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4 Ways To Export PDF Comments To Excel Quickly And Easily

Annotation of digital documents comes in handy when you need to fill out an agreement, grade your student's term papers, proofread a document urgently and make notes on a page as you read through it. In addition to helping you go paperless, using digital tools to annotate a document is super convenient.

You can add a comment to a PDF anywhere you are, provided you are working on an efficient device with an internet connection. Did you know that you can also export comments from a PDF to Excel? Stick around to discover four easy ways to export PDF comments to Excel effortlessly.

export pdf comments to excel

Part 1. Overview of PDF comments

PDF comments are also known as PDF annotation. There are various free PDF annotators in the market to allow you to annotate a PDF to add extra graphics, text, or objects to a PDF document. In addition to the visual elements above, you can also insert text boxes or sticky notes to annotate the files.

These additions are crucial during the review and approval process of a document, and the use of digital editing tools makes your work easier and faster. It would be wise to allow other users to use the software and make changes to your comments in case they encounter errors or mistakes they could correct before submitting the final draft.

Since the content within the digital document you want to annotate is fixed, it is extremely challenging to alter it in any way. Specialized annotation software makes it easy to leave feedback while keeping the original content intact. Leaving comments on your PDF also allows you to avoid sending a string of emails with confusing instructions and send one complete PDF with all the feedback intact.

Key features you would use to annotate a PDF file include the following.

  • PDF Markup tools
  • Free drawing tools
  • Highlighter tools
  • Comment tools
  • Strikethrough text functions
  • Copy and paste tools for text

Part 2. How To Extract PDF Comments to Excel

Now that you know what PDF comments are and why they are important, let's look at how to extract comments from a PDF to Excel. We will discuss four methods, after which you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Method 1. Use PDFelement To Extract PDF Comments to Excel

The first method you can use to extract PDF comments to an Excel workbook is through Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. One of the key features of this platform is the ability to annotate PDFs by adding signatures, sticky notes, drawings, stamps, and highlighting and inserting text where you see fit.

pdfelement comment

Adding comments to your work makes key points stand out and emphasizes their significance. They also ensure that whoever will read your document won't miss out on what you wanted to highlight. There are four popular styles to choose from, meaning you are spoilt for choice.

Wondershare PDFelement will cost you nothing if you want to download the desktop version. However, some features will require you to pay a certain membership fee before you can be granted access. You can also use the online version and skip downloading any software on your device.

This platform is also available on multiple devices, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux. The reviews also tell you everything you need to know about the platform and its ability to deliver exactly what it says it will.

Here is a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to use Wondershare PDFelement to export PDF comments to Excel.

Step 1 Open the PDF that contains the comments you want to extract and click on the "Comment" tab. Select the "Comment List" icon, which is the third icon from the top. Click on the "Annotation" button and select "Export comment."

pdfelement comment export button

Step 2 Indicate that you want to save your file as a *.xfdf format and click on "Save."

save as xfdf file

Step 3 Launch the Excel software. Go to your Open window and open the .xfdf file you have just downloaded.

open xfdf file in excel

Step 4 A pop-up window will appear. Indicate that you want to open this file as an XML table and click on "OK."

open xfdf as an xml-table

Step 5 A dialogue box will appear that indicates that Excel will create a schema based on the XML source data since the specified XML source doesn't refer to one. Click "OK" to agree.

create a schema based on xml source data

Step 6 Wait for Excel to import the XML file and click "OK."

import status complete

Step 7 Your Excel file is now ready to view.

excel ready to view

Method 2. Export Comments From PDF to Excel Spreadsheet Using Adobe Acrobat

You can also use Adobe Acrobat to export comments from a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet. Although this platform is not as pocket friendly as the previous one on our list, it is still pretty easy to use, and it gets the job done.

Stick around to learn how to export comments from a PDF to Excel using Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1 Open the PDF containing the comments you want to export to the platform and click on "Comment" on the right side of the PDF file.

adobe comment button

Step 2 Highlight the comments you want to export.

adobe select comments

Step 3 Click on the "Options" tab, then select "Export Selected to Data File." An "Export Comments" dialogue box will appear.

adobe export selected to data file

Step 4 Choose a file name for the document you are creating.

Step 5 Press Save to apply your changes.

foxit save comments

The following steps are similar to Method 1. You can open the exported .fdf file in Excel to import the comments to the Excel file.

adobe comments open in excel

Method 3. Use PDF Studio To Export PDF Comments as a Separate Excel File

The third editing tool you can use to extract PDF comments to a separate Excel file is PDF Studio. This platform was developed by Qoppa Software to help users like you create, annotate, edit, convert and review digital documents effortlessly. PDF Studio is available for Linux, IBM AIX, Windows, macOS, and Solaris.

Below is a simple guide to help you export PDF comments as a separate Excel file using PDF Studio.

Step 1 Open the document that contains the comments you want to export.

pdf studio open pdf

Step 2 Click on the "Comments" tab, then select "Export Comments." Alternatively, you can also click on "Comments" and then select "XML."

pdf studio export comments to excel

Step 3 Indicate where you want to save the new XML file, then press Save.

Method 4. Save PDF Comments as Excel With Foxit PDF Reader

Last but not least, Foxit is yet another feature-rich platform that you can use to manage and edit your PDFs without worrying about the formatting or the quality of your work. We couldn't fail to mention this platform because it contains a feature that allows you to export comments from a PDF in mere minutes. To add the cherry on the cake, Foxit Editor is absolutely free!

Here is a detailed guide to help you save PDF comments as Excel with Foxit PDF reader.

Step 1 Go to the Foxit homepage and click on the "Comment" tab, then select "Export." Wait for the "Save As" dialogue box to appear.

Step 2 Type a "File Name" for your document.

Step 3 Click on "Save" to apply the changes.

foxit save comments

The following steps are also similar to Methods 1 & 2. You can open the exported .fdf file in Excel to import the comments to the Excel file.

Part 3. People Also Ask

By now, you understand how to use each tool we have discussed above to export comments from a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet. This section of the article will address a few frequently asked questions about PDF comments.

Q1. How Do I Print a PDF With Comments and Markups?

Once you are done adding comments on a PDF document, you can send a digital copy to other users or print a hardcopy document. You might be unsure of how to print a PDF with comments in it. Fortunately, it is not so different from printing a PDF without comments. Here is a detailed guide on how to print a PDF with comments and markups.

Step 1 Click on the "Print" icon at the top of the page.

pdfelement print comments

Step 2 Set the parameters, including the printer, print content, and orientation. Remember to tick the "Comment" option in the "Print Content" section.

pdfelement print window

Step 3 Select "Print" at the bottom of the page.

Q2. Where Are PDF Comments?

The comments on a PDF might be visible at first glance. On the other hand, the editor might make the comments hidden or invisible so that they won't distract the reader or disrupt the recipient as they peruse the document. Ideally, PDF comments are found on the left comment panel. Once you click on the comments, you can edit, delete, reply to a comment, or sort through them till you are happy with the results.

Here is a detailed guide on how to use Wondershare PDFelement to reply to, edit, delete or sort through comments on a PDF.

Step 1 Click on the Comment List icon and wait for a side panel to appear.

Step 2 Click on the ellipsis "…" to reveal another drop-down menu. You can either select Reply. Delete or Edit a comment.

pdfelement comment option

Q3. How To Share a PDF for Comments?

After you are done commenting on a PDF document, you can use the easy share feature to send a digital copy to your colleagues or friends. Wondershare PDFelement makes sharing a PDF with comments as easy as clicking a simple button, and the job is done. You can use this platform to send an editable PDF with a shareable link to anyone concerned, with which they can open and access the document.

To share a PDF with comments using a shareable link, click on the Share icon at the top of the page once you are happy with all your edits.

pdfelement create share link

Apart from sending PDFs for comments, you can also reply on PDFelement to send a PDF for signature. Check out the video below to learn the steps.


Despite the many downsides of using technology, we can't dispute the fact that it has made our work much easier in numerous ways. Before the dawn of the technological era, you would have to use a highlighter pen to sift through lots of documents and arrange them neatly before submitting them for feedback.

Today, all you need to do is fire your laptop and use efficient editing and annotation tools, which do the work for you. We hope you have learned more about comments after reading this article and now know how to export PDF comments to Excel workbooks.

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