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Are you in a hurry? Do you need to make a new PDF, but you don't have enough time? Do not panic; AI tools have come to your help. Thanks to advancements in technology, several PDF makers now have AI capabilities. Wondershare PDFelement, for example, has integrated with ChatGPT. This facilitates the creation of professional PDFs.

But the question is, what are these tools? Which AI PDF maker should you use? That's what we will answer in this article. Below are the top 5 tools that you need to check.

In this article
    1. Wondershare PDFelement
    2. DocGPT
    3. Custom PDF for LabView
    4. PDF.ai
    5. PDF Creator ChatGPT Plugin
  1. Comparison Table

Part 1. Top 5 AI PDF Makers in the Market

Here are the best PDF makers that utilize the power of AI.

1. Wondershare PDFelement AI PDF Maker

Rating on G2: 4.5 / 5 stars - 584 reviews


Yearly Plan - $79.99

2-Year Plan - $109.99

Perpetual Plan - $129.99

  • Wondershare is a very feature-rich PDF maker. It has a PDF converter, compressor, editor, etc.
  • Wondershare PDFelement is integrated with ChatGPT, giving you many AI tools.
  • The full-featured Wondershare PDFelement is not free. The free trial lasts 14 days only.

Wondershare PDFelement is the most cost-effective AI PDF maker on the market. Its plethora of useful and robust features provides you with so much value. For example, its AI Sidebar can help you find the tools that you need and teach you how to use them. It can also rewrite or proofread text for you. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Below is a list of Wondershare PDFelement's AI features.

Rewrite - Wondershare PDFelement can rewrite text for you using the power of AI. It's extremely useful when trying to avoid plagiarism.

ai rewrite feature of pdfelement

Proofread - Wondershare PDFelement's AI proofread feature optimizes writing for readability. It finds and corrects grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors.

ai proofread feature of pdfelement

Explain - Wondershare PDFelement can analyze the PDF's content and explain to you what it is about.

ai explain feature of pdfelement

Summarize - PDFelement can analyze the PDF or text to generate an abstract and list key points and keywords. You can save the summary in a Markdown or CopyText file.

ai summarize feature of pdfelement

Chat with PDF - You can "talk" to PDFelement's AI assistant, Lumi, to find answers to your questions. You can also use this feature to generate text, learn how to use PDFelement's features or find the features that you need.

chat with pdf feature of pdfelement

Translate PDF - You can use Wondershare PDFelement's AI capabilities to translate PDFs to another language.

ai translate feature of pdfelement

AI Detect - Wondershare PDFelement can scan the PDF for AI-written content.

ai written detect feature of pdfelement

User Review:

Abin G on G2: "Wondershare PDFelement is an excellent software for managing PDF documents. It has many more features than the typical adobe pdf reader. With PDF Element, you can read and create pdf files."

2. DocGPT

docgpt user interface

Price: $4.99/month

  • DocGPT reads the PDF you upload and adds its own knowledge to it.
  • You can use DocGPT to search for more information about the topic, allowing you to improve the PDF.
  • DocGPT is an online tool.
  • You can't start from scratch. The PDF must already have contents that DocGPT can analyze and enhance.

DocGPT is an online service that gives you access to ChatGPT-4 for a fraction of the original cost. On top of that, it gives you Plugins that are aimed to make research easier. For instance, you can ask DocGPT to look for information on arXiv, Wikipedia, or other external sources. This will allow you to improve your PDF's contents.

3. Custom PDF for LabView

pdf generated by custom pdf

Price: $362.89

  • Custom PDF is tailor-made for LabView, making it a great tool for people in the engineering and science fields.
  • It generates high-quality PDF documents that can contain text, tables, images, etc.
  • Custom PDF is not for everybody; it is for people in a specific niche.

Scientists and engineers will love Custom AI PDF maker from Simplicity AI. They have created a tool that works perfectly with LabView versions 8.6 onwards (excluding NXG). It generates PDF data reports with proper formatting. The heading is centered and uses a custom font style and size. The table is formatted properly, images are embedded, etc. TLDR: Custom PDF is a fantastic AI PDF maker for LabView reports.

4. PDF.ai

pdf ai summarizing a pdf


Monthly Premium - $15

Yearly Premium - $99

  • PDF.ai's AI model can answer questions, provide more information, or summarize PDFs.
  • It shows the sources of the information it presents.
  • The PDF editing features are lacking.

PDF.ai is a great online PDF AI tool. It lets you summarize a PDF, extract information, or learn more about the topic. Every response is backed by sources, so you can fact-check. The catch is that this tool focuses mainly on AI features. Thus, the PDF editing features are lacking. You may even need to use it with another PDF management tool if you want to create PDFs. But as far as high-tech, AI-powered features, PDF.ai has got you covered.

5. PDF Creator ChatGPT Plugin

pdf creator chatgpt plugin interface

Price: Free

  • PDF Creator ChatGPT Plugin can convert any digital content into a PDF.
  • It allows you to customize the layout of the created PDF document.
  • It does not require a product installation.
  • The tool may take a minute to load.

Imagine this: you can tell ChatGPT to create a PDF. You can use a prompt to select a topic or tell it to convert a file or website to PDF. That is what PDF Creator plugin lets you do. After the creation, you can adjust the layout and edit the PDF as needed. Then, you can download the created file. It's a fantastic tool for generating PDFs! The only problem is that this ChaGPT plugin is quite slow. But it is worth the wait.

Part 2. Comparison Table

Price Best AI PDF Maker Feature Best For
Wondershare PDFelement

Yearly Plan - $79.99

2-Year Plan - $109.99

Perpetual Plan - $129.99

Wondershare PDFelement can improve text in the PDF with the Rewrite, Summarize, and Proofread features. The Explain feature and Chat with PDF features are great for research. Plus, the ability to add bookmarks or translate the document using AI offers convenience. Wondershare PDFelement is best for people looking for easy to use cost-effective, powerful PDF management tool.
DocGPT $4.99/month DocGPT is great for summarizing PDFs or finding more information about the topic. It streamlines research with its plugins. DocGPT is best for people who simply need to summarize or expand the text in the PDF.
Custom for LabView $362.89 Custom PDF for LabView is a perfect AI PDF maker for engineers. It can take data from LabView and generate a well-formatted PDF based on it. Custom PDF for LabView is best for scientists, engineers, and people in the same sphere.

Monthly Premium - $15

Yearly Premium - $99

PDF.ai is great for adding trusted information to your PDF. When you ask it something, it shows you the source of its answers, allowing for fact-checking. PDF.ai is best for researchers and educators looking to make their PDFs more informative.
PDF Creator ChatGPT Plugin Free PDF Creator ChatGPT Plugin is a great AI PDF generator. It allows you to create PDFs from prompts, text, files, or websites. PDF Creator ChatGPT Plugin is best for people who need to convert digital media to PDF.


An AI PDF maker facilitates the creation of PDFs. They can do what normal PDF makers can do, but much quicker. Just look at Wondershare PDFelement! You can use the Chat with PDF feature to learn or find features relevant to what you're trying to do. Meanwhile, the other AI features can improve the writing in the document. So it is simpler and much more efficient than before. With these, Wondershare PDFelement can speed up your task progression speed and increase your productivity.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 24, 24
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