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Top 6 Apps on iOS 15 to Help You Study More Effectively

In the present world, many educational institutes are conducting online classes and exams. Teachers prefer soft copies of their lectures due to this pandemic. There are several tools that offer extraordinary features to keep the study process smooth. Teachers and students have found PDF file format as a safe or most convenient way to share portable data.

PDFs are highly in demand in educational institutes to optimize the process of data sharing. This article will list the top 6study apps on iOS 15to facilitate you to choose the relevant app for your study work.

Wondershare PDFelement

Simplify how people interact and communicate with PDF documents using intuitive and powerful PDF tools.


Part 1: Top 6 Learning Apps to Ease your Online Studies

To deal with an academic career, you need to choose a good learning app that offers efficient features to make your documents with ease. Several tools in the market provide high-end facilities when it comes to your study. Following is a detailed discussion of the best study apps available for the students on iOS 15.

1. PDFelement

Users have made their communication much easier through digital documents. Edit, merge, scan, or adjust your PDF files with the help of PDFelementstudy app on iOS.It is an efficient PDF tool that provides you with instant options to view, edit, or create a PDF file. PDFelement is an ultimate application through which you can experience a secure connection throughout your university work.

pdfelement for ios 15 study app

Key Features

  • Edit PDF:PDFelement foriOS 15offers an easy way to edit the desired text, font, size, or color in a PDF file. It has a collection of handy tools to add images that makes your file more attractive. PDF element also allows you to make duplicate images and copy them elsewhere. It supports all the main image formats, including .jpeg, .jpg, .bmp, .gif, etc.

  • Organize PDF File:Sort, add, or delete the PDF pages to make them into the organizable form. One can rotate, delete, or insert pages into PDF. You are allowed to adjust the page order even if you are stuck in the middle of the work. Besides that, the user can select multiple files from their device to merge them.

  • Protect the PDF Security:All of your PDF files are protected with encryption and data integrity. You can limit the access to open, edit, or print a PDF to secure all your private and crucial data. Set a password to authorize the data resource security so that only authorized users can access the informational data. It also allows you to apply the digital signatures easily.

  • Optimize PDF:Instead of waiting for the complete availability of the file, this feature of PDFelement displays the first few pages of the file when it is opened. You can reduce the file size to share easily and save it in a local folder on your device. PDFelement foriOS 15removes the unwanted objects from your PDF file to keep it on-point.


PDFelement is available for its users at a very cheap price. Students can buy a Perpetual Plan for $39.99 and enjoy PDFelement.

Wondershare PDFelement

Simplify how people interact and communicate with PDF documents using intuitive and powerful PDF tools.


2. Evernote

This note-taking app, Evernote, provides useful features to organize digital documents. It has a straightforward organizational structure that lets its users store files in Notes. This can be declared as astudy app in iOSto offer a clean interface to the students. To find your important files instantly and keep them handy, Evernote is all that a student can use for theiriOS 15device.

evernote ios 15 app

Key Features

  • With the help of the app's template gallery, you can quickly create notes for Work, Life, or School. It comes with dozens of sample templates, including calendars, meeting agendas, personal planners, and more.

  • The search feature has impressive functionality that boasts high-end OCR technology. It can find the notes by searching for dates, content, titles, and keywords, including text in pictures and handwriting.

  • Evernote supports the Web Clipper, which is notably the most popular feature. With the help of this feature, you can clip articles, web pages, or PDFs.

  • This tool offers plugins and add-ons to connect to a wide range of software tools. One can integrate Evernote with Outlook, Gmail, Drive, MS Teams, etc.


Evernote does support a free version which is quite limited in features. However, the personal plan costs you $7.99/month, and the professional plan costs you $9.99/month. Evernote Teams costs per user $14.99/month.

3. Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft Office Lens could be a betterstudy app on iOSthat enhances the readability of the documents. It assists the students who want to convert the images to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files. With the help of a cloud-based solution, you can even save the files to OneDrive, OneNote, or your local drive. Keep your high productivity level while maintaining the class notes or handouts with this seamless app.

microsoft office lens camera design

Key Features

  • The OCR technology allows easy conversion of documents, whiteboard data, and pictures into PDF.

  • You can import the images from your gallery or scan or upload all of your receipts, notes, and documents.

  • It helps in scanning the important university notifications or instructions to keep them handy and safe on your iOS device.

  • Microsoft Office Lens provides an opportunity to scan the English handwritten notes to digitize and edit them.


This app foriOS 15offers its free version and does not cost you additional charges.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive is a comprehensive solution to store files online and easily access them. Thetop study app in iOSthat provides a fast and intelligent search to find the relevant files. Google Drive has many third-party integrations to let you edit, store, or collaborate on your important documents. With the help of Drive, you can easily manage and share files and folders with your university or college friends.

google drive on ios

Key Features

  • Google Drive's search option allows you to locate the specific file instantly. The user can type keywords, file types, file names to get a list of relevant suggestions. However, it also includes images and PDFs with the help of OCR technology.

  • It offers the simplest file-sharing options to share with individuals or groups. You can decide to edit or view a file. With the info tab of each file, you can view who has accessed it or who last edited it.

  • By receiving the important notifications on your files' activity, you can trace who will access your files and folders.

  • Many iOS 15 apps are well integrated with Google Drive. It enables you to easily create and open files from the main interface of the Drive. They can compete with Microsoft's industry-leading correspondents.


Google Drive offers you free storage of 15GB without any charges. However, you need to pay $1.99/month for 100GB or $2.99/month for additional storage of 200GB.

5. My Study Life

Organize your classwork with the help of My Study Life instead of paperwork. It is a cross-platformstudy app on iOSspecially designed for students, teachers, or lecturers. You can store your classwork, homework, or exams and make it available to access through any device. My Study Life provides an efficient pathway to cope with home study and homeschooling.

my study life ios app design

Key Features

  • This iOS 15 app is integrated with all areas of an academic career, covers assignments, projects, and homework, and easily analyzes which classes might clash with your exams. It supports day and weekly rotation timetables.

  • Get timely reminders on your incomplete or upcoming tasks or exams. It also provides you time to finish the overdue work at a certain time.

  • As it is a cross-platform planner, all of your data syncs across all your devices. This is helpful to access them even when you don't have internet connectivity.

  • Its advanced academic support is always helpful to handle your queries and problems related to the lecture or any assignment.


User can access all the features of the My Study Life without paying any additional charge.

6. Notability

A wonderful and simple note-taking app, Notability, is available on the iOS 15 devices. Its enriching features for students, teachers, or business professionals enable you to take the best experience. Drawing tools, highlighter, or journaling make it possible to create organized documents or assignments. Notability helps to organize the users' notes with ease.

notability ios 15 features

Key Features

  • Thisstudy app on iOS15 allows you to record and playback the audio. You can record lectures and meetings to get more out of them. It enables you to listen to or replay the recordings to learn whatever you want from them.

  • With its wide range of fonts, sizes, colors, or left-aligned typing with word count, you can type anywhere on the tool. Create clear and beautiful hand-crafted notes and continue to recolor your sketches and ideas.

  • Notability makes it easier for anyone to share or import the files. You can convert your PDFs, PPTs, DOCs, or GIFs to your device so that your information stays secure or private. With its built-in Document Scanner, the user is able to create searchable multi-page PDFs.

  • Sync your documents or files automatically on iPad, iPhone, or Mac using iCloud. Notability is integrated with Dropbox, WebDAV, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive, which helps send notes via auto-backup.


You can enjoy the Notability on the iPhone or iPad device by paying $8.99.

Wrapping Up

The above article covers thetop 6 study appsto make it easier for the students to make a choice. No doubt, PDF files are a great way to organize their data efficiently. PDFelement foriOS 15is an exceptional and ultimate PDF editor that is trusted by millions of people.

Its stunning and iOS-friendly features make it prominent in all otherstudy apps on iOS. Hence, it's better to go through all the features of the above-discussed study apps to choose one.