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Top 20 Free Apps for macOS 10.15 in 2024

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

With Mac OS 10.15, Apple finally ends its support for 32 bit features, and this has rendered a slew of Mac apps incompatible with the new OS. If some of your favorite apps have been ruled out of use in the new OS, no worries. The upgrade to 64 bit actually allows for more efficient operations, and some of the best apps for macOS 10.15 might provide you with incredible user experiences. Here’s a rundown of the 20 best applications for macOS 10.15 that will help you get the best out of your new OS.


First on this list is the phenomenal PDFelement for Mac, the most comprehensive file management tool for Mac users. It allows you to manipulate and manage all your digital files without any technical expertise. You can create, edit, and secure, and share text and image files seamlessly and professionally thanks to a wide breath of functions that are accessible through an intuitive user interface.

PDFelement for Mac is also one of the most beloved digital office solutions thanks to its numerous features that promote digital transformation, including the OCR function that allows users to turn scanned documents into editable, searchable text files.

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A great alternative to Adobe Photoshop, GIMP provides you with one of the most comprehensive tools for image manipulation. With its well-rounded set of tools for manipulating images, you can edit images professionally, whether you’re working on existing images or whether you’re creating a new one from scratch.

Its key features include easily customizable brushes, automatic image-enhancing tools, filters, etc. More tools are available through plugins which you can download through the GIMP Plugin Registry.


Coders need a special type of text editor given their technical inclinations, and Atom is created primarily for them. However, the app is also quite versatile and all-inclusive, it offers options that make it suitable for anyone to use.

Depending on your specific text editing needs, you can download the app in different variations that come with a specific range of tools like packages for editing blog posts, an editable backend, and even bringing back the classic typewriter experience.

With the editable backend, you get to compose your own unique word-processor tools like fonts, layout, colors, etc. Atom also comes with at least 10 different word counters.


This is another all-inclusive, versatile app that comes with a design built around simplicity. Its holistic solution cover just about any device in your enterprise ecosystem, from PCs to Android devices, iOS, and Mac. This allows for seamless synchronization and networking across an organization or a home, making it one of the best OS 10.15 apps.

It basically allows you to sync your notes, to-do lists, schedule reminders, calendars, etc across all your devices from a central location. To disseminate your daily agenda and notifications across all your devices, simply enter the notes and notifications into the MacOS Notification Center using the app’s widget. The Wunderlist pro subscription gives you access to a wider range of team-based features.


Another excellent file management system, Evernote is one of the best applications for Mac OS 10.15 that have gained a great reputation over the years. Though it’s mostly known for its note-taking solutions, it offers an impressive range of features and functions for organizing files. It also integrates Google Drive documents, which is always a click away for users. It also provides users with an extensive range of file sharing features.

Among its key features are the ‘Context’ features which allow users to quickly find information about their notes, as well as tools for creating and managing lists of notes. What’s more, users also get to easily sync their notes across various devices through the native Evernotes app or web page using the creator’s servers.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the perfect alternative to native calendar apps. It rids your computer network of compatibility issues that might hinder synchronization. With Google Calendar, you can access your schedules, notes, and other files via a web browser on any device at any location.

Another key feature that marks Google Calendar apart as a highly user-centric app is its color-code, which allows users to easily organize their calendars using colors. The app also integrates Google Maps to help users add location details to their calendar events. Users can also get to subscribe to public calendars such as those of sporting events, concerts, tours, etc.

Microsoft Office 365

No list of the best Mac OS 10.15 apps in 2024 is complete without a mention of one of the most prolific app suite that has been around the block for as long as any of its kind. Microsoft Office 365 brings the all-inclusive file management tool that made Windows tremendously popular to Macs. Previously, it was a bit challenging for Mac users to obtain a copy of the app for their Macs, but thanks to new developments, the app is now easily accessible directly through the Apps Store.

The app suite’s range of features needs no introduction, but for the sake of comparison, we’ll list them. Microsoft Office 365 is undoubtedly one of the best OS 10.15 apps given its integration of apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and lots more, which provide users with a nearly unparalleled range of office solutions.

Dr. Cleaner

Though your Mac is designed to carry out automated system-wide cleanups regularly, heavy users may still need to take out time to clean their Macs every now and then to avoid app crashes and troubleshoot various issues.

Dr. Cleaner is designed to take out all the hassle of manual Mac clean up and make it as seamless as the system’s automatic cleanup processes. With its highly intuitive user interface and one-click functionalities, cleaning up your Mac is a breeze with Dr. Cleaner. The crown jewel of the app is its junk file organizer that neatly groups your junk files into easily identifiable stacks so you can easily decide on what to get rid of.

Lightning Calendar

This is another excellent calendar app that provides users with a wide range of organizing features. It allows users to easily monitor and remain in the loop of their calendar events. You can easily identify and follow through with tasks that are due for completion. You can also sync your calendar throughout your enterprise ecosystem using Google Calendar to help you manage and keep track of your tasks and schedules from different locations.

It comes as a component of the Thunderbird app, so you need to download the whole package that comes with the Thunderbird app. That implies that users are presented with a host of other functionalities that accompany the calendar feature.


A native Mac app, Fantastical is one of the most efficient, effective schedule management tools that Mac users can truly rely on. The first version of the app was widely acclaimed, and the second edition has also warmed its way quickly into many hearts. It packs a punch of scheduling features such as a highly intuitive parsing engine that allows users to easily find information pertaining to notes and schedules, a calendar window with multiple views based on days, weeks, months, and even years, iCloud reminder integrations, time zone support, etc.

For quicker access to these various features, the app provides users with a mini window that can be left open along with other windows in a multi-tasking mode.

Softmaker Office

Inspired by Microsoft Office, this is also another feature-packed office suit with an assortment of apps. It provides an excellent alternative to Microsoft Office thanks to its comprehensive set of functions and a highly streamlined user interface, which users can access without paying for subscriptions unlike Microsoft Office.

Its group of apps includes Textmaker, PlaMaker, and Presentation – akin to the Microsoft Office offerings. It allows users to easily create text files, spreadsheets, slideshows/presentations, and even emails.


With an ingenious Master Password system, this password manager enhances your productivity by allowing you to manage all your passwords easily. The Master Password allows you create random passwords that are nearly impossible to hack for various programs and accounts on various systems. You only need remember your master password to gain access to various passwords for odds and ends apps and services.

What’s more, the app’s top=notch security system allows you to store sensitive personal information with peace of mind, including your bank account information, credit card details, e-wallet credentials, etc. If you’re comfortable with the idea of sharing your password, you can easily use the “1password families and 1pasword Teams” function to give your loved ones and inner circles access to your password vault.


Breeze through tasks during crunch times with Alfred, one of the best productivity apps you can find on the App Store. This app launcher gives you quick shortcuts to your apps through your keyboard. It’s designed to allow you to create hotkeys for a wide range of functions. It allows you to quickly open files, access contact info, set reminders and calendar schedules, etc. The app also comes with a machine learning capability that takes note of your preferences in order to help you get to your favorite features more speedily. This self-learning capability also allows it to streamline your web search with your computer search to speed up your browsing experience.


With CloudApp file sharing over the cloud becomes much easier. It’s a highly versatile, handy tool for recording and sharing videos. CloudApp boasts a graphic quality that allows for professional video and image production.

It facilitates collaboration and teamwork by allowing teams to build conversations based on images and videos that are easily captured and recorded and shared via links. After creating files, users can share them by easily creating a link to the file or by simply dragging and dropping the file into a cloud repository to upload it to the web.

Users are given total control over their video and image files, including through the ‘self-destruct’ tool. Other features that give users optimum control over their content are the Event-Tracking tool, and a host of other personalization tools.


Automate your scheduling activities with this all-inclusive organizer that’s arguably one of best apps for Mac OS 10.15. With this calendar app, you can manage your tasks and events from a highly streamlined user interface that allows you to take notes, set reminders, and monitor projects.

Its task manager feature allows you to create tasks by simply dragging and dropping the tasks into specific dates on your calendar. The app automatically reschedules tasks that have not been completed on their due date to another date.

CleanMyMac X

Another highly expedient decluttering tool, CleanMyMac X provides you with features that make mac cleanup a breeze. The app presents you with many Mac cleaning options through a neat layout, allowing you to activate cleaning options with just a few clicks.

The app is designed to scan through your device top identify files that might prevent your Mac from running optimally. Its junk report allows you to easily choose to wipe out junk files, redundant files, etc. And it’s meticulous in its search to leave every important file behind.

VLC Media Player

One of the best free multimedia player you can find on the app store, the VLC player deserves a spot among the best mac OS 10.15 apps. With its minimalist design, it has wooed a huge base of millions of users. It’s crisp, highly intuitive user interface allows you to play various types of video and audio files hassle-free.

Users get to enjoy personal screen time watching videos and listening to audio files in various formats, including disks, MP3s, MP4s, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MKV, and other webcam and stream formats.


Get the best of your Mac’s power when watching videos on an external monitor. Mac users could save up on energy significantly if they can close their Mac’s lid while they’re watching videos on an external monitor. With Amphetamine, you can still make use of your Mac while the lid is closed.

It works similarly to Caffeine, another widely used app, but it outperforms Caffeine in terms of streamlined user experience and user interface. Amphetamine blends in seamlessly with your Menu bar item and also supports hotkey shortcuts. What’s more, it’s also free of charge and doesn’t bombard users with ads unlike most free apps.

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10

Having remote access to your Windows devices across your enterprise system is a critical to the cost-efficiency of your IT management and repairs. Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 eliminates compatibility issues across your enterprise ecosystem by allowing you to access all your Windows devices through your Mac’s screen to carry out remote diagnosis and troubleshooting activities.

It could be a little challenging to set up, but once you’re done, you can seamlessly access files, execute functions on various devices remotely, sync calendar and notifications, and do lots more from your Mac’s screen.


With this app you can track and respond to messages and conversations on various messaging platforms on one central interface. You can view all your social media messages, SMS, and instant messages on the app’s interface.

You can access all your social media account on this one platform, including your Facebook, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp files. You only need to log in just once to the app to access an unlimited array of accounts on various messaging platforms.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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