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Easily Edit Metadata or Properties in PDF

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Most applications on computers and portable devices add some type of personal information to documents and images upon creation or modification. This is what is usually referred to as metadata. Images and documents in formats such as PDF format usually include information that may include your name, email, address, and the subject, creation, and modification date of the said file. What to do if you want to edit PDF metadata? Here introduce the best PDF metadata editor - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor for you to edit PDF metadata or properties.

Part 1: How to Edit PDF Metadata

Launch PDFelement, click the Open File button to open the target PDF document. Click the File>Properties button, you can edit the title, subject, and keywords that you want to be identified with your document.

Step 1. Open PDF with PDFelement

Launch the PDF metadata management tool on your computer. Click the "Open files" button to import the PDF you want to edit. Alternatively, you can navigate through your computer and locate the PDF file you want to edit. Right-click the file and select "Edit with Wondershare PDFelement" to open the file directly from your computer.

edit pdf metadata

Step 2. Edit Metadata in PDF

Once you have selected and uploaded your file, click on the "File" button at the top left end of the menu bar and select "Properties" to launch the document properties box. Here, you can edit the title, subject, and keywords that you want to be identified with your document. You can also add PDF metadata and properties or remove them from the document under the Related People section on the properties box.

change pdf metadata

Step 3. Save the Edited PDF

Once you are done editing the metadata, save the document to commit the changes on the document by clicking "Save As" under the "File" tab. Editing the metadata associated with your document is that simple. Once the changes have been committed, take advantage of the application's numerous features to further edit PDF metadata.

edit metadata pdf

The tool you use to edit PDF metadata comes down to personal preference. PDFelement is a free PDF metadata editor and viewer that can be used to manage your PDF metadata and a whole lot of other things. It features a simple design, a user-friendly interface, and functional features that are easily accessible by non-techies.

PDFelement is an application that is chiefly used to edit PDF documents, just the way you would with Adobe® Acrobat®. And with embedded OCR, even image-based scanned PDFs can be easily edited. With PDFelement, the inter-document conversion is simple and straightforward. You can convert PDF from or to a variety of document and image formats like Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, and more. With PDFelement, there are virtually no limits to how much you can modify your files.

Part 2: How to Edit PDF Metadata Online

There are a lot of online PDF editors that you may come across for editing your PDF metadata; however, Sejda PDF provides you with the best interface to work on. To understand how you can edit PDF metadata across the platform, look into the steps provided as follows.

Step 1. Access the official website of Sejda PDF and locate their edit PDF metadata tool. Once opened, tap on “Upload PDF Files” to upload the documents that are to be edited.

edit pdf metadata online

Step 2. Once added, the platform redirects to the next screen, where you can edit the document's metadata. Set up a title, author, creation date, creator, keywords, and other significant details in the document's metadata. Once done, click on "Update PDF Metadata" to conclude.

change pdf metadata online

Step 3. The screen is now redirected to download the edited PDF document. Tap on “Download” to export the file across your device.

pdf properties editor

Part 3: How to Change PDF Metadata on Mac

Mac users can also consider editing their document's metadata with the help of PDFelement. The platform features some of the best PDF editing tools, outsmarting most in the market. To understand how you can change PDF metadata across your Mac, you need to look into the steps.

Step 1. Upload File to PDFelement for Mac

You need to download and install PDFelement for Mac across your device. Once done, launch the platform and tap on “Open” to import the document that requires editing.

edit pdf metadata mac

Step 2. Open the Properties of the File

As soon as the file opens on the next screen, tap on the “File” tab on top of the screen and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu.

change pdf properties

Step 3. Edit PDF Metadata

This opens up the metadata and other details of the file. Lead to the "Description" section and change the author, title, keywords, and further significant details that mark the metadata of the PDF.

free pdf metadata editor

Part 4: How to Batch Edit PDF Metadata on Windows

If you are looking to update the metadata of multiple PDF documents simultaneously, you should consider working with a tool that edits using the batch process. AutoMetadata is a prolific option that you can consider for this, as it provides a free service to users for batch editing metadata across PDFs. To understand how you can have it executed, look into the steps featured.

Step 1: Initially, you are advised to import the PDF files to be edited. Following this, access the "Select" option and proceed to click the "Select All" option for selecting all imported files.

Step 2: Access the "Edit" menu and look for the "Set Properties For Selected Records" option in detail. Provide the specific metadata information and viewer preferences for the documents.

Step 3: Once done, tap on the "Save Changes" button to successfully change the metadata for all PDF documents.

batch edit pdf metadata windows 10


There are many options you can look for while editing your PDF metadata; however, finding the best option is necessary for profitable results. As this article introduces multiple options throughout, it is quite clear that PDFelement features one of the easiest and best platforms for editing PDF properties. Users should definitely consider utilizing the tool for making progress as they edit PDF metadata.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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