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3 Simple and Fast Methods to Convert Excel to PDF and Fit to Page

Using MS Excel is a challenging task, especially for users that don't have a grip on it. If you are a regular user of Excel that use, then there's a higher probability that you have come across an issue where your Excel sheet gets printed on multiple pages instead of one. It gets frustrating as only a few lines are published, and the rest of the paper will waste. If you still get this issue often, read this blog. We will show you how to save Excel to PDF and fit it into one page.

Also, tips for converting Excel to PDF without cutting off are introduced below.

Method 1. Print Excel to PDF by Fit Sheet in One Page

The easy way to convert Excel to PDF in one page is by adjusting the scaling setting to Fit on One Page before printing. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 Select an Excel to PDF Printer

Launch Microsoft Excel and open an Excel sheet that you want to save as PDF and fit on one page. Click File > the Print option to access the printing settings. Select the printer Microsoft Print to PDF.

If you have Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor installed, select PDFelement as the printer. The advantage of printing Excel to PDF with PDFelement is that you can edit the converted PDF files with this powerful PDF editor afterward, for example, editing text, adjusting page layout, and more.

Step 2 Excel to PDF Fit to One Page

To fit the Excel spreadsheet to one page, click on No Scaling under Settings and choose Fit Sheet on One Page; now hit the Print button.

A dialog box will appear, and here you have to enter a name, choose a location where you want to save the file, and hit the Save button to print Excel to PDF in one page.

Excel to PDF Fit on One Page

Method 2. Convert Excel to PDF in One Page

There is another way to save an Excel spreadsheet or workbook to one page in Microsoft Excel. This will be done using the Page Setup option in the Page Layout tab. If you were not getting it, don't worry; you can follow the step-by-step guide provided below.

Step 1 Open Page Setup Settings

We would assume that you have already opened an Excel file with Microsoft Excel. Now click on the Page Layout tab, and in this tab, you have to click on a tiny Dialog Box Launcher appearing on the bottom-right. It will result in displaying the Page Setup dialog box.

Step 2 Fit Excel to One Page

Click on the Page tab in the dialog box. Click on Fit under the Scaling in the Page tab in the dialog box. You have to choose 1 in both the boxes that are next to the Fit to option. Excel will shrink all the data into one page, and you will click on the OK button to save the setting.

Step 3 Convert Excel to PDF in One Page

Now you click Files > Save as and save the Excel file in PDF format on your computer.

Excel to PDF Fit on One Page

If you still can't get all contents of a spreadsheet on one page, follow method 3 to adjust Page Break to fix the problem.

Method 3. Convert Excel to PDF without Page Breaks

When you print with Microsoft Excel, the program will set page breaks automatically where content on a sheet is separated on different pages. In the page layout view, you can adjust where page breaks occur to include everything that you want to show on one page.

Step 1 Open Page Breaks

Go to the View tab and click "Page Break Preview". The automatic page breaks added will appear on your sheet.

Step 2 Adjust Page Breaks

You can move the page break to include everything on your sheet to one page without a page break. Put your cursor on the blue line and drag it in the direction in your need. Release when you finish. The content inside the blue lines will be saved on one page.

Now you can go to Files > Print and print the Excel to one PDF page.

Excel to PDF Fit on One Page

Method 4. Print Multiple Excel to PDF in One Page

If you want to convert a whole workbook with multiple worksheets to one page in PDF format, this is the one that will fit your needs. In this method, we will use Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor a well-known PDF viewer and editor to convert Excel to PDF without compromising the document's quality or format.

It comes with editing tools that allow you to even edit once the Excel files are converted into PDFs. You can add media such as images and annotations as well. Besides the conversion, you can create PDF editable forms that will help the users get real-time information from the customers, add text to PDF, and more.

Step 1 Downloading and installation

The very first step that initiates the process is the installation of PDFelement. It's elementary to download as you can get it from the link provided below and install it as per the instructions available in the installation setup.

Step 2 Load Your Excel File

Launch the PDFelement on your computer and navigate to the Home window. Click on the Create PDF icon and locate the Excel file you want to convert to PDF. Load it and open it.

Excel to PDF
Step 3 Setting up for Excel to PDF

Then click on Convert and go to Print Settings. Here you have to choose the number of pages per sheet to add all the worksheets into one page. Then click on Save to keep this PDF on your computer.

Multiple Excel Sheets to One Page

Tip: PDFelement is available online now. PDFelement Online can easily help you convert Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, PPT to PDF or vice versa online without installation.

More Tips about Excel to PDF: How to Convert Excel to PDF without Cutting Off?

Sometimes, when you try to print an Excel document in PDF format, the bottom or margin of the page is missing. To fix the problem, you should make sure the content is not cut off by page breaks and choose everything you want to include to set up the print area. If none of this helps, you can try the following 2 tips.

1. Adjust page quality to 600dpi

Some users get the problem solved by increasing the page quality to 600dpi. Click Files > Print. Open the Page setup and in the Print Quality option, set it to 600dpi

2. Switch to a Different Font or Change Font Size.

Some users find it helpful to change the text to another font or use smaller font size to save space. With more space available, the Excel sheet can be saved to PDF without cutting off.

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