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Document organization is an essential part of any business and as such document organizer software is required to keep the inflow and outflow of business documents functioning correctly. Depending on the business documents you need organized and the nature of your business, document organizer software can vary from one business to the next.

Top 4 Document Organizer Software

1. Patriarch- Archiving Platform

This is a cloud-based electronic archiving solution that is ideal for the business that needs to archive records and transactional data. This document organizer software offers top level security for all the documents you organize using this service and meets all the regulatory requirements for compliance. Because it is a cloud based platform, it is easy to share the archived data with your business associates, clients and employees. It also makes it very easy to quickly locate, manage and eve share the information you need even if you have a lot of archived documents.

free document organizer software


  • It makes finding the documents you need easy, saving time and resources
  • It is cloud based which means added security for your documents as well as easy sharing
  • Already regulatory compliant so you don't have to face any inquiries


  • It can be a little bit difficult to set up initially

2. ScanStation

This is a front-office document organizer software for document scanning. It also comes with authentication and auditing features as well as OCR, OMR, ICR, DMS and cloud capabilities. It is particularly helpful in that it makes scanning as simple as possible with the user requiring no prior technical k ow-how to operate this solution. It also has electronic signature capture capabilities to allow users to sign and send documents for signing. A full text search feature makes it easy to locate and manage scanned documents especially when you handle bulk documents.

software to organize scanned documents


  • It makes document scanning as well as the management of the scanned documents very easy
  • It has OCR features that allow users to edit the scanned documents
  • Cloud storage options make sharing of the scanned documents that much easier


  • Because of its numerous features and capabilities, it can be difficult to set up initially

3. PaperSave

This is a file organization software that is particularly useful when you want to automate invoice generation and sharing. The fact that it is very easy to use means that you can easily improve customer and vendor relationships by ensuring that invoices are generated quickly and easily. It also significantly reduces the time it takes to file documents as well as retrieve the documents when needs. It is cloud based so the invoices can be shared with all concerned parties in the shortest time possible and the fact that you can automate record retention means you won't have to repeat common data entries.

personal document organizer software


  • Comes with automated record retention to make data entry easier
  • Quick document filing and retrieval
  • Has an OCR feature to edit scanned documents
  • Easy print management features allow you to get quick hardcopies of the documents you need.


  • The company is significantly lacking in customer support.

4. MaxxVault Enterprise

This is a document organizer software that is designed to simplify the document review and make document quality control that much easier. It does nearly everything you need including controlling access to the documents, archiving and retention, document assembly, document conversion to other formats, document indexing, electronic signatures, OCR and so much more. It is easy to use and thanks to the fact that is cloud-deployed, you can easily share the documents. It also comes with a full text search feature that ensures you can find any document even among thousands.

documents organizer software


  • It is effective in managing all aspects of document organization
  • Email management is an ideal feature if you send and receive a lot of emails


  • The numerous features can make using this software slightly overwhelming

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