading the Excel sheet you wish to convert.
  • The button leads to your local drives and folders.
  • Once you choose the file you wish to convert, the file gets uploaded to the main interface.
  • The conversion process occurs automatically; after that, the converted file is available for download.
  • The website offers two options; you can download the file onto your computer drive; otherwise, you can choose to create an account on Adobe; you will then find the file available for sharing using different social media links.

3. iLovePDF: Convert Excel to PDF

This is yet another useful online platform for converting Excel to PDF. It allows easy conversion of different types of documents for free. The steps to use this platform are the following:

iLovePDF - Convert Excel to PDF
  • Log onto the web page: https://www.ilovepdf.com/excel_to_pdf
  • Here you will find a red button to upload your Excel files for conversion.
  • When you click on "Select Excel files" the local hard drives open up; alternately, there are links to Google Drive and Dropbox as well.
  • Once you upload your files the conversion process starts.
  • After the conversion is over, you can download and save your file.

This online platform is an easy, free-to-use tool for converting Excel to PDF. Though the website offers free solutions for single file conversions, you can opt for business, education, or developer-based solutions. These solutions are subscription based. You can opt for a Premium plan or customized business plans. These come with monthly or yearly subscription prices. The features they offer also differ. Hence, you can choose a subscription plan as per your requirement. Of course, when you have only one or two documents to convert, then the free online tool works best.

How to Make PDF from Excel Using Offline Methods?

There are offline tools that you are looking at how to make an Excel spreadsheet a PDF. The downloadable tools come in use when you have bulk conversion requirements. Also, such software is preferred when you wish to stay offline for security reasons. While online, web-based applications are easy and convenient; your documents are at risk of exposure. Though the websites have guarantee terms such as deletion of conversion documents after download and others, many would feel that offline tools are more secure.

4. Convert Excel to PDF with PDFelement (Free Download)

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is one of the well-known downloadable software for PDF conversion. Those who have bulky documents to convert or wish to use all features of the software should opt for the downloadable version.

Also, when your document includes sensitive data then you would want to convert your documents offline.

PDFelement offers a subscription as well as a free trial version. The free tool includes some editing features that you will find handy. Here are the steps to use this tool for conversion:

Convert Excel to PDF with PDFelement
  • Start by logging onto PDFelement's official site.
  • Download the free conversion tool.
  • Install the program on your computer.
  • After you launch the program navigate to the "Home" window.
  • Here find the icon called "Create PDF".
  • You will get the option to add the file you wish to convert.
  • Once the file has been converted click on "Finish".
  • After that click on "Save As" which saves your file as a PDF file in a folder of your choice.

Looking to create PDFs offline? The link below gives you one of the simplest and most effective ways to work with PDFs.

5. Save an Excel Spreadsheet as a PDF Using Excel

There are tools included in MS Office that you can use as an Excel PDF creator. One way is to use the option of converting an Excel file and saving it as a PDF file.

Save an Excel File Using Excel

The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Start by opening the workbook you wish to convert.
  • Go to the "File" tab and select "Save As".
  • Click on "Browse".
  • You will get the option to save the file as per different types.
  • Click the option of PDF.
  • You get choices such as standard, to open files after publishing, and so forth.
  • Options also include saving certain pages, sheets, selections, or the entire workbook.
  • After that, you can click on "Ok" and "Save".

6. Export Excel Doc as PDF Files by Excel

Besides saving the file as PDF you can also opt to export a file as PDF. This is another handy way to convert your Excel into PDF.

Export Excel Doc as PDF Files by Excel

The steps to do so are as follows:

  • Open the workbook you wish to convert.
  • Click on File.
  • Find the "Export" option; here you will find two options, "Create PDF/XPS document" or "Change File Type".
  • You can choose to "Create PDF/XPS document".
  • This opens up Publish as PDF or XPS options; this is similar to the "Save" As menu.
  • You can then choose a location where to publish; there is also an option to access advanced options.


Excel worksheets usually contain sensitive data. Also, when you wish to share the same with others, there is a chance that the data could get changed or edited. If you wish to prevent that, it would be wise to convert the same to PDF. What we explored in the above sections are different tools for PDF conversion. There are easy tools found online that allow conversion for free. Of course, your file size needs to be within a certain limit. Many free tools also have limitations on the number of documents you can convert. Again, if your worksheet includes sensitive data, you might not want to use online free tools.

For the above reasons, many look for safer, offline options. One such option is PDFelement. This software from Wondershare offers several features. It not only allows Excel to PDF conversion, but it also has handy editing features. Of course, the free trial version limits the number of conversions. Again, the MS Office suite itself allows users to save Excel in PDF format. If you have not explored this option before, it is easy to do so. With the handy PDF save or export feature, you can save Excel worksheets, section-wise or whole, as PDF.

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