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How to Compress JPG with Different Online and Offline Tools

Compressing an image means modifying it in some way to make it smaller in terms of file size. Any image compressor you use to compress JPG files will apply downsampling algorithms that will impact the resolution of y our image. That's why it's a good idea to know what to use and how each of these image compression tools works.

The good thing about image compressors is that there are a lot of free and paid tools available for the job. However, not all of them will give you the same kind of output quality. For instance, a free JPG compress utility might seem attractive, but what's the use if you can't even view the image clearly on a browser after compression? On the other hand, what if you pay for software to compress JPG and you don't find it good enough for your needs?

To help you overcome such challenges, we tested a whole lot of image compressor tools - online and offline variations, as well as free and paid options. This article outlines our findings.

Part 1: People Always Ask (FAQs)

Q1: How do I compress multiple images without losing quality?

This can be done manually one at a time but is obviously time-consuming. The better alternative is to use a tool with a batch process feature that can handle file conversions in an automated queue. All you need to do is apply the global settings such as compression level, output quality, resolution requirements, dimension requirements, etc. and let the tool handle the difficult part. And DO remember to use minimal compression levels to ensure the best quality.

Q2: Is using an image compressor safe?

Yes, most image compression utilities offer user-friendly interfaces so you don't need to do any complex actions. Besides, your original file is always safe since you're only uploading a copy of it to the web (in the case of an online image compressor) or creating an optimized copy (in the case of desktop image compressor tools.) If you want to play it really safe, create a copy of the original and then process the copy. This will ensure that your original file is untouched.

Part 2: Online Vs. Offline Image Compressor Solutions

Key Features
Trial Version?
Online Image Compressors
Wondershare HiPDF ● Full suite of compression tools for images and PDFs

● File conversion, file management, OCR, protection, etc.

● Easy to use - no registration required to process single files
TinyPNG ● Unique color-based file reduction process

● Smart compression

● Up to 20 images can be processed simultaneously
11Zon ● Simple interface

● Several useful image and compression tools

● Compression slider for level setting
SmallSEOTools ● Primarily intended for image optimization for websites

● Various other tools for site optimization
ILoveIMG ● Good compression level

● Useful image tools like rotator, editor, and crop tool

● 30 images per session - 200MB total limit for free
ImageSmaller ● Dedicated image compression tool

● Auto-compresson upload

● EXIF data remover utility available
Offline Image Compressor
Wondershare PDFelement ● Excellent compression with settings option

● Batch compression

● Wide range of image formats supported

● With Cloud Integration

Section 1: Online Image Compressors

1. Wondershare HiPDF

HiPDF is a comprehensive suite of PDF tools that run on the browser. The site is secured with advanced encryption protocols so your uploads and downloads are safe in transit. The compression engine is best-in-class and the UI has been simplified so first-time users can jump right in. Files can be imported from the local drive as well as cloud storage services. The service is free to use but comes with some limitations on the number of tasks, number of pages in the file, and the size of the file being uploaded for processing.

How to Use HiPDF Image Compressor

Step 1 In HiPDF Compress Image tool, upload the file by dropping it from its folder location or using one of the other import options by clicking the Choose File button or the dropdown arrow next to it

hipdf image compressor

Step 2 When the file has been uploaded, choose the compression level to be applied - greater the compression, lower the output quality of the image - click Compress to perform the action

hipdf image compression degree

Step 3 Once the compression is done, click Download to save the processed image or click the icons below it to save to Dropbox or Box

download compressed image hipdf


Simple operations with preset compression levels

Solid compression quality

Linked to desktop and cloud solutions for PDF management

Fast processing


The free version only supports single-file processing

There are limitations in the free version

2. TinyPNG Image Compressor

TinyPNG works using a lossy but smart compression method to reduce file size. It also cuts the number of colors in the image files, which has a direct impact on the size of the output file. The platform is easy to use and comes with clear instructions. The good part is that the service itself is free but with a total size limit of 100MB (5MB per file up to a maximum of 20 images.) TinyPNG also comes with a browser plugin and API integration to automate image compression workflows.

How to Use the TinyPNG Image Compressor

Step 1 Upload your file to the platform by dropping it into the designated box or clicking anywhere within the outlined box

tinypng image compressor

Step 2 The compression happens automatically - once it's ready, you'll see options to download the file or save to Dropbox


Simple to use

Plugin option is convenient as a browser utility

Strong compression with minimal loss of quality


No advanced compression settings

5MB limit per image file

3. 11zon Image Compressor

11zon is a PDF and image management tool that runs on your browser. The UI is very minimal so don't expect fancy graphics or animations. However, the compression quality is pretty good and the site is free to use. It also comes with a lot of modules for PDF handling, image compression, image conversion, archive file creation (ZIP), file extraction, GIF creation, and more.

How to Use 11zon to Compress Images

Step 1 Drop your image files into the browser interface to upload them

11zon image compressor

Step 2 Choose the compression level using the slider - it shows the compression percentage as a preview so you can decide how much compression to use

11zon image compression level

Step 3 Click the Compress button and wait for the process to finish, then click the Download buttons to save them separately or click Download ZIP to get them together in an archive file


Selectable compression setting

Multi-image batch processing

Free to use


Very basic UI


4. SmallSEOTools Image Compressor

SmallSEOTools is a popular site that primarily offers SEO tools such as a plagiarism checker, grammar checker, reverse image search, IP checker, and, of course, the image compressor module. You can run it on any modern browser and the site itself is quite responsive so the device won't matter as long as it's Internet-ready.

How to Use the SmallSEOTools Image Compressor Utility

Step 1 Scroll down the image compressor web page until you see the green Upload button, then click it to import one or more image files

smallseotools image compressor

Step 2 The files will be compressed automatically, so when you scroll down to see the list, you'll also see individual download buttons along with compression stats - you can use those or click Download All to fetch them as a ZIP folder

smallseotools download images


Useful for SEO professionals and website owners

Reduce image sizes for your website to make the pages load faster

Excellent compression strength


No advanced image compressor settings

Heavily ad-supported

5. ILoveIMG Image Compressor

This platform comes with several useful image tools such as a photo editor, image rotator, 'to JPG' converter, image cropper, meme generator, and so on. The site is simple to use and the tools are quite robust for professional use. The free plan is quite generous, allowing users to process 200MB worth or 30 images at a time, after which you will need to upgrade to remove the limitations.

How to Use ILoveIMG

Step 1 Upload your images by dropping them into the ILoveIMG image compression interface, by clicking the Select Images button, or from the cloud by clicking the corresponding icons

iloveimg image compressor

Step 2 Once uploaded, click the Compress IMAGES button on the lower right corner of your screen

iloveimg download compressed image

Step 3 After the process is over, the ZIP file with your compressed images will be downloaded automatically - just confirm saving the files when you see the dialog box - click the button if it doesn't happen on its own


Fast processing of image compression

Up to 30 images per batch free

Several other image tools available on the site


Image compression is not very high compared to many other services

No image compression settings

6. ImageSmaller Image Compressor

ImageSmaller is a free online image compressor utility that offers compression for generic or specific image formats. It has a user-friendly interface and lets you navigate easily throughout the site. Other tools include an EXIF data remover and a file converter that's available on the main parent site - FileConvertio.

How to Use ImageSmaller

Step 1 Go to the ImageSmaller home page and click Select Image File to import your image

imagesmaller image compressor

Step 2 The image will be automatically compressed and made available - click the Download link to save the file to a local folder

Step 3 If you need to manually delete your file from the site's server, click the red link below the download option


Simple operations

Clean UI with auto-compress feature

Good compression quality

Related tools include video and audio compressors, an audio remover, etc.


No drag-and-drop support to import files

No batch process

Section 2: Offline Image Compressor and PDF Optimization Tool

1. Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is essentially a PDF editor but it also offers tools to work with images. One of these is the image to PDF converter, which can be used to compress an image by converting it to PDF, compressing the PDF, and then exporting the file in an image format. The compression quality is excellent and you won't be able to see any obvious visible signs that the image has been compressed. Let's see how the process works.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

Simplify your Workflow with the PDFelement Cloud.

pdfelement pro dc

How to Compress Images with PDFelement

Step 1 Import an image file as PDF using the Create PDF option on the home page; alternatively, you can simply drop the image file into the PDFelement interface to get the same result

pdfelement create pdf

Step 2 Once the image is open in a new tab as a PDF file, click Tool → Compress PDF

pdfelement pdf compressor

Step 3 In the new pop-up dialog box, select the compression level and hit Apply to compress the file

pdfelement convert pdf

Step 4 Finally, click the Convert tab at the top, select To Image in the ribbon toolbar, choose the image format for the output and process the file export by clicking Apply

PDFelement PDF Compression and Cloud Access Feature

You can also use PDFelement to compress PDF files and save them directly to Wondershare PDFelement Cloud, which is a secure cloud storage solution for PDFs that also comes with an electronic signature workflow to collect signatures in bulk or in a sequence. It's a useful tool to have when you have both image and PDF workflows to deal with on a daily basis.

Step 1 Open a PDF file by dropping it into the application window

pdfelement compress pdf

Step 2 Use the Tool → Compress option to compress the PDF file

Step 3 To save it to the cloud, click the Share icon at the top and choose Wondershare Cloud as the target destination - in PDFelement for Mac, use File → Share → Wondershare Cloud as shown in the screenshot above

share to document cloud


Comprehensive PDF and image compression solution

Easy-to-use interface with smooth navigation

Extensive tools to manage document workflows

Advanced functions such as Batch Process

Affordable alternative to expensive PDF tools


Available for Windows, Mac, and iOS/iPadOS devices


Simple image handling such as conversion to PDF and other formats

Not available for Linux


If you're looking for a robust image compression tool that can handle other document formats such as PDF, then the recommended combination would be to use HiPDF for online purposes and PDFelement for desktops, iPhones, and iPads. You get access to powerful tools that you can use for free until you need to remove the file size and other limitations. It's an absolute essential for PDF and image workflows, especially if you already use PDF workflows for printing images and image-based content on a regular basis.

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