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Best Online Image-to-Text Converter Tools in 2024

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What should you do when you need to edit your digital documents, but they are only available in scanned image format? In this case, trying out the best tools to convert image to text online is the best solution. These tools can change the image format, like pictures and scanning documents, into editable documents.

Multiple options are available currently, each with specific benefits. Read through this post to know the best of the best options.

5 Different Online Image-to-Text Converter Tools in 2022

The following tools are the most user-friendly choices available if you want the right solutions to convert images to text free online. For an easier understanding, we have comprised the choices in tabular form. Please go through it for a rough idea of what to expect.

Compatible OS
What Do We Like
What Could Improve
HiPDF Windows, Mac Free, Pro- USD 3.33 per month

Supports various image formats for conversion.

Convert files with 50 pages or less.

Strong security protection with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Convert files of 10 MB files only under the free plan.

Only Pro plan users can use the batch processing function.

Image to Text Converter Web-based, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux Free

Copy the converted text or download the full file.

Multiple languages are supported in the OCR recognition tools.

Add files by URL from other sites to convert besides saved images.

Limited advanced functions for conversion or editing.

No batch conversion is possible here.

OnlineOCR Web-based Free

Online OCR support.

Converts images to Excel or Word Files.

Extract text from images easily.

Users can convert only 15 files per hour.

The maximum file size allowed is 15 MB.

JPGtoText Web-based Free

Many image formats are supported.

Drag and drop the images easily.

Download the final file in text format.

Limited advanced editing features are available.

Only 5 formats are supported for conversion.

OCR Best Web-based Free

Make multiple conversions.

Strong security support.

Supports many image formats.

Conversion settings change after each use.

Only saves files in Doc format for download.

Now, let’s discuss these variations in more detail.

1. HiPDF

This is one of the top solutions that work as a capable online converter image to text. However, users need to register for an account and then get to use all the conversion tools available in the tool for image-to-text transformation.

The tool easily converts image files in different formats and languages, including low-resolution images. Free version users can convert files with up to 50 pages as well.

image to text convert online

Supports various image formats for conversion.

Convert files with 50 pages or less.

Strong security protection with 256-bit SSL encryption.


No OCR access for free plan users.

Only convert two tasks for free per day in the free plan.

Pricing Plans: Free; Pro- USD 3.33 per month

Supported Languages: English, Dutch, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, etc.

To Summarize: Strong online tool for high-quality text extraction from images.

2. Image to Text Converter

One of the best image-to-text online converter tools you can try is Image to Text Converter. This online tool is accessible across different web browsers, and you can use it to convert image files in different formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, and TIFF, to name a few.

For conversion, it can process images or scanned files, including Word or PDF screenshots and social media posts like Instagram stories.

images to text converter online

Can convert text from different formats like images, screenshot, Twitter feed, etc.

Can convert handwritten text.

Supports varying image formats like JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc.


Limited advanced functions for conversion or editing.

Only convert 1 file at a time.

Pricing Plans: Free

Supported Languages: Spanish, English, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese, German, Indonesian, Thai, etc.

To Summarize: Convert images and screenshots from the device and other sites like Twitter, Instagram, etc., in this one tool.

3. OnlineOCR

A notable online image-to-text converter you must try is OnlineOCR. The advanced OCR technology here is smooth and user-friendly and can convert text from different image-based documents, like multi-page PDF files, digital camera-based pictures, and photos.

You can add your image file into the software and get quick and smooth conversion within seconds to minutes. The layout and formatting remain the same as well.

image to text online converter

Supported on different platforms and devices.

No registration is required.

Strong security protection for conversions.


Allowed to convert only 15 files each hour.

Maximum file size should be 15 MB.

Pricing Plans: Free

Supported Languages: English, Dutch, Afrikaans, Calatan, French, Albanian, Spanish, etc.

To Summarize: Here is a fast and accurate image-to-text conversion with the online tool.

4. JPGtoText

In terms of online image-to-text conversion, JPGtoText is another good online tool that you can use. It has a strong OCR technology in the tool that can recognize text in different languages from any image-based file.

Users must upload the file from their device or use the drag-and-drop functionality for an easy user experience. The tool automatically extracts the text from the file you can save or copy.

image to text converter online

Over 50 languages supported.

Plugins are available to add to web browsers like Opera, Chrome, etc.

Zero installation is needed.


Limited advanced editing features are available.

Only 5 formats are supported for conversion.

Pricing Plans: Free

Supported Languages: English, Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

To Summarize: Easily add your image file and get quickly converted files.

5. OCR Best

OCR Best is one of the best tools available for the image-to-text converter online. This online web-based tool is easy to use, and users can drop their files from the cloud or device. Moreover, the conversion process is simple, and you can make multiple conversions.

This tool supports various image formats like PNG, JPEG, JPG, GIF, etc. Plus, it does not keep any of the images on the servers, which assures good security protection for users with their files.

images to text online

Zero registration is needed.

No watermark in the image.

Available in mobile app version as well.


Settings change after each use, meaning you must repeat the steps multiple times for many files.

Only saves files in Doc format for download.

Pricing Plans: Free

Supported Languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French, etc.

To Summarize: Simple and accurate image conversion into downloadable Doc format.

The limitations of online converter

While users try to use such web-based tools to convert images to text online for free, there are certain aspects that they lack. These drawbacks include the following:

Advanced Features- The online tools mostly have the basic conversion functionality for image-to-text changes. You will not get advanced features like cutting the file, converting page sections only, etc.

Lack of multi-format support- All online tools that allow image-to-text online conversion do not support diverse image formats, only the most common ones like JPG or PNG. If you have a file in a rarer photo format, this is not useful.

Easy Editing- On online tools, making any edits directly into the file you are editing is much more difficult. You have to convert, download the converted text, and use a separate tool to edit.

No batch processing- Most of the tools that allow users to operate the photo-to-text convert online feature can do so one file at a time. They have size limitations as well. All of this increases the overall time spent on converting each image if there are multiple.

Potential data loss- The online tools do not save the files you convert to their servers. While this is useful for data protection, it also means that users will lose the file permanently if they forget to download it the first time.

Best Software for Advanced Image/PDF/Scanned Document Conversion

In response to the limitations of online converter tools for image-to-text, using a comprehensive tool for advanced conversion and editing is useful. Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a capable software for Mac and Windows users that they can install and use for varying document-to-text conversion, editing, and more.

PDFelement software assures the best performance for desktop users. You can add images, scanned documents, and PDF files into the software and convert them to Word, TXT, or many other formats. The process of adding comments, annotations, adding new text, and other features are simple to complete here.

image to text converter
  • Convert your PDF and scanned image files into JPG, PNG, Excel, Word, etc., and vice versa.

  • Change font style, color, and size in links and text within documents.

  • Batch conversion is available for files.

  • No quality loss during the formatting process for PDF files.

  • Add images, text, and shapes into PDF files.

  • Advanced OCR technology to recognize handwritten text from scanned PDF files and images and make them editable.

  • Read files in Dark and Light modes, switching smoothly between the two.

  • Split, merge, and rotate the pages in PDF files.

  • Extract and compress PDF files.

  • Develop fillable forms in PDFs with text fields, combo boxes, checkboxes, images, etc.

  • Redact the file to remove any sensitive details.

  • Add and edit e-signatures into PDF files.

  • Password protection is available to safeguard your files from unauthorized access.

What Do Users Say: For converting images to text online, many users have tried out PDFelement, with favorable reviews. Some reviewers have commented on its high-quality benefits for functionality PDF management and editing benefits that help organizations of different types.


Many useful tools are available for a quick and simple image-to-text conversion. For a suitable tool for this process, you can use web-based options or try out advanced software, like PDFelement, for more benefits. Download the software as soon as possible and improve your business documentation process!