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Troubleshooting:Airdrop Not Working on iOS 13

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2024-04-12 10:55:47 • Filed to: iOS PDF Apps • Proven solutions

Airdrop is an important feature to any iOS user because it sends data and also receives from other devices. Therefore, Airdrop iOS 13 not working can cause frustrations and inconveniences. Failure to work results from various factors that you will learn as you fix Airdrop that stopped working on your iPhone 12/11/XR/XS/8/7/6 after iOS 13. This article contains the reasons why your device’s Airdrop is not working to help in understanding the solutions needed. It will also show you how to fix iOS 13 Airdrop not working on iPhone/iPad, which includes images to help you verify the right path of action.

How to Fix iOS 13 Airdrop Not Working

Reasons for not Working

Airdrop uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to wirelessly send things from an iDevice to another. Bluetooth provides discovery and power-efficient broadcast while Wi-Fi provides speedy transfer. When Airdrop iOS 13 not working issues begin, either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi has a problem. When the devices do not discover each other, no data can be sent and bad experiences begin.

Alternatively, there could be compatibility problems, especially after upgrading to iOS 13. You may have a software problem as well in your iPad or iPhone, which is interfering with Airdrop. Software problems often come from software bugs. Luckily, you fix Airdrop not working on iOS 13.

Tips to Fix Airdrop

1. Adjust Airdrop

Airdrop contains three levels; “Everyone,” “Contacts Only” and “Off.” The most complicated level among the three is “Contacts Only” since it must verify who knows who. In case of an Airdrop iOS 13 not working situation, you can adjust the feature to “Everyone” and try again.

If adjusting Airdrop does not help, try turning it off and on. Fix iOS 13 Airdrop not working on iPhone/iPad using the following steps;

  • From Home screen, Launch “Settings”
  • Access “General”
  • Got to “Airdrop”

If this method to fix Airdrop not working on iOS 13 does not handle the Airdrop iOS 13 not working problem, you can try the next solution below.

2. Toggle Radios

As mentioned earlier, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have significant roles to play in the working of Airdrop. These radios can as have issues interfering with their functioning, which cause them to fail and further affect Airdrop. Therefore, you can try toggling them just in case they are the root of the issue.

In case you are wondering, “how do I fix Airdrop that is not working on my iPhone through toggling radios?” here are some steps to take;

  • In the Home screen of your iPad or iPhone, access the “Settings”
  • Go to “Wi-Fi”; toggle it off and then on
  • Go to “Bluetooth”; toggle it off and then on

As you do this, you need to note that you cannot fix Airdrop that stopped working on your apple iPhone after iOS 13 through the Control Center since it no longer turns off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi completely. It only stops the current ongoing connection and leaves things like Apple Pencil, AirPods and Apple Watch available.

If this solution fails to fix iOS 13 Airdrop not working on iPhone/iPad, do not give up. Try hard resetting as explained below.

3. Hard Reset

Hard resetting your iDevice can fix Airdrop that stopped working on your apple iPhone after iOS 13. This is a well-known troubleshooting step that fixes most problems and thus has the potential to fix an Airdrop problem. Since Airdrop comes to play when two devices are involved, you may have to hard reset the both iDevices to get rid of any software bug causing the Airdrop iOS 13 not working issues.

Carry out the following steps to fix Airdrop that is not working on my iPhone;

  • On the right side of iPhone 7, you will find the “On/Off” button; press and hold it
  • At the same time, access the left side to reach the “Volume Down” button; press and hold it as well.
  • Continue pressing and holding the two until the iPhone’s screen turns off and also turns back on again. You should leg only after seeing the Apple logo.

For other iPhones with iOS 13 like iPhone XS, iPhone 8, iPhone XS Max and iPad Pro (2018):

  • Tap and release the “Volume up” button quickly
  • Do the same for the “Volume Down” quickly as well
  • Then on the “Sleep/Wake” button, press and hold
  • Continue holding the “Side” button down, do not release after showing up of the shut down screen.

Hard resetting your devices should solve the Airdrop problem. However, if it is unsuccessful and does not fix Airdrop that stopped working on your apple iPhone after iOS 13, try the following method.

4. Update

As the Apple Bluetooth stack controls the iPhone or iPad radio, it may have some quirks occasionally. At times the issues arise due to compatibility problems, after introduction of iOS 13. If your Bluetooth has connectivity problems, which further cause Airdrop iOS 13 not working issues, the best way to fix Airdrop not working on iOS 13 is updating it.

To update Bluetooth;

  • Go to Home screen and launch “Settings”
  • Tap on “General”
  • Open “Software Update”
  • If you find an update, tap it to install.
  • When all is done, try using Airdrop again.

The above method is likely to resolve the Airdrop issues. However, if you are still complaining that “updating did not fix Airdrop that is not working on my iPhone,” consider resetting the network settings as explained below.

5. Reset Network Settings

If all the above tips do not fix Airdrop that stopped working on your apple iPhone after iOS 13, then you might have to reset the network settings. This step wipes the settings related to the network, meaning that anything causing Airdrop iOS 13 not working issues will be wiped off too.

Carry out these steps to reset network settings;

  • Go to Home Screen and Launch the “Settings”
  • Go to “General”
  • Access “Reset”, which is at the bottom
  • Tap o “Reset Network Settings.”
  • If prompted, enter your “Passcode”
  • Confirm by tapping “Reset Network Settings”

Your iDevice will restart as it wipes off the network settings. When done, turn on Bluetooth and make the iDevices discoverable. Try using Airdrop to verify if it has been fixed.

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